Episode 57 - Greengrass, Part III: Brushfire
A Mound Immolated, An Egg Rescued

Game Date: Durek 40 – Durek 44, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Raborox
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Departing from Raborox on the trail of Cindermaw, legendary bulette of the Glasgwair, The Nameless Company makes for Mound Anwen, the beast’s supposed lair. Their guide, Tawel, is fearful of approaching the Mound, possessing, as he and most elvenkind do, a preternatural fear of fire. According to their gazelle, rumors report a massive wildfire encircling the Mound in question.

After four days of traveling, the adventurers indeed confirm this rumor and indeed discover, much their surprise, Mound Anwen is an erupting volcano, with a massive ring of brushfire spreading out in all directions. As the party splits into two factions, Chogaruk elects and succeeds in his attempt to leap, daringly, over a gushing river of lava. The remainder of his companions elect instead one of the many bulette tunnels that lead toward the center of the volcano. They’re dismayed to discover, as they navigate these cramped tunnels, a gushing front of lava moving swiftly down the tunnel to meet them.


With all speed, the four adventurers hasten down the tunnel, attempting to reach the opposite end as fast as they can. With a few close calls, they manage to reach a safe alcove – only Thistle comes up short on her leap and plummets into a larger chamber below. In short order, the remainder of their companions, Chogaruk included, join Thistle in the massive chamber and discover it, of course, to be the lair of Cindermaw.

The beast surges forward to defend its lair and promptly swallows Thistle. Inside the bulette’s massive gullet, the warlock spies the golden egg, jostling about within the creature’s stomach. Once she’s vomited back out, battle is truly joined. Cindermaw proving an elusive and mobile foe, it’s Vaca who spots the frosty enchanted scimitar – Illdhrew – sprouting from its shell. Chogaruk, mounting the massive creature, wrested it from its control and tossed it to Vaca.


Zencaré, when swallowed, managed to wrest the egg from the bulette’s belly when it spewed him out. It’s Grandmother Crow’s attack that finally slays the beast, cooling its shell such to forever trap its corpse within a coating of cooled, solid rock. With the egg rescued, the adventurers rested within the bowl of the volcano and debated their remaining options.

While Zencaré was loathe to trust Tojezen and wished to discuss other options, the strength of numbers voted against him and a decision was made to summon the blue dragon from her post in Xanthara. Meanwhile, the egg writhes inside its cracked shell.

Episode 56 - Greengrass, Part II: City of Crystals
A City Besieged

Game Date: Durek 40, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Raborox
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Infiltrating the ruined city of Raborox, The Nameless Company hopes to canvas the various factions as to the location of the golden egg of Tojezen. On behalf of the 10 Tojezeni Legions and their leader, Legate Coris, they aim to infiltrate the Wings of the Dragon, the rebel forces massing in the mines below the city. In order to do this, they first seek out the Wartorn, a street gang operating in the ruined city, who trade goods and services to the embattled rebels.

Making contact with the Wartorn and their leader, Vim, an under-the-weather tiefling, The Nameless Company arrange an escort, via their secret passage, into the mines. Squeezing what information they can from the smugglers, they devise a cover story, to ingratiate themselves with the Wings of the Dragon: House Topaz arms dealers, representing Ûbolya’s interests, looking to exchange weapons for a fresh source of illuminite, Raborox’s most precious resource.

Upon reaching the mines, The Nameless Company navigates the twisting tunnels, going deeper and deeper in search of where these rebels might be found. After many hours of searching, they happen upon a sudden skirmish between two opposing forces of Legionnaires and rebels. Throwing in with the rebels, the adventurers work quickly to incapacitate Tojezen’s troops and prove their mettle to the rebels.


Escorted, once again, by blindfolds to the nearest rebel encampment, The Nameless Company makes the acquaintance of Sykara, the Defector, the leader of the city’s remaining rebel forces. With Thistle performing most of the talking, Sykara swallows the story hook, line and sinker, negotiating a price for these fictitious weapons and arranging a price for any information that might lead to the golden egg. According to Sykara, she’d, in fact, been offered a deal by an enterprising Belliwyr thief who asked a ludicrous price for a “sixth” egg of Tojezen’s. While she never took up the offer, one of the other rebels commanders, Kadd the Mad, may have.

