Episode 87 - Dread, Part III: Valley of Bones
Through Territory Uncharted

Game Date: Autumn 74–75, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Dread Salarza
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

Now in the company of this unnamed wild woman, The Nameless Company plunged ever onward, though terrain more treacherous and lands uncharted by even the bravest explorers. Through thick and benighted jungle they journeyed, eventually coming into violent contact with a trio of shambling mounds, horrific parasitic vines that fed on the flesh and animated the corpses of their prey. Making quick work of these plant monsters, the adventurers laired for the evening in the destroyed remnants of a too-ambitious hunting cabin and there, they sought to learn something of their strange and mysterious guide.

In conversation with the woman, they learned that she was possibly an orphan of the Order of the Undiminished Star, the secretive brotherhood of Hromite monks that hunt down and exterminate those who have risen from the dead. In conversation with the woman, they learned that she was raised by dire lions, sabre-toothed hunting cats of enormous size, on the slopes of Mlimajimo, or “Fang-Mountain”, in Common. In conversation with the woman, they learned that she would take them there, but they must cross through the Valley of Bones, a behemoth graveyard that no orc tribe would willingly enter, for superstitious fear of the unhallowed place.


While crossing the barren and bizarre Valley of Bones, The Nameless Company was assailed by a predatory flight of skinwing behemoths, winged reptiles that prey on whatever they can lift n their sharp talons and drop back down to the earth. During the encounter, the party was briefly separated, both Thistle and Chogaruk made somewhat successful attempts to tame and ride the beasts and, in the end, the behemoths were driven off and defeated. The woman congratulated their fighting prowess and on they ventured.

On the other side of the valley, they saw the green slopes of Fang-Mountain, in fact a massive plateau, rise up before them. With great difficulty, the entire company managed to climb its hundred foot cliffs and reach the verdant paradise on the plateau’s surface – only to be confronted with the woman’s snarling family, a pride of hungry sabre-toothed cats.

Episode 86 - Dread, Part II: Pits of Pain
Tragedy on the Trail

Game Date: Autumn 71-74, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Pits of Zbiwa
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

Departing from the safety of their upside-down tree, The Nameless Company continued their trek across Dread Salarza, following the lead of Edric Yarder, their trusty half-orc guide. Along the way, Thistle regaled her companions with her tales of the Seelie Court and the revelation that Imald, in fact, gave birth to a daughter and smuggled her somewhere on Qairn. Resolving to seek out this ancient secret later, the adventurers pressed onward, eventually running afoul of some scytheclaw behemoths.


After tossing the entire hunting pack into the bubbling pits of hot tar all around them, The Nameless Company continued on its way. After encountering a lumbering ogre by the name of Cruak, the beneficent adventurers sent the poor confused creature on its way, with a bemused “Food is helpful” thanks from the war machine. Towards the end of the traveling day, however, it became increasingly clear to Edric that they’d strayed into orc territory.

Overhearing the passage of a vengeful warband from their campsite, they attempted, come the dawn, to tread with greater caution – until they stumbled straight into the armed encampment of the Wkoka tribe. Setting off the alarm, the adventurers went running into the jungle, hoping to lose any pursuers in their mad flight. When they regrouped, however, they discovered that Edric was not with them. Before they could mount a proper rescue, the horrified heroes heard the sound of the trailblazer’s capture by the orc search parties, his screams begging the heroes to run for their lives.

Zencaré cast phantom steeds in haste and The Nameless Company rose through the treetops, flying away north towards Quake Lake with all speed. On the way, they caught sight of the distant Ukuta, concluding somehow that the wall was constructed from what appeared to be bones, larger than mountains.

Another day’s journey brought them entirely off their own map and deeper into utterly uncharted territory. After a humorous encounter with a grove of havenseeds and a hungry ground sloth, The Nameless Company made the acquaintance of a wild woman, who spoke no language but Orcish, and who offered to become their new guide.

Episode 85 - Dread, Part I: Into the Wild
Beasts of the Northern Wild

Game Date: Autumn 69-70, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Dread Salarza
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Departing the fortified cabin of Fergus, The Nameless Company headed northwest, over the rocky terrain, towards their next landmark – the steaming tar pits of Zbiwa. The first creature they encountered, a treetop behemoth, they attempted to sneak past but accidentally alerted the territorial beast, resulting in a strange struggle with the stories-tall behemoth.


