Episode 24 - City of Canals
Arrival in Mhetro

Game Date: Zahal 86-92, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Azure Sea (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Arriving in Mhetro, City of Canals, the Nameless Company disembarks The Distressed Damsel to seek about several errands in the bustling port; contacting Kajetan, investigating reports of the Haggard Host’s presence in Irmina, checking Zanna’s bounty and, most recently, seeking a cure for a strange affliction that seems to have stricken Chogaruk quite out of the blue; a white blindness, severely limiting his vision.

Upon reaching the House Japser Stead, the adventurers engage in a lengthy conference with Professor Kajetan, during which much is discussed – the gears, their upcoming paycheck, Iomeraz, Xyar, Vencel and their latest assignment. After discovering themselves quite unable to describe to Kajetan the cosmic horror of his brother’s transformation, the doddering old professor relates to his charges the discovery of an island that some ancient accounts claim “can sprout a pillar to the moon.” With this new destination added to their long list of goals, our heroes split up to tackle their other errands.

Cutter ventures to the Plaza of Justice to investigate reports of the Host’s activities in Irmina, as well as check Zanna’s current bounty posting. Vaca and Chogaruk shop about the various temples of Mhetro, seeking a cure for the goliath’s strange sickness. Zanna inquired at the House Jasper stead about the vast collection of rare clay coins recovered from Halfhull’s Tomb. Zencaré, meanwhile, journeyed to the city’s library, to study the rituals there collected.

Their individual quests were met with varied success. Cutter discovered Zanna’s bounty leapt up into the rarified range of 15,000 gd and that the Host was less than ten days away, encamped around the city of Xanthara. Visiting the temples of both Gad and Hroma, both gods powers proved fruitless against this affliction, leading the heroes to suspect he may have contracted a strain of scale rot. Zanna was fortunate enough to locate a currency buff in the Jasper Stead and made a solid 1,500 gd in the sale of the artifacts. Zencaré, after a brief misunderstanding with the guards, became a member of the Library and spent many successful hours studying rituals.

When they reconvened, the heroes decided their next best course of action was to pursue an outside odd – the Snowhorn minotaur tribe, several hundred miles north, and their primal methods for restoring sight to the blind. Little, however, is said on the matter of their affiliation of Gruumsh, the orcish god of slaughter and conquest.

With a new destination in mind, the heroes depart Mhetro and sail away northward, hopefully to the restoration of Chogaruk’s sight.

Episode 23 - An Unwelcome Stowaway
Zencaré Returns

Game Date: Zahal 75–85, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Crimson Atoll
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Departing the Ra’kee’zo’é tribe of the Crimson Atoll, our heroes journey northwards, towards Thumbnail and the eventual resurrection of their fallen ally. Along they way, the Damsel passes from Scarlet to Azure, they encounter another Three Seas vessel on Quarantine Duty around Obalta and, much to the surprise of the Nameless Company, Lunoré suddenly revives, though she seems to possess no memories of her former life.

Arriving at Thumbnail, the Nameless Company and a platoon of halflings make short work of the locations indicated on the treasure map, upturning a vast collection of antiquated clay coins, as well as a massive wooden throne, depicting three beautiful women with rubies for lips. Before they can decide what, precisely, to do with the throne, they make the acquaintance of the legendary Captain Valento “The Vandal” Halfhull or, more precisely, his ghost. It seems that, while burying his most prized possession, the Throne of Three Maidens, his crew betrayed him and stabbed him in the back. What’s left of his skull is just inches from the throne and he begs the adventurers to resurrect his body, after 800 years of waiting.

While the Nameless Company is loathe to comply, they instead offer to put the Vandal’s bones to rest at sea, a fate he seems to prefer over the old torment of his ghostly form. He relinquishes the password and, after placing their friends remains on the wooden throne and speaking the correct phrase (“Rum”), Zencaré is suddenly returned to life! The heroes reminisce at length, the Company regaling Zencaré of their exploits since his fall, Zencaré relaying, in brief, his experiences in Nifol and the Feast of Fools. This done, the adventurers return to the ship to lay the Vandal’s bones to rest and Zencaré reunites with his amnesiatic daughter.