After bluffing their way from the hideout, The Nameless Company sought to follow the clues toward the arranged meeting place between the thief and the rebel general. Grandmother Crow, kept as a hostage of good faith, joined them in short order, transforming into a crow and flapping her way down the tunnels.

Once again on the surface, the adventurers make their way to the appointed rendezvous and discover the building collapsed, the cellar abandoned and traces of Cindermaw, legendary bulette of the Glasgwair, abundant. Setting off for Mound Anwen, the beast’s supposed lair, The Nameless Company has come to only one grim conclusion: Cindermaw has the egg.

Episode 55 - Greengrass, Part I: Into the Reach
The Hunt Begins

Game Date: Durek 20 – 40, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Mound Arwyne (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Departing from Mound Arwyne, with Tawel as their gazelle, The Nameless Company strikes out for the Parhad Stones and the Scattered-Seeds goliath tribe. En route, they pass an oblivious Belo, who doesn’t seem to recognize the party. Unsure how to proceed, they allow her to pass on her way. Arriving at the Parhad Stones, the party fans out to find the goliath village.

Once they’ve made first contact, the adventurers are taken to meet Ojiaka, the Scattered-Seeds bereaved chieftain, whose son lies stricken by the Bad Heirloom. Offering both a cure and the use of his Blindfold of the Dragonfly, Chogaruk earns the loyalty and troops of the Scattered-Seeds goliath tribe.

After a great feast held in the heroes honor, they continue on their trek, eventually coming to Mound Aderyn, where they discover the handiwork of Belo enacted once again. The elves of the Cysegr clan are discovered slaughtered and arrayed around the Mound’s summit, with the phrase “Mother, I’m Here” scrawled in Elven across the ground. Paying their respects, The Nameless Company, too late to prevent Belo’s bloody deed, continue on their way, toward the Rhuban Gwinau.

After encountering a defeating a pack of hunting wargs in the wilderness, the adventurers eventually cross the Ribbon and encounter the 4th Legion of Tojezen, led by Legate Akicito. Holding council with the goliath warlord, they learn that the popular opinion among the Legions is that the golden egg came to Raborox, the Rebel City, and is secreted somewhere within its mines and tunnels, possibly in the possession of the rebel forces. Hatching a plan with the cooperative general, The Nameless Company heads toward Raborox.

Meeting with the leader of the occupation, Legate Coris, The Nameless Company plans to infiltrate the city by night, sneak into the lower mines and warrens and converse with the rebels, to learn what they can about the ultimate location of Tojezen’s golden egg.

Episode 54 - Vermin
A Companion Returned, A Companion Recruited

Date: Durek 19 – 20, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Mound Arwyne (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Sailing up the Loose Strand toward Mound Arwyne, The Nameless Company is alarmed to discover their old companion – Nakhiti Sati – as she teleports into their cockleshell boat. Enjoying a hasty reunion, Thistle explains how she arrived at Bluffguard a week too late and hustled after the other members of her company. Together, the four adventurers sail into the hillside town of Mound Arwyne.

As they search out The Wicker Wombat, the best place on the Mound to hire a gazelle – an elven grassland guide, The Nameless Company quite unexpectedly bumps into a crazed beggar who promptly calls Chogaruk “the Disembowler” and dissolves into a seemingly endless swarm of rats. Finding themselves bewildered and embattled, the ambushed adventurers are quickly aided by another bizarre beggar, herself capable of transforming into a swarm of swirling black crows.


Together, the companions manage to vanquish the crazed druid, before making the acquaintance of the other crazed druid. Introducing herself and her husband as Grandmother Crow and Grandfather Raven, respectively, she reveals that she’s been spying on the Company since they rejoined and wishes to accompany them, in case her nemesis – King Rat – should strike again. Seemingly immune to their many unanswered questions, Grandmother Crow gleefully joins The Nameless Company.