Eventually brought down, the treetop behemoth’s meat was prepared, despite the risks, and the adventurers pressed onward. As they continued through the rocky bluffs, they eventually ran afoul of an orcish patrol from the Ndege tribe, riding plumed behemoths. Working quickly, the adventurers brought all three down before any of them could report to their distant masters.

Much later, when crossing through a wetland river country, The Nameless Company met their greatest foe of the venture – a hunting thunderfoot behemoth. In an epic struggle on the riverbed, the heroes eventually defeated the creature – but before poor Zanna was swallowed and almost made a meal of.


After a harrowing attempt to locate a camp that night, The Nameless Company eventually found rest in the boughs of a great upside-down tree and awaited the dawn, their third since arriving on the continent.

Episode 84 - Trailblazer
The Expedition Begins

Game Date: Autumn 66-68, 339 F.I.
Staring Point: Overlook
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

In the common room of The Rusty Winch, The Nameless Company interviews three potential candidates for their trailblazer and eventually hired Edric Yarder, a half-orc nobleman who promises to take them as far as Quake Lake, more than halfway to the Ukuta’s rumored location. Loading up on supplies, the adventurers climb aboard the barge that’s departing for the dark continent and embark on their most dangerous errand yet.

Striding into the thick jungle, the stalwart hero find the elements, even a mere mile into their journey, utterly taxing. Vaca is particularly vexed, stepping both into a rusty behemoth trap and into a patch of quicksand. An earthquake rumbles their passage, tossing the Company about like ragdolls – and this speaks nothing for the beasts they encounter.


First, they stumble across the path of a pair of dire bear cubs and their gargantuan mother. After a brief battle with the ferocious beast, the adventurers manage to frighten the tremendous creature off, more worried about the safety of her cubs than possessed of any true desire to fight.

Next, they cross into the territory of a troop of savage baboons, who fight to the death to defend their home. Despite Zencaré’s attempts to entrance them with an illusory banana, the waves upon waves of green-faced baboons continue surging down from the trees, until the party’s will breaks and they go running from the creature’s territory, rather than continuing to battle the endless legions of the screeching things.

After becoming briefly turned about, Edric manages to guide the adventurers to the fortified cabin of Fergus. Taking refuge behind its secure walls, The Nameless Company trades tales with Edric, learns more of his history and weathers the investigation of an mysterious, presumed orcish figure, that comes investigating the cabin.

In the morning, headed straight northwest, The Nameless Company departs for their second day of overland travel.

Episode 83 - City of Cliffs
The Final Preparations

Game Date: Autumn 64-65, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Cassino
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

In the opulent city of Cassino, The Nameless Company uncovers a chirurgeon skilled enough to remove the aberrant tumor growing in Thistle’s brain. This done (and the thing stashed inside a jar with a decomposing orc brain), the adventurers teleport back to The Nightowl, with Drek, Vaca’s mentor, in tow. Once aboard, they discover the ship passing Greenapple, a town they once saved from destruction. After a brief rest, they teleport onward, to the frontier town of Overlook.

After a brief and bizarre encounter with the Prismatic Fellowship, the adventurers headed to The Rusty Winch, a popular tavern that dangles off the edge of Overlook’s northern side and is hotspot for trailblazers heading into Dread Salarza. Once there, they made the acquaintance of the bouncer and even rescued the owner’s daughter, Wyna, from a plummet to her death. Once inside, the bar’s owner, Fergus, offered them free room and board at his inn, plus all the advice he, as a former ranger and trailblazer himself, could offer.

On the trail of the Standard of Eternal Battle, The Nameless Company seeks out experts in the town of Overlook. Primarily, they consult a dwarven scholar of House Ivory. According to Dagoda, the Mad Legion may have taken the standard so deep into the continent that they would have crossed over the Ukuta, a massive and mysterious walls the orcs have constructed to keep something trapped in central Dread Salarza. Consulting with a crazy old vagrant who claims to have once been a member of the Legion, they learn a nonsensical riddle that they believe may help them cross the impassable Ukuta.

All that remains now is to hire a guide.

Episode 82 - The Unseen Hand
Unpredictable Allies

Game Date: Autumn 60-64, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Garden Bridge
Player Characters Present: Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Investigating the scene where the tiefling caravan was abducted from, The Nameless Company are joined quite unexpectedly by Thistle, appearing suddenly in a patch of shrubbery. Surprised and overjoyed to see their long lost companion, they quickly powwow about their various adventures, determine that the eladrin is still carrying the evidence of Thoon in her skull and resolve that, as soon as they’ve concluded this quest, they’ll seek a means to rid her of the ailment.

