"Thunderbolt" Xolt of House Onyx

Respected Businessman by Day, Conniving Mafioso by Night


“Nothing about the dwarf standing before you suggests illegality, save for, perhaps, for the obscene wealth. Dressed in resplendent white robes and bedecked in garish, sparkling jewelry from every finger and beard-tip, Xolt of House Onyx appears every inch the respectable business and that, in and of itself, carries a certain suspicious quality. The tips of his beard’s two longest braids culminate in tiny black onyx stones, precisely shaped into lightning bolts, a quiet reminder of his underworld moniker, “Thunderbolt” Xolt.


A prominent businessman in the Eudox community, Xolt is ostensibly a wealthy merchant for House Onyx, managing a successful importing-exporting firm, specializing in precious gemstones and occasionally iron ore to make weaponry. In truth, this is a front of his real activities – feared gangster and kingpin of Eudox’s criminal fraternity. All the gang bosses, all the pirate captains and all the smuggling rings pay tribute to Xolt and, in return, he keeps the city relatively free of violence, save for those conflicts he cooks up himself.

He has a long-standing friendship with Althoren Zencaré and, though their past is somewhat rocky, he’s agreed to look after the eladrin wizard’s only child, Lunoré, while Zencaré searches the world for a way to lift her “illness.” He’s since called out a favor, in repayment of Zencaré’s debt owed him, for the eladrin wizard to discreetly ship some goliath “housekeepers” across the continent aboard his Three Seas vessel.

Xolt runs a nightclub, Darkened Doors, in Eudox’s northern burough and lives in a stately manor house some blocks away, staffed by an entirely goliath serving staff.

Race: Dwarf
Age: 211
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 193 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 14 – Missing Persons
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 15 – Into the Feywild

"Thunderbolt" Xolt of House Onyx

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