At The Wicker Wombat, the adventurers interview and debate the merits of three different gazelles. Torn between Ifanc, a young drunkard, and Tawel, a suspiciously competent ranger, they eventually hire Tawel, but agree to help the poor girl Ifanc escape some local trouble. Setting up camp outside the city limits, they shirk those seeking Ifanc’s head and debate their eventual destination, hoping tomorrow to strike out into the Glasgwair.

Episode 53 - Pledge of Allegiance
A Fortress Recaptured, A Fond Farewell

Game Date: Durek 9 – 19, 338 F.I.
Starting Location: Bluffguard
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna


At Bluffguard’s highest point, The Nameless Company squares off against Prygor, Field General of Prygor’s Hand and his squad of loyal soldiers. While, at first, it seems the adventurers have the upper hand, when a wave of re-enforcements arrives from below, the battle begins to turn away with our heroes. As they fight, Zanna and Prygor exchange caustic insults and, before the day is won, both Zanna and Zencaré are beaten to the ground. In the end, however, it’s poetically Zanna’s javelin that sends the dragonborn mercenary captain tumbling over the parapet to his death below.

After a tense negotiation with the remaining members of Prygor’s Hand, Zanna finds herself in command of a fresh squad of twenty-five recruits for The Blue Banners and Bluffguard is successfully retaken. The Nameless Company sets about looting the tower, freeing the prisoners and interrogating one of the captives – a Xato Marun spy, sent to eavesdrop on the doings of the party. Once the Baron Zuss arrives to congratulate them, a tremendous banquet is thrown, the company celebrating their last night with their diminutive leader.

The following morning, after pestering the musty old raven that seems to dog their steps, three members of The Nameless Company depart, heading northwestward, toward Mound Arwyne and the Glasgwair. Zsuzanna, meanwhile, elects to stay behind and hold the keep of Bluffguard in the name of the adventuring company and the Haggard Host. Bidding their gnomish warlord farewell, Zencaré, Vaca and Chogaruk take their leave and begin the trek northward.

Passing the Saltmarsh and Fort Briartwine, their raven still behind them, The Nameless Company crosses into the Dekimura Dunes and makes contact with a goliath tribe – the Cloudless-Days. After explaining his intention to their leader – to unite all the goliaths of Qairn against the Arkhosian Kingdom – Chogaruk is put the local trial. Tasked with running across a narrow slad of basalt without burning his feet. Unfortunately failing in the attempt, the Cloudless-Days invite the heroes to stay the night and consent to another visit, when Chogaruk’s brought more soldiers with him.

This done, The Nameless Company crosses what remains of the dunes, fords the Blue Ribbon and passes, once again, into the green expanse of the Glasgwair.

Episode 52 - Lord of Bluffguard
A Curse Thwarted, An Infiltration Gone Awry

Game Date: Durek 9, 339 F.I.
Starting Location: Bluffguard
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna


Rushing into battle against the dread wraiths of Drag Lokyo’s honor guard, The Nameless Company makes short work of the fell spirits. Their master, the first Lord of Bluffguard, however, will not be so easily turned aside. Rising from his tomb as a bodak, most fearsome of corporeal undead, he nearly slays Vaca with his death gaze before Zencaré’s illusions can banish the spirit back into its tomb.

Continuing on through a secret door, the adventurers discover themselves at the lowest level of Bluffguard’s granary. Distracting the guard with an exceptionally impossible lie from Chogaruk, they manage to incapacitate the hapless elf and learn what they can of the fortress’ defenses. While a plan is hatched, Zencaré dons the sentry’s armor and stands his vigil, before the idea to light the granary on fire is decided upon.

This done, it’s a mad scramble around the side of the keep and into the mess hall’s main doors. There, they encounter a squad of off-duty, slightly tipsy soldiers and make quick and furious battle. Many are defeated before Zencaré pacifies them with words of encouragement, telling them to throw down their weapons and join their fight against the oppressor Prygor. When one mercenary escapes to warn the general, the adventuers plow up the stairs in swift pursuit.