That night, as they depart Thumbnail to pursue a quest of Cutter’s for Tigershead, they’re assailed by the Vandal and his ghostly crew, who seem determined to wrest control of the Damsel for their own piratical purposes. After a prolonged battle against the halflings, their tridents and spectral nets, the Company emerges victorious, thanks largely in part to Vaca’s dogged attacks against the Captain and her radiant Dragonshield.


The ghosts vanquished, the liberated Damsel sets sail for Mhetro, the nearest Irminan city large enough to boast a House Jasper Stead, to check in with their parton, Professor Kajetan of House Jasper.

Episode 22 - Thy Will Be Done
An Easterly Wind Blows

Game Date: Zahal 67 – 74, 338 F.I.
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

After recuperating in Arkhon Ptolomos’ office, The Nameless Company discovers, in addition to smattering of gold, a number of interesting documents on the Arkhon’s desk; his political manifesto, a list of the five Arkhons of the five capitals, two of them with checks and one of them crossed out, and an unfinished letter, seemingly to one of the Arkhon, asking for support.

Pocketing these documents for later study, our heroes creep down into the lower levels of the colosseum, where they, after dispatching the guards, discover a wide menagerie of wild beasts, including an owlbear, an umber hulk and troll named Spum, before discovering, beneath a crumbling tombstone, the remains of Osley Riverrock. Having defeated Intorg the Invincible, a massive Feywarped giant in the arena, his bones were interred below, still clutching his famous artifact – the Blade of Infinite Shapes. Inside the adjacent grave of Intorg, however, our heroes discovered a massive store of weapons – swords, spears, even those same black-wrought iron dragon heads they’d discovered below Cantilever – all, of course, bearing the maker’s mark of House Topaz.

E22 a

Sabotaging this arms stockpile as well, our heroes race to free Ahtakkoon from her imprisonment, defeating her five dragonborn captors on the sands of the arena. The old goliath woman free, her babbling about the heroes being servants of Ejpeweg, the Company makes a swift exit from Phyren, hurrying to put the backwards town behind them before their retreat is further contested. As they leave, Vaca and Zanna think they catch a fleeting glimpse of the psuedodragon’s shadow pass over the ground, suggesting they’re being watched.

Back aboard the Damsel, the Nameless Company cuts canvas for the Crimson Atoll, humble circle of islands and the ancestral homeland of the Ra’kee’zo’é goliath tribe. Upon arrival, the adventurers are greeted to a massive feast in their celebration, in which there is much eating, drinking and being merry. The Colored-Coral goliaths are convinced, seemingly, that, no only is Chogaruk this Wihindewuku (Breaker-of-Chains), but that the party are agents of Ejpeweg, the mischievous spirit of the Easterly Wind. In honor of their achievements, they’re gifted a powerful boon from the primal spirit of Ejpeweg, granting them the ability to temporarily fly.

After much profuse thanks from the goliaths, our heroes depart with the morn, making for Thumbnail and the hopeful resurrection of their fallen ally, Zencaré.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 67, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
We’re finally gonna go get Zen back, isn’t that great? We stopped in Phyren to finish up that goliath thing, and it turned out worse than we’d expected… They were keeping lots of slaves and being really mean to them! I’m not sure what to think about all this philosophy stuff. The Tyr Arkhyos is written really well, and I’m sure I know what Uncle Luca would say, but what about goliaths like Chogaruk? I’ll have to think about it. Anyway, getting Zen back is the important thing! Oh, and also we met Palune + he’s a CREEP!

Episode 21 - Thy Kingdom Come
Adversaries Unveiled

Game Date: Zahal 61–67, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Scarlet Sea (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

According to The Nameless Company’s recently-acquired map, the long-lost buried treasure of Captain Valento “The Vandal” Halfhull is hidden on the small island of Thumbnail, located a handful of miles off the coast of the easternmost Arm of the Athach, in southern Irmina. Resolving to plot a course from Phyren, to conclude Zencaré’s business with Xolt, then Thumbnail, to hopefully resurrect their fallen companion, and finally, Belltower, to return Kajetan’s gear.

