Former Mayor of Gorzibadd, Dracoqueen-in-Waiting


“While impressive in size, resplendent in armor and cunning in intellect compared to a mere mortal, this brass dragon, when held against others of her brood, appears somewhat smaller, somewhat younger, somewhat inexperienced. A large scar mars the lefthand side of her face, where some errant weapon managed to score a damaging blow, but her eyes, pure white orbs bisected by a reptilian slit, show a quality more deadly than claw, tooth or flame; ambition.”


The youngest of Qairn’s brass dragon brood, Tyristys once wished only to be left in peace, in her burrow beneath Gorzibadd, to guard her one worthwhile piece of loot, the Slaying Stone, and stay away from the conflicts and petty politics of the world. Once she relinquished the stone to the budding Nameless Company, in thanks for clearing out the town’s goblin problem, a fresh new warlord, calling themselves “the Humanfoe”, reconquered the village, renamed the territory “Greater Koboldia” and drove the dragon, merely annoyance, from her burrow beneath the hot springs.

Seeking a new den within the nation of Gullion, Tyristys was eventually approached by Queen Kerige, the nation’s monarch, about the possibility of forming another dracocrachy. Suddenly taken with this idea and adopting Tojezen as her new idol, Tyristys flew to Gullsport and was subsequently courted by the irresponsible Kerige to accept her position as the new ruler.

On Autumn 88, 338 F.I., while sharing dinner with the Queen, the Lord Chamberlain, a priestess from the Xato Marun and, of all people, The Nameless Company, Tyristys was nearly poisoned by that very same priestess. Due to some quick investigation by the heroes, the culprit was quickly determined and sentenced to death, a sentence Tyristys would be only too happy to provide herself.

Race: Brass Dragon
Age: 147
Length: 28’4"
Weight: 1 ton (2,400 lbs)
Scales: Brass
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 5 – Election Day
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 46 – The Queen’s Table


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