Apart from one massive feathering from a squad of entrenched crossbowmen, the heroes reach the top of the tower with speed and efficiency, trailing a number of pursuers, and confront Prygor. With a two hundred foot drop to either side of the chasm, the adventurers exchange a few frantic threats with the new Lord of Bluffguard before his men charge them.

Once again, the Nameless Company readies their weapons and prepares for battle!

Episode 51 - An Urgent Summons
A Company Reunited, A Fortress Besieged

Game Date: Zahal 11 – Durek 9, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Harbor Abbey, Maz Qyne, Myto, Bulmer’s Folly
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

To four corners of the globe is an urgent sending spell sent. Its recipients – an eladrin wizard deep in research on time travel phenomena, a goliath savage leading an attack against a platoon of warforged captors, a shifter soldier and his dwarven paramour investigating a murder and a gnomish general commanding troops against hill giants – all choose to answer the summons.

In Twin Ridge, a month later, The Nameless Company reconvenes at City Hall, where they trade stories and well-wishes. Zencaré, we learn, has been visiting the world’s libraries to learn what he can. Chogaruk, we learn, has travelled back to Palune to seek a cure for his Bad Heirloom. Vaca, we learn, has founded an orphanage on the outskirts of Belltower and is courting Inspector Culas. Zanna, we learn, has founded a mercenary company and ousted the hill giants from Bulmer’s Folly.

The man who summoned them together, the jovial Baron Zuss, has dire news, however. Bluffguard, their gifted fortress, has been taken. The remnants of Prygor’s Hand, a mercenary army thought destroyed last year and the dreaded rival of the Haggard Host, have seized the fortress via subterfuge and continue to pace its walls, wearing the orange cloaks of the Haggard Host garrison. Baron Zuss hasn’t the soldiers to oust these pretenders and begs the true Lords of Bluffguard to reclaim their captured fortress.

Hatching a plan to infiltrate Bluffguard via a supposedly cursed secret passage, The Nameless Company decamps quickly down the Saltwater Canyon, pestered the entire way by a dodgy black raven. Arriving at the foot of the castle, the adventurers debate the merits of defiling the tomb of Drag Lokyo to gain entrance to their fortress. They appeal to the spirit of fallen Arkhosian castellan, but to no avail – entering the tomb bestows upon them a dire and dreadful curse of shame.

As they wind their way up the cliffside passage, Chogaruk and Zanna suddenly disappear from their marching order and appear in the clutches of a vile cavern choker. Once the creature’s discovered, it’s quick work to dispatch the monster and a small cache of treasure is summarily found, tucked away inside the choker’s burrow.

As The Nameless Company continues on up the passage, they eventually come into the main chamber of Drag Lokyo’s tomb, a room studded with three sarcophagi, depicting dragonborn warriors, and centered by a large pit, fringed with glowing yellow light. Upon arriving within the chamber, each one of the three sarcophagi grind slowly outward from the wall, triggering the bottom floor of the pit to slowly rise as well. From within these sarcophagi emerge dreadful wraiths, shrieking in vengeance.

The Nameless Company readies their weapons and prepares for battle!

Interlude - The Year Passes
A Company Separates, A New Year Dawns

Winter arrives, passes and departs. The year of 338, a year of much event and adventure in the recent history of Qairn, officially draws to a close with the celebration of Earthentide, a traditionally dwarven holiday celebrating solitude, meditation and tranquility. All across the world, families lock their doors, businesses remain shuttered and the citizens of Qairn enjoy a day devoid of care or concern as, from the reclusive island compound of Harbor Abbey, the scholars of House Garnet, at midnight on Earthentide Day, declare the “339th Year Since the Fall of Imald” begun.

In the small city of Belltower, the smoke from Calexzar’s Brineday attack is a hundred days cleared, but the wounds are hardly full-healed. Dockside District remains much burnt, but the industrious townsfolk are hard at work repairing and rebuilding their homes. The city’s fleet of merchant ships were also grievously depleted, not to mention its beloved namesake; Belltower Collegium. During the dragon’s brief but vicious attack on the university, a full third of the faculty were slain or wounded, including Headmaster Risztian. The collegium temporarily lacking sufficient majority to elect a new Headmaster, Professor Kajetan, the most experienced faculty member, was named Acting Headmaster in his stead.

