Episode 102 - Underdark, Part III: Where No Man Delves
The Company Reunited – In the Knick of Time!

Game Date: Sangor 5, 339 – ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Leviathan, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Aboard The Nightowl, The Nameless Company lazes about, receives word from High Abbess Gamalarna about Vencel’s inevitable location – Palune – and eventually receives word from Ogul, Centrum of House Amethyst, with Vaca’s apparent whereabouts and linked portal coordinates to teleport there.

Meanwhile, in the Kazalhan, Vaca, Levi and their companions fight for their lives against the overwhelming odds of a phalanx of House Onyx dwarves. Only a few moments into the skirmish, however, re-enforcements arrive – in the form of The Nameless Company.


Battle is swiftly joined and, before long, the heroes have forced Ûvoda, Prospector of House Onyx, to surrender. Once terms are discussed, Ûvoda and her dwarves move out, promising to allow the heroes the cave – thinking the exchange not worth the lives of her soldiers.

In the intervening time, while they wait for House Amethyst to arrive, the companions catch up and make introductions. The tales of all the Company’s many adventures are recounted, to an overwhelmed Vaca and an inattentive Levi, and a brief primer on the Kazalhan is give the unfamiliar heroes – its dangers and its pitfalls. In short order, Ogul and the rest of House Amethyst arrive and transform the site into a fortified camp. After a brief negotiation, the heroes manage to earn 1500 gd each for the portal and the potential to involve House Amethyst in the war effort, providing much needed healers to their side.

With this accomplished, the full company now departs – Zencaré, Chogaruk, Levi, Vaca, Zanna, Thuk and Ûma. Lanakhiz decides, instead, to stay behind, having gone approximately as far as he’s willing to go. He thanks Vaca and Levi for the laughs, the tears and the memories before they depart.

Wandering through many developed passages, once an ancient library, warehouse and eventually cistern, the rest of The Nameless Company gets their first taste of the true Kazalhan, as well as Ûma’s occasionally faulty navigational skills. As they cross a number of freshwater cisterns, once used for the preservation of clean drinking water, a party of derro drop down from the ceiling and assault the heroes, babbling in their insensate way.

Interlude - Underdark, Part II: To Caverns Old
Into Tunnels Darker and Deeper

Game Date: ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan

As the umber hulk rampaged into their camp, the delvers leapt to their feet to defend themselves. Despite the beast’s size and ferocity, Vaca, Leviathan and Lanakhiz successfully drove the monster away without much difficulty. Poor Ûma of House Cinnabar was hardly even armored by the time the battle was concluded.

They ventured onward from here, crossing through a series of chambers now more natural and less worked by ancient dwarven hands. As they crossed a chamber of immeasurable size, filled with fungi and underground moss, an unknown creature of aberrant origin descended from the ceiling to envelop both Vaca and eventually Levi, granting them both horrifying visions of a realm of madness and pain. As terrifying as this creature proved, it too was quickly dispatched in open combat, but the scars it left upon their psyche weren’t so easily brushed aside.

After another rest, they encountered a creature far more puzzling then either umber hulk or aberration; a maddened half-orc wizard, babbling the word “Thoon” incoherently. Quickly revealed to be Thuk the Drab, the wizard accompanying Culas’ delver team, they learned precious little information for the crazed mage, save that his company was beset by a horrifying tentacular presence, one that clearly caused him immense mental strain even to think on.

Shortly after they discovered Thuk, they discovered something of even greater worth – a hastily scratched linked portal, made by a frantic wizard some months ago. Bartering with Ogul, Centrum of House Amethyst back in Myto, Vaca sold the coordinates to House Amethyst for a future price or favor. They were instructed to stand by and await the arrival of re-enforcements, which were being mustered as soon as could be.

Before re-enforcements arrived, however, a large and militant patrol from House Onyx, thirty dwarves in total, stumbled across them instead.