Tracking The Unseen Hand’s magical trace eastward, the adventurers cross many miles of Obaltan countryside, before arriving on the shore of Logo Oyestra, a great lake in eastern Obalta. Ambushed by a squad of Pariah freedom-fighters, however, they make the acquaintance of Boathook, a halfling radical with his one remaining eye fixed on the Unseen Hand. Together, they hatch a plan and resolve to cross the lake and attack the ship where it’s docked – not before they begrudgingly accept magical brand that will allow them to see the invisible ship.


Resolving to free the tiefling prisoners and tangle with the hellcats belowdecks, The Nameless Company snuck out to The Unseen Hand while the Pariah raiders stormed the deck and dispatched the main crew. Battling the invisible demons and the irritating efforts of a cloistered archer, the adventurers eventually won the day, freed the tieflings and claimed victory. Boathook and his remaining Pariahs took control of the Hand and agreed to ferry everyone back to Castle Heroic, where they could regroup with Drek.

Episode 81 - Many Happy Reunions
Zanna Returns!

Game Date: Autumn 57-60, 339 F.I.
Starting Location: Prerros
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Sailing away from the ruin of Prerros, The Nameless Company (sans a recently disappeared Grandmother Crow) received a sudden sending spell, beseeching them to come to Cassino with all haste and lend aid to a wounded Drek. Delaying only long enough to send Althoren Lunoré back to Belltower, the adventurers quickly summoned the linked portal necessary and travelled to the City of Carnivals, right in the center of quarantined Obalta.

After arriving in the central square, Vaca and Chogaruk set about hunting down their old ally Zanna, whom they suspected of issuing the message in the first place. Zencaré, meanwhile, wandered into the Dragon’s Hoard casino, became uproariously drunk and was thrown out of the premises on the basis of his lewd and abusive behavior. Fortunately, at that moment, Chogaruk and Vaca arrived, with Zanna, now leading the city’s official mercenary army, in tow and the warlord was able to properly diffuse the situation.

At Castle Heroic, the new base of operations for The Blue Banners, the players reunited with Drek, Vaca’s shifter mentor, only to discover him laid up in an infirmary bed. According to him, a gang of Three Seas customs officers arrested Maverick and the other tieflings who adopted him, on smuggling charges. His best guess as to their location was The Unseen Hand, a sinister myth about a ghost ship that sails up and down the rivers of Obalta, snatching citizens they feel are in violation of the blockade.

Setting out on phantom steeds to recover the captured tieflings, The Nameless Company went first to Garden Bridge, where the troupe was initially attacked. Upon arriving, however, they discovered a company of three foul trolls, sitting about the ruins of the campsite and eating halfling corpses. The battle with the trolls was prolonged and frustrating, thanks to their regenerative properties but, before long, they manage to put two of the beasts down and the third, unwilling to die for his supper, fled in terror.


Episode 80 - Kingdom of Rats
A Hidden Power Unearthed, Defeated and Awakened

Game Date: Autumn 56, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Prerros
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow

Descending into the subterranean bowls of the True City of rats, The Nameless Company, disguised as slave mice, scheme a means to lose their jy’hizaar entourage and search out the Fraudulent Dice of Palune. Through the use of Zencaré’s illusory powers and a few hasty disguises, they manage to ditch their tail and abscond into the various tunnels.

Attempting to follow the magical trace of the divine die, the adventurers end up turned around and, after defeating a pair of jy’hizaar guards, they discover themselves within a massive treasure vault. Briefly risking growing to normal size, Grandmother Crow shoves a bag of holding full of treasure – plus buttons, washers and knickknacks – making a neat ten thousand gold.

Continuing their search, they eventually locate the Fraudulent Die – currently in the possession of King Rat, his mate Queen Rat and their council of advisors. Launching into battle against the rodent king, more and more rats begin to pour out from every adjacent doorway, flooding the chamber before long with innumerable rat corpses. In the heart of the swarm, the adventurers struggle onward, eventually slaying both King and Queen after much bloodshed and toil. Intimidating the remainder of the horde to grant them a brief headstart, they go running through the tunnels, quickly filling with savage, mindless rats.

Leaping out from an culvert into the bay, The Nameless Company is amazed to discover the entire city overrun with rats. As they hustle back to the original chamber that shrank them, they watch citizens pulled to the ground, buildings crumpled and streets thick with a furious carpet of rats. Once returned to their normal size, the heroes hustle back to The Nightowl and shove off, the halfling crew agog.

