The Field General


“Armored in resplendent chainmail, wielding spear and shield and sporting a decorative helm, fashioned in the shape of a locust’s head, this gnomish sprat presents a surprisingly tough customer, despite her size and youth. What’s more, she displays a telling ability to command the troops loyal to her and it becomes immediately clear, upon first contact with her, that it’s the soldiers under her direct command that shall prove the most dangerous aspect of this gnomish warlord.”

Female Gnome Warlord 27 / Captain of Fortune / Legendary Commander


Race: Gnome
Age: 17
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 34 lbs
Hair: Brown (Sun-streaked)
Eyes: Brown

The only daughter of Txomin the Locust, Field General of The Haggard Host, Zsuzanna mei Sheikah Lorea uqa mei Txomin Loqustzu yt Warahai Hosteh Hagada (her full name) was raised as the most pampered, protected and unbloodied army brat on Qairn. Longing to experience a life of danger, derring-do and one day, inherit her father’s army, she ran away from the protective embrace of her father and her Uncle Serqolaine, to seek her fortunes in the world. They remain at odds, Zanna and Txomin, but the gnomish girl ardently hopes her acts of bravery may one day convince her father of her worthiness to command.

Peppy, cheery and naive, Zanna, for all her battle acumen and hard-fought experience, remains a sixteen year old girl and often sees the world through something of a simplistic lens. She’s easily the most religious of the Company, raised a devout Arconian by her dragonborn Uncle, and this battle-ready philosophy sometimes brings her at odds with her companions, but she remains fiercely loyal and protective of all her friends, flush with the insistence of youth.

Following the Nameless War, Field General Zanna kept contract with Queen Mexa and helped to quash any pockets of Truarkh resistance that remained. Though Mexa’s reign was far from popular, Zanna was ever her most stalwart defender for a year and more following, until eventually her mercenaries grew tired of attending parades and waiting on the Queen’s orders. As the war between Arkhosia and Tojezen looms, Zanna is now considering her options, unsure where she should take her army next.

First Appearance: Episode 1 – The Sunset Ship
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 121 – Belly of the Beast
Birthday: Durek 93, 323 F.I.
Twitter: @DaddysGirlZanna
Played by Hallie Clawson

Current Items:
The Hand of Prygor (Weapon)
+4 Chain of Command (Artifact)
+2 peacemaker’s periapt (Neck Slot)
Baldric of Time (Waist)
Boots of Furious Speed (Feet)
Longthrow Ointment (Alchemical)
Potion of Spirit (Consumable)
Woundstitch Powder (Consumable)
Standard of Eternal Battle (Wondrous)
Bag of Holding (Wondrous)
Restful Bedroll (Wondrous)

Current: 550,000 XP

Achievements Unlocked (15):

  • Unconventional Strategist: Use non-attack standard action in combat (bull rush, grab, total defense, double move)
  • Ton of Bricks: Your attack power causes an enemy to fall 200 feet.
  • Amateur Hour (3): Used a untrained skill unprompted.
  • Diplomatic Immunity (3): Best description of a Diplomacy check.
  • Top Shelf: Climb atop the library shelves in the Sleepless Dream.
  • Mooncrash: Crash Imald to the earth.
  • Blind Man’s Bluff: First unprompted use of a Bluff check.
  • Intimidation Games: First unprompted use of an Intimidation check.
  • Spill the Beans: Inform Ptolomos that Ûbolya’s been manipulating him.
  • Graphic Violence: Describe an attack roll unprompted.
  • Dragonslayer: Deal the killing blow to Calexzar the Vitriolic.


Mooncrash Hallie