Standard of Eternal Battle

Woven by Zaphos the Weaver and carried into battle by the armies of Arkhosia herself, the Standard of Eternal Battle is an artifact of the Arkhosian Empire that promises victory to any army that bears it onto the field.


Wondrous Item
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Any owner of the Standard of Eternal Battle can case it to display any coloration, crest, icon, emblem or other mark. The chosen symbol remains until an owner uses a minor action to change it.
Power (Encounter – Zone): Standard Action. When you plant the Standard in your space or an adjacent square, it creates a zone in a close burst 5. While within the zone, you and your allies gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and saving thros.
These efffects last until the end of the encounter or until the Standard is removed from the ground.
The Standard can be set into any solid surface, even rocky ground or a stone floor. It doesn’t occupy a square. Once planted, it an be removed from the ground as a standard action or by a creature that has reduced one of its owners to 0 hit points or fewer.


Woven by Zaphos the Weaver at the dawning of the Arkhosian Empire, the Standard of Eternal Battle has ever flown Arkhosia’s colors, leading dragonborn armies to conquest and victory all around the globe. In 47 F.I., it was lost when the Mad Legate, Aros Xyarkh, carried the Standard deep into the depths of Dread Salarza, hoping to civilize the dark continent.

In 339 F.I., however, The Nameless Company voyaged over the Ukuta and retrieved the Standard, with the intention of carrying the flag into battle against the Truarkhs during their war against Imald.

First Appearance: Episode 93 – Dread, Part IX: Ocean of Blood

Currently Held By: Zanna

Standard of Eternal Battle

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