Typhoenos Viomarkh

The Squallsinger


“Everything about this dragonborn suggests both a seafarer’s and a marauder’s existence – his wide stance, his boiled sailor’s leather, the massive hull-busting warhammer he carries. He cuts an imposing figure – nearly six and a half feet tall, three hundred some pounds, rust-scaled and red-eyed – but what’s perhaps more impressive than the number of skulls he’s cracked or ships he’s sunk, is his ability to summon storms on a whim or to spew lightening from his mouth.”

Male Dragonborn Warden 8


Race: Dragonborn
Age: 48
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 316 lbs
Scales: Rust
Eyes: Gold

Raised as an orphan in the streets of Viomar, and coming from humble beginnings as a smuggler-turned-pirate-turned-privateer, Typhoenos Viomarkh, once Captain Typhoenos Viomarkh (also known as Tiff or the Squallsinger), is a rotund, storm-wielding, hammer-swining buccaneer with a crusty dwarven accent and liquid morals. While having once worked directly for both Thunderbolt Xolt and Arkhon Ptolomos, Typhoenos is more than happy to ally himself with the Nameless Company, if it gets him off the wreck of his once-proud pirate ship, The Squallsong.

Coincidentally, Typhoenos is also deeply infected by scale rot, a fate that befell the majority of his former crew, but, at least initially, seemed strangely unaffected by it, thanks to the influence of Kallularuv, his former primal patron.

In the eyes of his companions, Typhoenos’ character flaws are legion; he’s something of a casual racist, having worked primarily for the True Arkhosian movement for the past half a decade. He’s also somewhat spineless, willing to cut a deal with any enemy – dusk elves, mindless orcs, illusions of his former allies – once the battle starts to turn against him. In addition, he’s more than a little gluttonous, enjoying food, drink and merry-making more than is necessarily healthy.

Upon returning to Qairn with The Nameless Company, Typhoenos promptly converted to the faith of Palune, consequences be damned. The first such consequence was that his scale rot returned with a vengeance. While his body was left unattended for ten days while the adventurers time travelled back to 101 F.I., Typhoenos’ body was subsequently overcome with his illness and he perished. His remains were cast onto the Stale Sea in a cask of wine, to help smooth the transition to Palune’s afterlife.

First Appearance: Episode 34 – Shipwrecked
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 43 – The Wizard of Greenapple
Played by Dan Glaser

Current Items:
+2 earthwrought hammer (Weapon)
+2 luring withdrawal leather armor (Armor)
+2 lifesaving brooch (Neck Slot)
Shield of Storms (Arms Slot)

Typhoenos Viomarkh

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