The Eponymous Tojezen, Lady of Lightning, Tyrant of Thunder, Sovereign of Storms, Dracoempress of Her Selfsame Empire and Wyrm-Protector of All She Chooses to Survey


“Nearly eighty-five feet from point of horn to tip of tail, the elder blue dragon arrayed before you is the very image of august draconic majesty. Reclining upon a massive horde of gleaming rubies, the precious gemstones are embedded sporadically across her belly and, most notably, in a ringed circle about her scaled brow. As she speaks, crackles of electricity hiss and spark about her fanged mouth.”


Nearly 900 years old, Tojezen has ruled her own empire in Irmina for the past 217 years. While many of her leal cities were slow in aligning themselves, the people of Tojezen have slowly come to accept the dragon as a wise and protective monarch. A member of a typically selfish and covetous race, Tojezen has claimed all of southern Irmina as her propety and her hoard and views any attempt to infringement on that sovereignty as a direct challenge to her supremacy. When her empire is threatened, Tojezen will often fly into battle herself, raining lighting and thunder upon her enemies from the sky.

In 338 F.I., Tojezen’s eggs were kidnapped from her nest during the Raborox Rebellion. While the members of the Nameless Company located and returned five of said eggs, they discovered that, in fact, there was a sixth egg, a golden egg, that remains missing. After awarding them their lands and titles, she swore each adventurer to secrecy about the missing egg, fearing how the world would react should they discover this fact.

One year later, in 339 F.I., those same adventurers recovered the missing golden egg from the gullet of Cindermaw, a great fiery bulette of the Glasgwair. Overjoyed, she appointed the heroes to the status of Blessed of the Realm and granted them each personal favors. Her offspring, meanwhile, are all hatched and healthy, Qormoxen the gold wyrmling included.

Race: Blue Dragon
Age: 886
Length: 84’5"
Weight: 80 tons (160,000 lbs)
Scales: Blue
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 28 – Daddy Issues
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake


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