Tepemkau Nebet

Regent of Holly


“Few have seen the true face of this elusive eladrin ruler, but all the depictions of the famous wizard agree on certain details. His hair is silver and worn in a complex braid around the neck, a style common around the time of the mooncrash. His eyes are pupilless white orbs, always depicted shining with intelligence or great purpose. He wears the green and red of his house, in addition to a crown of holly about his head, and carries in his hand a sheer black orb, as dark as midnight.”


Little is known about the exact origin of Tepemkau Nebet, the reigning Regent of Holly. As, for countless generations, each eladrin regent named their child and heir after themselves, the ruler of the Tepemkau Regency as always been named Tepemkau Nebet.

It is commonly believed, however, that the current Nebet came into power a short time before the moon crashed. In the wake of the disaster, he quickly took unofficial control of the three remaining Regencies and saw Imald and its people through the fallout of the mooncrash and three Arkhosian-Imaldi Wars. Many massive policy shifts occurred during his tenure, including the cessation of public appearances by Imald herself ceased and all traffic into the Regencies by non-Imaldi. In addition, some whisper that Tepemaku Nebet is responsible both for the elimination of the three destroyed Regencies. More recently, Nebet has instituted the Regency of Apology, a small tract of formerly gnomish land that he’s reclaimed for use by eladrin refugees and descendants of Xahmose, Phutmose and Nakhiti.

Nakhiti Sati is convinced it was Tepemkau Nebet who sent both the Hound of Ill Omen and the Redcaps to assassinate her, for fear that she’ll return and claim the Nakhiti Regency. He’s admitted as much to The Nameless Company, even expressing regret at how he handled the situation and how he’d be willing to offer Sati leadership of the Regency of Apology, if he thought she’d listen.

Althoren Zencaré has recently uncovered evidence to suggest that Tepemkau Nebet has, indeed, prolonged his life by unnatural means, transforming himself and his two peers – Isetnofret Ahotem and Hamessu Betrest – into liches.

In Sangor 339 F.I., Tepemkau Nebet swore allegiance to the Nameless Army, though he maintained his actual distance from their conflicts, serving in a more consulting capacity.

Race: Eladrin
Age: 300+
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 72 – Imald, Part II: Unearthed Arcana
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 117 – War, Part V: On the Eve of Great Battle

Tepemkau Nebet

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