The Angaryo

Arkhosian Resistance, Led by Princess Mexa


“A symbol of all draconic august majesty, this young, vibrant silver wyrm is attired entirely in a suit of shining golden plate, making him resemble a golden dragon, from all by the nearest distance. To his side stands a stooped and unremarkable looking shifter, with a boar’s head and the reek of animal dung all about. To the dragon’s right, stand a pair of dragonborn – a regal woman and a small boy, the one wearing the mantle of an arkhon, the other squire’s clothing.”


Founded in Rhogar in 338 F.I., the Angaryo (lit. the “Anger” in Arkhosian) are a collection of Arkhosian politicians, generals and influential courtiers who secretly oppose Metarkh Ptolomos and the entire Truarkh movement he represents. While their power is largely influential, rather than economic or militaristic, they are quickly gaining fervor, despite all of Ptolomos’ efforts to stomp them out.

At present, they are led by Princess Mexa, presumed dead after her execution.


  • Shokedo, the Sworn Wyrm (male silver dragon): The king’s loyal bodyguard, Shokedo swears fealty to the royal family. While he openly pretends to serve Ptolomos’ interests, he despises the tiefling and all he represents.
  • Vark (male razorclaw shifter): Working as the king’s kennelmaster, Vark’s close connection to the royal drakes allow him to moonlight as the court’s unofficial spymaster. Vark is responsible for collecting much of the information that arms but the Angaryo and the Truarkhs.
  • Arkhon Zenedra Sozria (female dragonborn): The nominal ruler of Sozinex, Zenedra’s power has been mostly usurped in the light of the King’s presence. She wields influence over the city’s servants, police and officials and appears as a Truarkh toady in public.
  • Legate Ekamuro (male dragonborn): Leader of the 50th Legion and part of the Royal Entourage, the Legate is a secret opponent of Ptolomos, a very unpopular opinion among his military peers. He communicates almost exclusively through Satar, his page.

First Appearance: Episode 67 – The True Flame
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 68 – Arkos Save The King

The Angaryo

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