Prologue Three - A Hired Knife
A Feud Forged

Campaign Date: Zahal 99, 101 F.L.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Captain Miraj, Chuchann, Osley Riverrock

After being summoned to the Belltower Collegium to meet with Headmaster Kajetan, our intrepid heroes unintentionally interrupt a botched assassination attempt in process and apprehend one Nim Goodthorpe, a gnomish cutthroat evidently hired to dispose of Kajetan and make off with the mysterious gear. After a hasty hiring by the understaffed Miraj, the heroes set about the task of ascertaining whom would wish the good Headmaster harm and why.

As Kajetan himself lies in a poison-induced coma, a thorough and three-forked interrogation of the cowed Nim reveals his employer to be an unknown dwarf benefactor. Promising nothing but pure violence should he object, the gnome agrees to cut a deal with the enterprising heroes, hoping to ensnare the shadowy villain behind the dastardly deed.

At this juncture, the heroes split their number, the cunning Osley and the mighty Chuchann investigate the possibility of an antidote for Kajetan in the city of Belltower itself. While first paying a visit to Silent Sazlo, headman of the Cup Tricks, they eventually acquire an antidote from an unscrupulous halfling pirate and conclude their walkabout by securing the safety of Goodthorpe’s cantankerous mother and her squealing spawn.

Meanwhile Captain Miraj, investigating at the Collegium, comes to the conclusion, based on Nim’s testimony, a suspiciously expensive hand crossbow and good old fashioned detective work, that one Professor Gabor, a visiting instructor from the prestigious Cantilever Municipal University, was likely the involved party, seeking to obtain the artifact for the glory of his masters in House Topaz.

Moving to confront Gabor, the heroes found the guilty dwarven professor attempting to escape on a peculiar spoked vehicle. With the combined efforts of Osley’s thrown daggers, Miraj’s corralling of bystanders and Chuchann’s blind leap from a third story building, Professor Gabor was successfully overwhelmed and brought to justice.

As Kajetan recovered from the perilous effects of his poison, he spends a brief moment to imagine what heroic future awaits these most peerless of adventurers.

Prologue Two - Over the Ironshod Hills
Trouble on the Westward Road

Campaign Date: Zahal 68, 101 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Captain Miraj, Chuchann, Lady Somara, Osley Riverrock

Some weeks after the successful completion of their previous adventure, Headmaster Kajetan called our three mighty heroes (Chuchann, Lady Somara and Osley Riverrock) to his side and tasked them with another great errand.

After weeks of study of the mysterious gear they’d uncovered beneath the ruins of Maz Immura, Kajetan sought to confirm some of his findings with a colleague of his, Lady Magus Tormála – eladrin wizard and mayor of the nearby town of Kirish Dahn. Believing the gear to be too valuable to be left unguarded, he intended to smuggle the gear aboard a local merchant cart and hire the heroes to accompany it. To further safeguard the gear’s travels to Kirish Dahn, Kajetan managed to convince the head of the local campus security, a grim and gruff tiefling captain, to join the adventuring party.

Traveling unmolested over the Ironshod Hills proved too mean a feat, however. Not long into their two-day journey, the cart was beset by goblin raiders of the Weepingeye Tribe. Defeating the goblins and their trained blood ape out of hand, our heroes skillfully tracked an odd couple of bugbears back toward the goblin’s cave.

Inside the cave, the heroes discovered, among throngs of enemy goblins, a vile and hellish crack split open upon the cave floor, more and more goblins continually pouring out of it. After a harrowingly close call with Captain Miraj and a tumble down the goblin-infested crack, Kajetan’s Keepers managed to defeat the vile goblin hexer and plug the widening crack with the use of great stone boulders.

The goblins routed, the remainder of the trek to Kirish Dahn was uneventful. Upon arrival, Lady Magus Tormála greeted the party warmly, allowing them several days to recuperate within her tower before returning to Belltower.

Prologue One - Maz Immura
Descent into a Nameless Ruin

Campaign Date: Zahal 45, 106 F.I.
Staring Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Chuchann, Lady Somara, Osley Riverrock

Kajetan of House Jasper, Headmaster of the Belltower Collegium, had finally, after years and years of painstaking research and study, uncovered startling evidence to suggest that, hidden beneath the nearby Arkhosian ruin of Maz Immura, there may indeed dwell a deeper, older structure, that harkens back to a power far older that once covered all Qairn with its might.

Off the record, he conscripted the aid of three competent and willing mercenaries; a mighty goliath barbarian from the Godswrist Mountains, a valiant and resilient dragonborn paladin of Arkos and a local halfling “security expert” who specializes in mechanical devices and the disabling thereof, and set off north, in search of ancient history and the culmination of his life’s work.

The Occola Bayou was treacherous and unpleasant but, after some toil and travel, the party arrived at the foot of Maz Immura, barely recognizable as the glorious structure it once was. A ruin caked in vines, sludge and other signs of evident decay, it takes the adventurers many long minutes of searching to examine and uncover what they seek – an immense sigil, spread across the floor and depicting a pair of circles, one green and one purple, inlaid into the floor. Kajetan rumbles out a command word and, sure enough, each circle dislodges itself and serves as lift down into an ancient structure, hidden from the world beneath this Arkhosian ruin, clearly built to accommodate giants.

The chamber they arrive in features three round doors (one purple, one green and one black), pools of standing, fetid water and four zombified corpses, evidently the remains of an Arkhosian archaeologist team, who failed in their attempt to excavate the dungeon. Battle is quickly joined, each mercenary proving their mettle again and again, even Lady Somara, to whom the sight of these undead dragonborn deeply saddened and grieved her gentle heart. The zombies dispatched and looted, the three adventurers and their dwarven employer turned their minds to the seemingly immovable door. After uncovering the password beneath a morass of moss and swampscum, however, Chuchann approached the door, chanted “Await We The Fall” and the black door rolled effortlessly aside.

Descending a deep well some eighty feet further beneath the swamp, the party uncovered a long chamber, lined on either side by many statues of kneeling giant masons. Much to their chagrin, however, when they moved more properly into the chamber, a disembodied voice declared they had not the “mettle of the makers” and they were promptly assaulted by two of the headless smith statues and a devious lightning trap. Victory was soon achieved, with Lady Somara herself dealing the final blow and the party spending a significant time looting both animate giant statues of their intestine residuum, while Osley took his customary post-combat leak.

After descending a flight of stairs, they came upon a small shrine, complete with well of jaundiced yellow water, and, before continuing onto the treasure room beyond, where Kajetan believed a great artifact had been laid to rest, Chuchann was taken by the mad whimsy to leap into the disgusting well. Before anyone could stop him, he hurtled himself forward and plopped straight into what they would eventually discover to be some sort of semi-intelligent caustic and carnivorous goop. A great battle ensued, with the ooze fully swallowing Chuchann before the mighty goliath could tear himself free, Lady Somara dousing some nearby vegetation with her dragon flame and Osley feinting the slimy creature directly into the burning foliage.

Before long, they’d successfully vanquished the creature and discovered, much to Kajetan’s delight, an ancient artifact, what he assumed the vault had been constructed to protect – a burnished bronze gear, whose function or purpose remains entirely unknown. After looting many valuable coins from the treasure room beyond, the party retreated, their dungeon sacked, its monsters defeated and a mystery brewing in their minds.


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