As they approach Phyren, however, two unusual phenomena manifest themselves; firstly, Vaca’s coveted Dragonshield of Radiance, begins to subtly vibrate the closer and closer they draw to Phyren. Secondly, Lunoré, Zencaré’s daughter, phases through the hull of the ship and begins striding across the waves towards Phyren. The heroes make haste after her, thanks largely to Vaca’s exemplary rowing skills, all their attempts to apprehend her thwarted by her strange phasing powers. They follow the errant Althoren through the town of Phyren and into a burnt-out abandoned theatre, where they find themselves in audience with the Vindictive Fool himself.

Palune, speaking through Lunoré, explains that Zencaré is currently in his clutches, having been whisked out of Nifol by his intervention. This, however, runs contrary to his plans, as Palune explains, to thwart the sunset ship before it achieves its goal. Without Zencaré to act on his behalf, Palune commands the adventurers to resurrect him at their earliest opportunity. Chafing under his orders, the heroes manage to force Moonmask to admit that the Oferet and her crew originate on the moon Palune, a fact that, according to him, could spell disaster should this be made public knowledge. Reluctant to accept, the heroes tentatively agree, more than certain that this trickster god is not to be trusted.

After an uncomfortable sojourn in an unfriendly tavern, the Nameless Company stumbles upon a goliath chain-gang, being whipped and abused by their dragonborn taskmasters. Intervening to help the goliaths, the heroes make short work of the trident-wielding racists, Chogaruk tapping into the primal spirit of the rage drake to calm and eventually send off the Arkhosian’s guard beast.

With profuse thanks from the freed goliaths, members of the Ra’kee’zo’é tribe, the heroes shortly thereafter embark on another quest, to rescue the Colored-Coral’s captive shaman, held in thrall in the center of Phyren’s famous colosseum. Hatching a plan to offer Chogaruk as recompense for the loss of Xolt’s gift to Arkhon Ptolomos, ruler of Phyren, the heroes discover him, not only a tiefling, but also accompanied by a familiar pseudodragon, the pet familiar of the late Captain Basiliskhos. A brief parlay between Cutter and Ptolomos ensues, followed by a fierce and prolonged battle.


The melee rages inside the cramped dragon’s head balcony, the heroes systematically destroying the Arkhon’s dragonborn flunkies, but unable to best his personal guard, Aiqor – a dragonborn warrior encased entirely in sealed full plate. During the battle, every member of the Nameless Company, save Cutter, nearly met defeat at one point, only to be rescued by their valiant allies. Arkhon Ptolomos and the pseudodragon both escaped, as did Aiqor, but not before the heroes managed to crack his armor and reveal the horrifying scar tissue within, which Zanna correctly identifies as advanced scale rot.

Barricading themselves in the Arkhon’s office to recuperate, the heroes plan their next move – how to free the captaive Ahtakkoon from her prison below and how to solve the mystery of Vaca’s strangely vibrating shield.

Episode 20 - Mastmeet
The Strange Mists Return

Game Date: Zahal 51-61, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Scarlet Sea (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Back aboard The Distressed Damsel, The Nameless Company shares the unhappy tiding of Zencaré’s death to a saddened crew and resolve to, with massive silver gear in tow, return to Belltower and make of it a gift for Professor Kajetan. After sailing several days north, they’re informed of two unfortunate facts – the Damsel is dreadfully low on fresh water and has to acquire some more before they can continue and they’ve, along with the sunset ship, emerged on the opposite side of Colcambria.

They sail northward for several more days, allowing the sunset ship to keep a comfortable distance, before they, on a particularly misty Zahal 61, encounter a mastmeet in progress. An antiquated halfling custom, a mastmeet is a rare occurrence when at least three but as many as ten halfling ships encounter each other at sea simultaneously. By custom, they all must stop what they’re doing to throw together an impromptu bazaar between their ships with various netting. The mastmeet the Nameless Company encounters contains no less than five ships, not including the Damsel herself. The adventurers agree to partake, seeing a perfect opportunity to both find some fresh water, as well as perhaps do some light shopping.

It doesn’t take the heroes long to discover that, judging by the ships, attire and behavior of the halfling merchants, that the mist is no mere coincidence and has, in fact, transported them once again back in time. By their calculations, the adventurers estimate they’re approximately 400 years in the past, sometime around 600 A.E.. This time, however, they share this information with an astonished Captain Yolanda, who agrees to keep quiet around her superstitious crew.