Episode 101 - Wyrm-Apparent of the Ruby Crown
Qormoxen Christened

Game Date: Sangor 1-5, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Phalma
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

With Althoren Lunoré in tow, The Nameless Company arrives in Phalma, City of Crags, capital of the Tojezeni Empire, in the middle of a great parade. The entire city has turned out to celebrate this momentous occasion, the christening and reveal of Qormoxen to the nation and world as a whole, and the festivities begin with a joyful parade through the streets. Accompanied by soldiers and musicians marching, each of Tojezen’s five wyrmlings are proudly displayed before an adoring public. While Her Draconity herself and even a captive Baron Gwanc, defeated and humiliated leader of the rebellious city of Raborox, are in attendance, Qormoxen is yet kept away from the public eye, to be unveiled at a vast public ceremony.

Once Twrnai, the dracoempress’ mistress of ceremonies, is informed of their presence, The Nameless Company themselves are asked to participate in the ceremony. After dressing more appropriately, they arrive at the Basilica of Storms and are presented with their task – to ferry the golden egg that temporarily contains Qormoxen up to the altar, in essence performing their heroic deed before a captive audience. Almost to their dismay, the entire city turns out to celebrate this ceremony and turns their eyes upon the heroes. Fortunately, the ceremony goes off without a hitch and Qormoxen, his red eyes now open, is presented before an enraptured public.

Later that evening, the adventurers join Tojezen in her Imperial Palace for a great banquet, held in the gold wyrmling’s honor. Here, they meet other important members of her court and kingdom. Zencaré confers with Baroness Sykara Raboros, once the leader of the rebels, now promoted to leader of the city. Chogaruk is approached by Chief Kahula of the Wai’pa’mai’é tribe, offering an additional five hundred goliaths to his cause. Zanna is surprised to discover Txomin the Locust in attendance and he is relieved to discover her still alive, despite her scale rot scare.

While conversing with Tojezen, the dracoempress asks for an update on the war effort. After a brief harrowing moment with the Standard of Eternal Battle, The Nameless Company informs her about Thistle’s fall and Vaca’s absence. To pay back her unfulfilled favor, Tojezen offers her own services for one day on the field of battle, claiming that she will fly across the world and rain destruction down upon Arkhosia, House Topaz and any others that stand before her Lords of Bluffguard.

Finally, the evening wound to a close with some raucous entertainment. In addition to a production of The Golden Egg that Tojezen contrived to stage on account of the heroes, the entire audience watched, in horror, as both Baron Gwanc and a helpless member of the Xato Marun, allegedly responsible for a failed assassination attempt on Qormoxen, are publicly devoured by Tojezen’s brood. All the while, their drunken mother watches, laughing uproariously and firing lightning high into the air.

Once returned to The Nightowl, The Nameless Company awaits new from Vaca, celebrates Lunoré’s twelfth birthday and observes another instance of magical weather – chimewinds. The following day, Palune arrives to inform them that his moon is destined to fall by Sangor 88, in a mere 85 days from now.

Episode 100 - Await We The Fall
Farewell to a Friend

Game Date: Autumn 100 – Sangor 1, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Maz Immura
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

Deeper in the ruins of Maz Immura, The Nameless Company confronts a massive clockwork monster, meant to represent the continent-sized beast that once walked the face of Qairn and whose ribs, they theorize, formed the walls of the Ukuta. After several rounds of bitter battle against the monstrous automaton, the heroes discovered the secret which allowed them to defeat the beast – the gods dropped the third moon, Xyar’s moon, down atop the beast to finally slay the creature.

This monster defeated, they commenced to the next chamber. Here, after defeating a lethal poisonous gas trap, they learned that Xyar, furious at the wanton destruction of his moon, sent a virulent plague to ravage the First Giants. Thought to be the origin of scale rot, the surviving giants were forced to flee to their own astral domains and Xyar, they left chained to the bottom of the world, frozen forever in ice.

