Wyrmling Princes

Spawn of Arkhosia, Brainwashed Beasts


“A great ferocious specimen, this red dragon is made all the more ferocious by its twin, identical in every respect, save the specific placement of its battle scars. Massive as a castle, studded with thousand of scales, hard as steel, and boasting teeth and claws capable of rending stone, each dragon is distinct by the elaborate contraption the creature wears – an iron helm that all but limits sight and keeps the beast hampered and perpetually enraged, the perfect mental state for a pit mastiff or fighting hound. Hard to imagine wars were once fought over these mighty, almost pitiful creatures.”


As the only surviving eggs of Arkhosia and Calexzar’s brood, Asborolkash the Elder and Alpharazon the Younger were the centerpieces of the bloodiest civil war in Arkhosia’s history. The War of the Wyrmling Princes was a brutal war of succession, half of each nation siding with one red dragon over the other. In the end, wiser heads prevailed and a dragonborn empress was crowned and the wyrmlings were forgotten about.

In 339 F.I., however, they reemerged, as adult dragons and slavishly devoted to the cause of Metarkh Ptolomos. What foul tortures were conducted on them in the depths of the fighting pits beneath Phyren is unknown, but their minds are seemingly gone, leaving only savage creatures, loyal to Ptolomos to a fault.

Both Princes were defeated during the Duel of Dragons, brought down by Tojezen and eladrin wizardry, respectively.

Race: Red Dragon
Age: 850
Length: 82’8" / 80’3"
Weight: 76 tons (152,000 lbs) / 75 tons (150,000 lbs)
Scale Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow

First Appearance: Episode 113 – War, Part I: The Palace Job
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat

Wyrmling Princes

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