Sworn Wyrm of Queen Mexa, Ancient Foe of Calexzar


“Resplendent in his freshly-forged suit of golden armor, this regal creature is the most august and powerful wyrm you’ve ever laid eyes upon. With his vast wingspan, savage claws and teeth and sheer enormous size, he could easily be a terror, a menace to society, laying about with his freezing cold breath. Instead, the silver dragon is quiet, humble and softspoken, a just and righteous servant of the crown of Arkhosia as long as his duty shall last.”


The eldest silver dragon on Qairn, Xandromox is known for his quiet, patient personality and his burning desire to see Calexzar the Vitriolic brought low. The two ancient dragons have waged an eternal war, the red larger and more powerful, the silver more dogged and determined. Every decade or so, Xandromox will emerge from hiding and swoop upon Calexzar, hoping for once, to claim victory over the all-mighty red. Never has an ultimate victor been decided and, after each contest, Xandromox slinks away, defeated and shamed.

In 340 F.I., he was summoned by the Kyra Drathox to serve as the Sworn Wyrm to the Arkhosian Kingdom’s newest Queen – Mexa, First of Her Name. He fell in the Duel of Dragons, slain by Alpharazon the Younger.

First Appearance: Episode 117 – War, Part V: On the Eve of Great Battle
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat


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