The Company splits up to best enjoy all the mastmeet has to offer. Chogaruk inspects each stall, eventually purchasing some wrestler’s gloves from a hard-nosed halfling barterer. Cutter becomes embroiled in a plot revolving a stolen treasure map, its shady seller and an irate halfling pirate captain. After a handful of unsuccessful negotiations, Vaca enlists Cutter’s help in acquiring a pari of acrobatic boots. Zanna, with a little help from both Cutter and the Dugong, orchestrates the founding of Three Seas Shipping in exchange for another golden gear.

Their business concluded, the heroes depart with the tolling of each ship’s bell. As the mastmeet pulls apart, the mist blows away, sweeping all five ships and nearly four hundred years with it.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 61, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
I haven’t written in a while, because…well. I haven’t quite known what to say. Zen died. We were fighting some Topaz guys on one of their flying ships and the Oferet came in and shot it down and… maybe if I’d just been a little faster I could have gotten to him before we fell, but I wasn’t. Papa never really taught me how to deal with the death of your fighters. He wrote letters to their families when they had them, but Zen’s daughter is with us anyway. We are gonna try to bring him back, for her sake. We had another weird time-travel adventure and got a map that will hopefully get us an artifact to bring him back. I’ll let you know how it goes.
P.S. – We have the gear now for Kajetan. I guess we should bring it back, but Zen first!"

Episode 19 - Ships of Sea and Sky
The Company Named, A Member Lost

Game Date: Zahal 51, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Iomeraz
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

With the remainder of Vencel’s chambers to explored, the Nameless Company enter his locked library and make the acquaintance of a captive vrock, a demon of the Abyss, bound by one of Vencel’s arcane rituals. After a tense parlay, they convince the demon to share its name, Dzerrothtius, in exchange for its freedom, under the agreement that the creature would only be summoned again to serve in their machinations against Vencel. The adjacent chamber occupied with little more than untouched furnishings, as well as jars upon jars, all filled with yetai brains, our heroes resolve to slay the frozen First Giant, named Xyar by Vencel’s scribblings, out of mercy and proceed to explore the remaning installation.

With angry yetai closing in from the further snowy reaches, our heroes force entry to the shipyard, making the acquaintance of a captive halfling shipwright, by the name of Yefaldo. Binding the small host of dwarven workmen in a corner, they make alliances with the halfling and prepare to exonerate him from House Topaz’ bondage when another skyship, this one bristling with winch crossbows, flamebreathers and dwarves to wield them, appears to harry the Company.


An epic and drawn-out battle ensues. Through a combination of ropes, teleportation and winched weapons, our heroes eventually manage to clamber onto the deck of the flying ship. There, battle is hastily joined by the intrepid adventurers; Vaca spends the majority of the conflict covered in fire, Chogaruk makes a mad dash for the ship’s helmsman that nearly claimed his life, Cutter balances atop flamebreather and railing alike for the best combat position and Zanna strikes so fierce a blow as to enhearten her companions to greater and greater victory.

The Company’s valor, however, is soon interrupted by the arrival of the sunset ship, firing its enchanted ballistae. After two thunderous shots, the skyship’s gear comes loose and the craft the heroes and their dwarven adversaries stand upon is plummet swiftly to the ground. Assembling themselves from the wreckage, our heroes discover, with horror and sorrow, that one of their number, Zencaré, was killed instantly in the crash.


With a retrieval party of dusk elves approaching via dinghy, the heroes make a hasty alliance with the surviving dwarves, preparing to defend the gear against the Oferet’s raiders. A short skirmish follows, in which the heroes, aided by the dwarves, decimate the incoming dusk elves, leaving only the pair of dusk gnomes to escape. After agreeing to part ways amicably with the House Topaz guards, the heroes collect the gear and Zencaré’s fallen body before travelling westward, in search of the Damsel at anchorage.