The famous Nameless Company, who so bravely defended the city of Belltower against the draconic aggressor, are also nowhere to be found on its streets, with one exception. Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, current Alpha of the Silverback Coven, oversees construction on a new orphanage on the city’s outskirts, in partnership with both House Jasper and the Church of Hroma, hoping to provide the displaced and infected shifter cubs in his protection a new home.

Meanwhile, Althoren Zencaré, free from Palune’s curse, departs the city with his daughter Lunoré in tow – off to visit the great libraries of the world, to better educate them both. Chogaruk hatches a plan to return to the Purple Moon, a squad of Ra’kee’zo’é goliaths in tow, to see about a potential cure for his whitesight on the testimony of Yinzel. Thistle promptly vanishes again, presumably off to pursue those mysterious studies she engages in, another step on the lifelong trek to reclaiming her throne. Zanna, meanwhile, ventures off to the sleepy island of Nirme, where the Haggard Host languishes in exile, with visions of founding her own mercenary company dancing in her mind.

Elsewhere, in the greater world, forces continue to move in opposition to the great work of the heroes. In Irmina, the Raborox Rebellion is concluded, the city sacked and the remnants of its fighting forces scattered, though a sizable bounty remains on the head of the rebellious Baron Gwanc. In Cantilever, House Topaz officially swears loyalty to the Arkhosian Crown, Craftmistress Ûbolya pledging the support of the city’s warforged levies to the unfurling banner of Metarkh Ptolomos Phyrenos. In Colcambria, King Mycrete VI, in one fell swoop, officially legalizes the capture, detaining and employment of goliath slaves for the first time in three hundred years, sending a shockwave of outrage through the goliath communities of the Scarlet Sea.

It is into this shifting climate, with a reinvigoration Arkhosian Kingdom, a weakened Tojezen and a scattered Nameless Company that the new year comes. As the spring of 339 F.I. passes and the festival of Windmoot approaches, an urgent summons – a threat to their overlooked stronghold of Bluffguard – may prove exactly the catalyst required to reunite the disparate band of adventurers.

One question remains: will they answer the call?

Episode 50 - One Big Misunderstanding
A Wild Dragon Appears!

Game Date: Brineday, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present:Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

While patronizing Belltower’s Brineday festivities, The Nameless Company finds themselves unexpectedly assailed by none other than Calexzar the Vitriolic, Firebrand, the Unquenchable Flame – Qairn’s oldest living red dragon, father of both Arkhosia and Tojezen’s broods and largely regarded as the most fearsome creature currently living. After making an unknown utterance in Draconic, the dragon attacks the adventurers, seemingly unprovoked, and the heroes leap to the town’s defense.

No sooner has the battle begun than the previously hooded and cloaked figure whipped off her disguise, revealing none other than Thistle, to join the fray. During the fight, the mighty dragon ranges across all of Belltower’s Dockside District, smashing and demolishing buildings left and right and the shellshocked adventurers struggle to keep pace with the incensed Calexzar. It’s eventually Thistle’s crossbow bolts that drive the creature off – that is, until it spots an Arkhosian brig in the harbor with the unfortunate name The Golden Egg.


Giving chase, The Nameless Company navigates the treacherous harbor, filled with burning and destroyed ships and arrives at The Golden Egg to continue their battle against Calexzar. This stage of the battle passes substantially quicker, the adventurers making a concerted effort to drive the creature off. Through the concerted efforts of illusion magic, flanking attacks, crossbow bolts from hiding and a ploy by Vaca to burn the ship’s eponymous figurehead. Before long, a blast of Zencaré’s illusion magic plunges the dragon into the ocean, with a burst of steam and water.