The next chamber gave them a choice – they must decide which of the god’s astral domains to travel through. After a short debate, they ultimately decided to visit Gad’s – the Library of Lore – hoping to locate Professor Kajetan of House Jasper. After teleporting to the astral domain and laying eyes upon all the splendor of Gad’s paradise, they met a young, idealistic dwarf they recognized as a much younger version of Kajetan. So enthralled and rapturous was he, given all the universe’s knowledge to peruse, the old dwarf had forgotten why he’d come to Maz Immura in the first place. Though tempted to stay – especially Alecta – the Nameless Company bid a final farewell to the Professor, content in the knowledge that he’d arrived somewhere where he could be happy.

In the complex’s final chamber, The Nameless Company had yet another shocking revelation. Not only did the humans of the Nameless Time know that, thousands of years later, Imald would fall to the earth but so too, they predicted, would Palune! Before they can understand the full ramifications of this dire portent, Lunoré’s eyes glowed purple and once again, the Nameless Company stood in the presence of the Moonmask himself – Palune.

According to the trickster god, his moon is due to crash sometime in the next hundred days or so, much to the shock and chagrin of the Nameless Company. Once again, he was forbidden from providing too many details but he made Zencaré a deal – if they can stop the moon from crashing, Palune will return the eladrin’s deceased wife to him. Reluctantly agreeing to the proposal, the adventurers are further shocked to learn that the adversary who holds the secret, the foe they must defeat to stop the moon’s crashing, is none other than Vencel.

Agreeing to touch base soon, as soon as Palune has determined exactly when the moon’s likely to crash, the bemused Nameless Company heads to Phalma. Off to celebrate the christening of Qormoxen, the gold wyrmling, the adventurers heads veritably swim with all the revelations and ultimatums.

Episode 99 - Return to Maz Immura
Great Mysteries Solved

Game Date: Autumn 98-100, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

The assembled party of The Nameless Company, Alecta, Althoren Lunoré and The Four Winds – the unscrupulous adventuring party hired by the Collegium to accompany Alecta – departed from Belltower and headed north, through the Occola Bayou and towards the Nameless Empire ruin of Maz Immura. Along the way, The Nameless Company rubbed elbows with their adventuring contemporaries and were a little less than pleased with the results. Leaving them to guard the ruin’s entrance, they chose instead to venture below themselves, as soon as the great purple doorway rolled aside.

Descending into the Nameless Empire ruin, the heroes realized that the entire complex was constructed many hundreds of years ago, by the human servants of the First Giants, to leave an elaborate accounting as to where the Giants came from, what drove them away and, more importantly, what made the moons fall to the earth. Each chamber they passed contained an elaborate clockwork puzzle or model, all meant to demonstrate some stage of the Nameless Empire’s ancient history.

In a room featuring a massive clockwork ship that sailed among a replicated field of stars, the adventurers learned that the First Giants – and their human servitors – travelled to Qairn from across the astral sea, in ships of gleaming gold and wondrous invention. In a series of smaller puzzle chambers, each one dedicated to one of the major gods of the pantheon, they learnt, beyond what tasks each god performed to transform Qairn into a habitable world, that all eight of the major deities were and are, in fact, nothing more than powerful First Giants.

In the chamber devoted to Arkos, they ignited a fake replica of the sun. In the chamber devoted to Hroma, they convinced the Hromite member of The Four Winds to ingest a poisonous potion and briefly travel to Nifol. In the chamber devoted to Gad, they sculpted a scale model of Qairn from clay and discovered evidence to suggest Professor Kajetan came through the chamber alive. In the chamber devoted to Oslé, they emptied the floodgates above a model of Qairn and filled all her empty oceans, rivers and lakes. In a chamber devoted to Imald, they seeded the first moon with plants and residuum. In a chamber devoted to Palune, they watched as he tricked his fellow deities into creating his moon for him. In a chamber devoted to Zehir, they watched as she brooded in darkness and silence, watching the other god’s labors with jealousy.

Most importantly, however, The Nameless Company learnt of the existence of an eighth major deity in the pantheon – Xyar. Once the god of the hunt and master of the third moon, the one the company discovered crashed beyond the Ukuta, they also came to the startling realization that this Xyar was the very First Giant that they encountered, frozen in ice, in Iomeraz. With sudden shock, it dawned upon them that, in their attempt to put the poor creature from its misery, The Nameless Company had inadvertently killed a god.

