Vencel of House Topaz

Loremaster of House Topaz, Husband to Ûbolya, Mind Flayer


“Possessed of purple, rubbery skin, an unnatural, elongated skeleton and a quartet of writhing tentacles where his mouth should be, Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, does not, in any way, resemble the dwarf he’s reputed to be. Communicating solely via some horrific method of telepathy and seemingly endowed with a hunger of live brains, you’re not certain exactly what Vencel actually is, but after having witnessed his alien visage firsthand, you find yourself strangely unable to describe the phenomena, burned into your mind though it may be.”


Younger brother of Kajetan of House Jasper and husband of Ûbolya of House Topaz, Vencel was, in his youth, a powerful wizard, researcher and explorer of some note and currently serves as the Loremaster of House Topaz. A bitter rival with his brother for most of his life, he married a wealthy daughter of Jasper’s rival house in his later years, an act viewed mostly by the dwarven community as a stab in the back of his home house.

He reputedly took ill some years previously and was sequestered within House Topaz Stead in Cantilever but, as the party has just discovered him heading a strange installation in Iomeraz above the frozen body of First Giant, those rumors may have been false. Those rumors also mention nothing about his having been an aberrant horror with a squid for a head.

He since relocated this operation to the surface of Palune, whereupon he nearly created a global catastrophe. Aided by a force of dwarves, warforged and brainless cyclops thralls, he tunneled into the moon’s core and disabled the clockwork mechanism by which The Nameless Empire kept the entire moon in orbit. When The Nameless Company arrived to stop him, they managed to defeat the mind flayer once and for all, putting a permanent end to his aberration.

Race: Mind Flayer (formerly Dwarf)
Age: 263
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 18 – The Last Giant
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 109 – The Core of the Moon (death)

Vencel of House Topaz

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