The Marut

Eladrin Serial Killer, Stalking the Streets of Cantilever


“Descriptions vary, but they all agree on a handful of key facts – an eladrin male, garbed all in the finest Imaldi armor, wielding a longspear and bearing, upon his shield, the crest of the fallen Regency of Nakhiti, a pink-and-green emblematic thistle.”


Dubbed “The Marut” by the populace, the suspect is believed to be a male eladrin, specifically targeting Arkhosian nationals in Cantilever. While he continues to elude the authorities, the Marut has struck down over a dozen dragonborn in the past month and has, evidently, strained relationships between Cantilever and Arkhosia. The prevailing theory, amongst the common folk, is that the Marut is either a political radical or a member of a dangerous Imaldi terrorist sect.

Cutter’s digging into the Marut case reveals a handful of strange questions.

While the majority of his victims have been dragonborn nationals from the kingdom of Arkhosia, two dwarven craftsmen and one dragonborn bounty hunter have also counted themselves amongst his victims. The dragonborn bounty hunter is easily written off as self-defense, but the two craftsmen, one an artificer and one an alchemist, are stranger to process. While investigating the artificer’s shop revealed precious little, the prevailing scent of honey in a secret storage cellar below the shop of the alchemist suggests a connection to the cadaver collector the party encountered in The Bandit’s Gift.

The Marut’s most recent victim is another deviation from his pattern – a third dwarf, very wealthy this time, and evidently attempting to flee the city. While Cutter didn’t know the dwarf by name or title, he recognizes him as Ûbolya’s companion on the floating disc, at the time of their arrival in Cantilever.

Following the most recent encounter with the serial killer, the heroes learnt that “The Marut” is actually a small team of eladrin, hired by some mysterious power to complete a series of killings for an as-of-yet unknown reason. Before the Marut could disclose more, a gigantic ghostly hound slew him, silencing him forever.

First Appearance: Interlude 2 – Cat and Mouse
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 11 – A Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal (death?)

The Marut

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