No sooner have they returned, however, than they notice that Grandmother Crow has vanished.

Episode 79 - 116 Blackbrick Road
An Artifact Sought, An Ancient Power Discovered

Game Date: Autumn 50-56, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

En route from Belltower to Prerros, The Nameless Company fatefully decided the future of Japetho Windward, their cat-turned-halfling spy. While the majority of The Nightowl’s crew voted to maroon the addlebrained halfling on the “island’ of Figment, the party’s intervention voted to deposit him on Prerros, the nearest port of note. Somewhat disappointed by this verdict, ”/characters/free-captain-yenta-yolanda-yo-dugong-dawndive" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain Dawndive accepted the crew’s judgment all the same.

Along the way, Kardasha the Cruel discovered Althoren Lunoré, smuggled aboard the boat in a sac of flour. Giving her an earful, Zencaré resolved to allow her to stay on the boat at least until the Prerros matter was concluded, before he’d warp her back to Belltower.

Arriving in Prerros, the adventurers send Japetho on his way before seeking out evidence of the Fraudulent Die of Palune. According to their superlative information, the die could be located at 116 Blackbrick Road which, after some investigation, the heroes discovered to be one of the massive, ancient, doorless Monuments that dot the city’s skyline. Unsure how to proceed, the adventure searched around the block and eventually – within the ruin of a burnt building – discovered a strange underground chamber, covered with decorations and motifs of rats.

Defeating a squad of massive, heavily armored rats, The Nameless Company discovered a series of rituals that, when performed, transformed them into mice. With no other options in sight, the four adventurers-come-mice scurried into one of the chambers mouseholes, to see where it would lead. They didn’t go much farther, however, before they encountered another armored rat – a Jy’hizaar – now the comparative size of an elephant.

After a hasty battle between a troop of these rats, the adventurers managed to capture and interrogate one, learning that this city was once the domain of an ancient civilization of rats, worshipping a collectivist entity known as Malaakhriz – a creature connected in some way to King Rat. With the aid of the pressganged jy’hizaar, The Nameless Company gained access to the True City and marched down into darkness, amid the endless chanting of a million, million rats.

“Ma-laa-khirz! Ma-laa-khriz!”

Episode 78 - Althoren Lunoré and the Chapel of Undeath
Lunoré's Spookiest Adventure Yet!

Game Date: Autumn 41-50, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

Entertaining Althoren Lunoré aboard The Nightowl, The Nameless Company heard her theory – that Sage Vyhora, local campus chaplain, was a vampire. Her evidence – that the Sage was pale, never came out at night and was occasionally seen sneaking into the ruined gatehouse at ungodly hours – proved enough for the heroes to act, investigating this hunch of hers.

Inside the ruined gatehouse, the indulgent adventurers were indeed alarmed to discover a trio of vampires, imprisoned by holy symbols. According to their testimony, Vyhora forced them to drain her blood, becoming addicted to the sensation and transforming her into a vampire spawn. Uncertain how to proceed, The Nameless Company resolved to go confront the priestess and take her before the authorities. Soon as they arrived at the chapel, however, she was missing.

Rushing back once again to the ruined gatehouse, The Nameless Company confront Sage Vyhora and command her to stop what she’s doing. After a brief parlay, they manage to convince the woman to seek aid and promise to remove the affliction with a ritual. However, during the ritual’s casting, Grandmother Crow makes a vital error and Vyhora is instantly slain. With her dead, the shackles binding the vampires come unleashed and the monsters leap forward to attack!

Using wooden stakes specially prepared for this purpose, The Nameless Company makes short work of the vampires. Explaining everything to the campus remarkably well, they send Lunoré on her way and prepare to accompany Professor Kajetan to the ruins of Maz Immura. After two days of travel, they reach the ruins and begin their investigation.

In the lower levels of the ruin, they uncover a pair of strange doors, one green and one purple, whose astrological carvings seem to indicate different days of the year, days when Palune and Imald would each be full. Resolving to return to Belltower come the next indicated day – Autumn 80 – they depart, returning the mind-addled Kajetan to his studies.

While Chogaruk journeys to meet with the Ki’ki’ki’é and the Wo’im’wak’é, the remainder of The Nameless Company stays in town, spending time with their adopted children and scale rot patients, depending.


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