Episode 18 - The Last Giant
A Prisoner at the Edge of the World

Campaign Date: Zahal 51, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Iomeraz
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Awaking with the dawn, our heroes and their company of dwarven escorts continue their venture southward, toward the supposed hidden base of operations of Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz. Crafting crude yetai fur cloaks for themselves before departing, the heroes travel for approximately an hour, before coming into sight of not only a line of hundred-foot cliffs and the huddle of wooden outbuildings atop it but, more impressively, the form of a one hundred foot First Giant, a member of the ruling race of the Nameless Empire, chained to the cliffside by heavy iron manacles and seemingly flash-frozen in an immense block of ice.

After bluffing their way past the dwarven guards via the use of Vaca’s library card, our heroes begin the climb up the creaky, wooden scaffolding that ascends the hundred-foot cliff face when, quite unexpectedly, a horrific voice burrows its way into the minds of both dwarf and adventurer, blowing the heroes cover and compelling the adventurers to attack.


With the alarm raised, the heroes fight their way through waves and waves of foes atop the swaying scaffolding before finally achieving the cliff top at the small circle of buildings therein. First investigating a strange humming device in the center of the installation, the heroes surmise the unusual ultrasonic device must be what’s driving the native yetai so berserk. To the end of House Topaz’ lunacy, the adventurers sabotage the device with savage blows from their weapon, with more yetai cries audible far in the distance.

This done, they turn their attention towards the largest building, a stately, windowless mance of sorts. After Cutter disables the locking mechanism, the heroes creep forward into the musty, unlit chamber. Passing through an eerie lobby populated by bizarre anemone-like creatures and three divergent doorways, the heroes choose the northern most door and are rewarded, upon picking the lock, by a most horrific site.

An empty room save for a great iron box and a small stool, the great iron box plays host to the enormous living brain of the frozen giant, while the stool supports an aberrant horror, an unearthly bipedal creature with a purple squid. A visage so horrible and unnatural that several party members are scarred simply to look upon the creature, the aberration, identifying itself as Vencel and Ûbolya’s beloved, lashes out at the heroes for interrupting his meal of giant brain with a blast of mental energy powerful enough to knock them all unconscious.


After suffering a strange series of hallucinations, the heroes slowly awaken to find Vencel gone and themselves under attack by a pair of his mindless yetai thralls. After defeating these literally brain-dead enemies, our heroes discuss the strange and contradictory nature of their hallucinations (Zencaré shared Chogaruk’s memory, Chogaruk shared Zanna’s memory, Cutter shared Zencaré’s memory, Vaca shared Cutter’s memory and Zanna shared Vaca’s memory) and debate their next move.

Episode 17 - The Edge of the Map
A New Continent Discovered

Game Date: Zahal 40–51, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Typhoon’s Rest
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

With the crew of The Pseudodragon, stranded on Typhoon’s Rest, watching them sail away, our heroes strike out further south, sailing through the strange hurricane encircling the island with aplomb. As they continue to journey southward in pursuit of the Oferet, the temperature continuing to drop steadily, Ferberk, their dwarven page, informs them that both the sunset ship and the Damsel have dropped off the edge of the Scriptoscope™, rendering them beyond navigation. Consulting with the Captain and Charts, the Damsel’s navigator, they resolve to continue following the cold – as long as the temperature continues to drop, they much be travelling in the correct direction.

With the crew growing steadily more suspicious, the heroes busy themselves with entertaining the halflings from their mounting gloom until, on Zahal 50, Cutter spots pink flashes and distant rumbling, high in the night sky, almost like thunder and lightning. Opting to investigate, the adventurers discover a distant snowy shore, a solitary iceberg and, paradoxically, a wooden ship, seemingly crashed atop said iceberg. Investigating further, they discover the ship, the Eorûn Êfeba, to be a dwarven junk, named after and seemingly modeled after Ûbolya of House Topaz, surrounded by a splay of dwarven corpses, seemingly murdered by dusk elven arrows, and the ship itself evidently some manner of flying craft, powered by a now-missing gear.

Before they can decide their next move, a company of dwarves loyal to House Topaz appear and attack the heroes. Thinking quickly, Cutter claims to be in league with Ûbolya and, with the rest of the party playing along, inform the dwarven search party that they’re re-enforcements sent from Cantilever. The dwarves, extremely suspicious, buy their tale none the less and agree to take their back to their base of operations, name dropping one “Vencel”, very possibly a reference to Ûbolya’s supposedly bedridden husband. Debating once a possible opportunity to betray the dwarves, the heroes follow their distrustful guides further inland, over a blank country of frozen ice floes.