Interlude - Underdark, Part I: To Dungeons Deep
Aberration First Rears its Head

Game Date: ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan

After as comfortable a rest as the Kazalhan will grant them, Vaca and his team of delvers continue their journey through the darkness and silence of the Underdark.

Their second day out from Myto saw the delvers encounter a ruined campsite and the black pudding that devoured its former occupants, parlay with a bizarre half-derro, half- dwarven informant and battle a nest of aberrant cloakers. That night, Vaca and her delvers elected to sleep without a torch and suffered the psychological trauma of same.

Their third day out from Myto, the delvers encountered a hunting pack of gricks and passed through the dwarven ruin of Adok Zyzed, City of the Vestals. Here, they encountered an ancient dwarven orphanage and even salvaged a few precious gemstones from within. That night, they elected to sleep with a torch and, while this saved them the darkness and the horror, it did attract the attention of a rampaging monster, smashing through the wall of the chamber where they took their rest.

Episode 98 - Abbey of All Monsters
Allies Discovered At Ocean's Bottom

Game Date: Autumn 95-98, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Usago
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

On the trail of information pertaining to the Demonmaw, The Nameless Company sails into the free port of Usago. Disguised as Oslite adventuring party “The Seawalkers”, they seek a High Abbot of the Bounteous Typhoon who can point them in the direction of the hallowed Abbey of All Monsters, the world’s greatest repository of information pertaining to the ocean’s beasts. The only difficulty is, of course, that the Abbey’s located on the bottom of the Azure Sea.

At the city’s Cathedral Buoyant, the adventurers convince High Abbott Berero of their “good intentions” and he casts a ritual – seabed stride – upon the heroes, allowing them to walk and breathe, unharmed by pressure or lack of oxygen, on the ocean’s floor. They then begin a beautiful and unnerving hike across the bottom of the city’s massive seagate, through a coral reef, and down a carven stairway descending into the unfathomable Usago Deep, until they reach the Abbey.

The Abbey itself – a marvel of magical engineering festooned all with forbidding carvings of sea monsters, tentacles and yawning maws – is warm and welcoming inside. Meeting several of the Sunken Sisters, the adventurers learn a great deal about not only the Demonmaw, but also many other matters. It is the opinion of Sister Carzana, the resident expert, that the Demonmaw is, in fact, a private extradimensional space that Oslé sends those who have betrayed her or broken her holy contracts.

Revealing their true identities, they have an illuminating conversation with High Abbess Gamalarna, the Abbey’s resident expert on krakens. Concerned about the spreading influence of “Thoon” on the sea creatures of the world, she struck a strange deal with The Nameless Company. In exchange for his whereabouts, the High Abbess offered to pay the adventurers handsomely for the remains of Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, that she might dissect and study them.

The bargain struck, their information gained, The Nameless Company teleported next to Belltower, in preparation for their quest to Maz Immura to rescue or recover Professor Kajetan.

Interlude - Into Darkness
The Expedition Begins

Game Date: Autumn 90-91, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Myto
Player Characters Present: Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan

All that remained for Vaca and her company of new companions before they began their Kazalhan excursion was to purchase supplies – accomplished at Moray’s Many Goods – and speak to Ogul, Centrum of House Amethyst, about potential employment in the search for Jëbebror. After speaking to the dwarven noble, Vaca and her companions were commissioned to seek out Jëbebror, on behalf of House Amethyst, and warned against consorting with House Onyx, their bitter rivals.

Departing Tunneltown in the company of Lusty Lanakhiz and Ûma of House Cinnabar, the newly-formed delver team headed northwest, into the twisting tunnels of the Underdark. Choosing to carry a torch on their first march attracted the unwanted attention of both a trapdoor spider and a cave fisher, both ambush predators to sought to ensnare the leading member and rearguard members of the company. A brief battle dispatched the trapdoor spider readily enough whereas the cave fisher’s filament was simply severed, allowing them to process unmolested.