Wasting no time, the adventurers row back to Belltower and quickly aid the frantic firefighting efforts of the town, first ensuring that the flames don’t spread beyond Dockside District before quickly rushing to the aid of the Dockside Fire Brigade. No sooner have they completed this task, however, than Calexzar has resurfaced and flaps towards his next target: Belltower Collegium!


Rushing to the college’s defense, The Nameless Company hustles up the eponymous bell tower and, with a bolt from Thistle, catches the dragon’s attention. Calexzar slams his massive body into the side of the tower, nearly toppling the structure, but pays dearly for such a maneuver. More illusory magic draws the dragon further in, practically wedging him within the structure; Chogaruk leaps onto the dragon’s neck, dealing a critical blow in the process and, when Calxezar attempts to pull away, Vaca’s khopesh opens his jaw.

Brutally wounded, the dragon twists, tossing Choagruk off its back and flaps away, disoriented, in retreat. A quick feather fall from Zencaré saves Chogaruk inches before he splats onto the ground. With the college defended, the dragon driven off and the fire extinguished, all The Nameless Company need endure now is a mere chastisement from an uncomprehending Kajetan of House Jasper, which, after some smooth-talking, results in honorary teaching degrees for each member of The Nameless Company.

Episode 49 - Alpha and Omega
A Family Reunited, A Rival Defeated

Game Date: Autumn 94-98, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Greater Koboldia
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

With Gnish Humanfriend rescued, the bitterbark recovered from him and the kobold merchant sent scuttling along his way with apprentice in tow, The Nameless Company proceeds to reunite with Jara, the wereboar shifter cub they’d rescued from Vix’s vile clutches, only to discover her missing and a blood trail in her place. Swearing revenge on the despicable razorclaw, the adventurers hasten to Belltower, to administer the cure to Professor Kajetan, before they deal with the Vix situation.

While awaiting the dwarven professor’s recovery, Zencaré spotted a mysterious stranger, hooded and cloaked, on the Collegium campus, who appeared to be following and spying on the Company. Giving chase into an academic building, their culprit eluded them, seemingly with the aid of teleportation magic. Once Professor Kajetan has fully recovered, the heroes regale him with tales of the wonders of Palune and promise to send Yinsel, the eccentric dusk gnome, to see him straightaway.

Before trekking off to deal with the Silverback Coven, however, Vaca finds himself in something of a pickle when his family is discovered alive, well and disappointed with his seeming inability to write. Thinking them long dead, Vaca’s initially suspicious of their sudden reappearance but, with the aid of calmer heads, quickly made to realize that the party’s adventures with time travel changed the sequence of events to prevent his parent’s deaths. Overjoyed and somewhat humbled by the reunion, he promises to keep them more abreast of future events.

This concluded, The Nameless Company tromps off into the Ironshod Hills. With some time wasted sniffing around the forest, the emptied shifter den is eventually located and, what’s more, Jara’s blood trail, leading high up to the point of Challenge Peak. Ascending Silverback Hill, Vaca and his companions confront Vix on the hill’s highest point, a promontory overlooking a hundred foot drop. Once there, the longtooth prompts challenges the razorclaw to a battle for control of the coven.


What began as a duel quickly, on account largely of Chogaruk’s uncured moon frenzy, quickly dissolved into a knockdown, drag-out brawl; Vaca and Vix squaring off high on the promontory, while the remainder of the company battled Vix’s loyal wereapes in the cave proper. During the battle, an enraged Chogaruk slew all three of the wereapes, Zanna and Zencaré worked together to convert the mob of shifter cubs to their side and Vaca was pitched dramatically over the side, only to climb straight up the cliffside, absolutely refusing to perish.

With the shifter cubs drawn into the fray, it was they who pulled Vix to the ground and slew her. The Company barely had time to notice that, upon death, her body transformed from that of a werepanther into a slim female eladrin, before Vaca picked up her corpse and hurled it over the cliff. Assuming the role of the coven’s Alpha, Vaca proceeded to bury the bodies of the few slain shifter cubs and debated what to do with this sudden surplus of orphans as the heroes’ final obligation to the city of Belltower was thusly concluded.


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