Wand of Impenetrable Illusions

"Once the implement of Bendeth Zencaré, Qairn's first eladrin, the Wand of Impenetrable Illusions was crafted specifically by its maker to weave the smoothest, most seamless illusions with seemingly the greatest ease."


Implement: Wand
Enhancement: +2 attack and damage rolls
Critical: +2d8 psychic damage
Property: Saving throws against your wizard powers with the illusion keyword take a -2 penalty.
Power (At-Will): Standard Action. As the ghost image power.


Crafted by Bendeth Zencaré, the Nameless Company were drawn to the Wand and all its sister artifacts by a great ritual and discovered this final one bequeath to Althoren Zencaré within the top level of the Greengate Tower in Greenapple.

First Appearance: Episode 44 – Party Politics

Currently Held By: Althoren Zencaré

Wand of Impenetrable Illusions

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