Unfortunately for Ûma, their navigator, they effectively walked in one large circle their entire first day. Once set back upon the right course, the delvers made a hasty camp and Leviathan was unnerved by the sight of many sets of blinking eyes – grue, by Lanakhiz’s description – that watched silently as his companions caught a few hours of rest.

Episode 97 - Sleepless Dream
A Spiritual Journey Completed

Game Date: Autumn 93-94, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Crimson Atoll
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

Within the world of primal spirits, The Nameless Company heads next west, where they discover a great library, constructed of stone shelves and filled crumbling books. After several hours of fruitless searching in the library, searching for any text that won’t disintegrate upon contact, Zencaré accidentally summons the spirit of his infection – an archmage of rot, blasting the heroes with necrotic magic and bearing a striking resemblance to a certain eladrin wizard, if somewhat rotten and festering.


During the battle, Zencaré took to the skies, Zanna went leaping from shelf to shelf and Chogaruk pushed them each down, hoping to squash the flying lich. After a long and wearying combat, the avatar was defeated and Zencaré’s ailment immediately cleared up.

Heading eastward, they ran to confront Zanna’s demons and restore her power of speech. Seeing a small battalion of Blue Banner soldiers holding out against a horde of skeletal warriors, they rushed to the aid of the doomed infantry and, with much coordination and inspiration from Zanna, managed to defeat the rotten legion. As soon as the last, seemingly indestructible soldier fell, Zanna’s own affliction too cleared up and the heroes were cured.

Back at the Crimson Atoll, a great feast was thrown and Tureka, Chogaruk’s previous mate, found a quiet moment to propose to her lover. The shy goliath warrior consented, on the condition that the war with Arkhosia was won. Sending Captain Bixby on his way back to Yaor Bay with a substantial purse of gold, the adventurers returned to The Nightowl and began their brief quest to learn what information they could about the Demonmaw, the sea monster that swallowed The Bad Omen whole.

Episode 96 - A Path Untrod
A Spiritual Journey Undertaken

Game Date: Autumn 88 – Autumn 93, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Emerald Sea
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

After a brief interlude aboard The Nightowl, The Nameless Company teleported to the seedy pirate port of Yaor Bay, in search of a captain who could ferry them to the Crimson Atoll. Still infected with scale rot – or its various racial iterations thereof – they sought the healing arts of Ahtakkoon, goliath shaman, crazy person and the keeper of Chogaruk’s Paluu whitesight cure.

There were slim pickings to be had, amongst the various captains they sought, until they literally stumbled upon the huddled form of Captain Bixby, fallen from grace and living like a vagrant. He told them his sob story – a great sea monster, known only as the “”/wikis/demonmaw" class=“wiki-page-link”> Demonmaw" – rose from the sea to swallow his whaling vessel, The Bad Omen, whole. Convinced his crew is still alive, the adventurers swore to aid him in recovering his ship – once all their other errands were completed.

Piling aboard Bixby’s new craft – a tiny keelboat appropriately named The Good Omen – the remains of The Nameless Company headed for the Crimson Atoll. Upon arriving, they were reunited not only with Ahtakkoon but with Grandfather Raven also, currently lending his “aid” to the goliath shaman on hers and Grandmother Crow’s quest to cure scale rot.

When traditional methods failed her, Ahtakkoon proposed a more radical solution – to send the players down the path untrod, a spiritual journey that would take them inside themselves and force them to do battle with the mote of corruption that’s infected them. Consenting, however reluctantly, the adventurers took the shaman’s drugs and hallucinated themselves to a vast dreamscape, where an raging ocean, a pitched battle and a strange series of standing stones awaited them.

Choosing the ocean to tackle first, the heroes piled into a convenient dingy that sat, waiting for them, on the shore. No sooner had they rowed into the churn than they were set upon by a mizeekay’mukwa, a dragon turtle, the ancestral patron of the Ra’kee’zo’é people. This specimen, however, was horribly decomposed and rotten and clearly the cause of Chogaruk’s infection.

After a mighty battle, the horrific beast was felled and Chogaruk’s blindness was immediately cleared. All that remained for the adventurers to clear now were the battlefield and the strange standing stones.


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