Slaying Stone

No rune or device adorns this twisted mass of glossy black rock.


Wondrous Item
Power (Daily): Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged 20; +10 vs. Fortitude; the slaying stone is destroyed, and the target dies at the end of its next turn. Effect: You are weakened until the end of your next turn.


Once an eladrin artifact of immense power, this tiny shard of necrotic magic was once under the protection of Tyristys, the brass dragon, who, at the party’s behest agreed to relinquish it. It was finally used against Min the Deathless, First Fomorian and Pharaoh of All the Known World and it’s his name that’s forever burnt into Chogaruk’s hand.

First Appearance: Episode 5 – Election Day
Final Appearance: Episode 41 – Palune, Part IV: Boughs of Black

Slaying Stone

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