Incomplete Dice of Palune

These simple wooden dice seem unremarkable, but fortune, good or ill, swells about them.


Wondrous Item
Power (Daily): Minor Action. Effect: Roll twice and take the better result of the next 20 roll you make.


These wooden dice are supposedly one of a set of three blessed by Palune, god of gambling. The first, the Chicanerous Die, was obtained from Chwaer, daughter of the bride, as her sister’s wedding in 519 A.E. The second, the Fraudulent, was recovered from King Rat’s possession beneath the city of Prerros.

The third Die, the Deceitful Die, has long been lost to mankind.

First Appearance: Episode 6 – A Timely Feast

Currently Held By: Althoren Zencaré

Incomplete Dice of Palune

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