The Baron

Former Cat, Polymorphed Spy


“A mangy, flea-bitten prowler, ten inches this side of being utterly feral, the orange scruffball mewling before you appears to have survived decades and decades of scraps and scuffles with every variety of cat, dog and rat one can imagine. Despite his unshorn appearance, this tabby conducts himself with all the pomp and authority of his namesake, strutting about the various decks of the Damsel as though he, in fact, owned the place."


The single oldest member of the crew, The Baron is The Distressed Damsel’s bilge cat, useful for keeping rats out of the lower decks and rigging. He favors the higher places aboard the ship and is given free reign, most of the halflings stopping to offer brief snacks or attention when they can spare a moment. He’s taken an especial fondness for Chogaruk but has an equal distaste for ZencarĂ©, much to the eladrin’s chagrin.

The adventurers discovered, after much trail-and-error, that The Baron is no ordinary cat. Indeed, no, for the past several centuries, the former captain of The Distressed Damsel was polymorphed into the shape of a tabby cat and commanded to keep tabs on the ship, making regular reports to someone known only as Catspaw. Once known as Jetsam Japetho “Walrus” Windward, the Baron reported on any illegal activities of the Damsel and her crew, including, but not limited to; breaking the quarantine around Obalta and the attempted jailbreak on the Subaqueo Var.

His true identity revealed, the bewildered Japetho’s been turned over to Yolanda Dawndive. The crew voted whether to maroon him or simply drop him in the nearest port, the city of Prerros. In a close vote, the crew elected to drop him off. Given money and clothing, he was pointed towards the nearest temple of Hroma.

First Appearance: Episode 16 – Typhoon’s Rest
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 79 – 116 Blackbrick Road

The Baron

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