E15 picture

As night deepens about them, the heroes and their dwarven escort themselves beset by a hunting pack of strange brutes, massive ape-like monsters the dwarves refer to as “yetai”. After a harrowing battle atop a shifting ice floe, the heroes manage to vanquish the pack of seemingly enraged beasts and, after a strange conversation with Adar, the dwarven leader, the heroes retire, resolved to sleep with one eye open, in the camp of their sworn enemy.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 51, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
Vaca didn’t tell you, but we’re going after the Oferet again. It’s really cold here – we went so far south there was ice everywhere and everybody started getting nervous. We found a dwarf ship wrecked on some iceland place with lots of dead Topaz guys. We made a deal with some alive ones, but I don’t want to talk about it in case they look over my shoulder! Then we fought some scary "yetai"s. I’l write more later when I get more time…

Episode 16 - Typhoon's Rest
Of Fearsome Storms and Fearsome Dragonborn

Game Date: Zahal 35–40, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Eudox
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Deparing the City of Commerce on the trail of the sunset ship, our heroes chart a course straight southward, heading straight for Iomeraz, the Endfrost – a fabeled continent of ice and snow that lies some uncounted leagues to the south, whose frigid seas only the foolish dare sail and upon whose frozen shoreline only the very foolish dare tred. As they depart, the heroes debate the matter of Xolt’s Ta’dez’al’é goliaths and their fate. While no party member wishes to participate in the slave trade, they learn that, should Xolt’s contact in Phyren not receive the goliaths, he may harm their families, who he’s been keeping in thrall.

Days pass before they can make their decision, in which the party makes the acquaintance of The Baron, before, on Zahal 40, they spot an incoming storm system, portending rough seas and strong winds on the horizon. Choosing to tack straight through the storm rather than await its approach, our heroes plunge the Damsel straight into the typhoon, daring the spring storm to do its worst.

Plowing straight through the choppy water and pouring rain certainly isn’t easy, but the adventurers manage with style. Working together, they tie down loose freight, rescue crewmen who’ve been tossed overboard and even manage to tear down the snapped yardarm that dangles across the deck, threatening to truly bang the caravel to pieces. With their combined efforts, they successfully navigate the storm and arrive in the typhoon’s eye, only to be greeted by the sight of a distant island and another storm front.

The heroes quickly deduce that the typhoon, in fact, is not moving and appears to be quite stationary, centered on the island, Typhoon’s Rest, which provides some much needed shelter for the Damsel to repair her damage. Sharing a small cove with the eponymous wreck of The Typhoon, our heroes recall the legends of the Band of Five, a legendary adventuring company who roamed the land three centuries earlier. Scooting over to the shipwreck to investigate, the heroes uncover a small trove, owned by a one O.R., and Zencaré senses the presence of a powerful magical item, coming from further up the island.

As they climb, the heroes stumble upon the scene of an ancient battle between the Band and a powerful blue dragon, Baltohrux, whose time-worn skeleton is still impaled upon the island’s sharp peak. Following the trail into a small cave near the summit, the heroes find the resting place of one of the Band of Five – Lady Somara – her life claimed in the battle against Baltohrux. Paying their respects, Vaca takes up Somara’s discarded shield, the Dragonshield of Radiance, and the heroes return to their ship.

Lurking in the cove, awaiting their return, however, is The Pseudodragon.

Parleying with Captain Basiliskhos, the arrogant privateer captain and his pet pseudodragon, the heroes arrange terms for a makeshift Pentakhar match – five on five – aboard the dragonborn’s ship. Should the heroes prevail, they’ll be granted free passage and the Pseudodragon’s full compliment of goliath galley slaves will be freed. Should Basiliskhos and his four champions prevail, he’ll claim ownership over the party’s dozen goliaths and haul them back to court.

The melee immediately tips in favor of the heroes, opening with powerful attacks to blind, push and immolate their foes. The dragonborn return with blows, though with significantly less fervor. Chogaruk strikes the first victim down and, in his bloodlust, slays him, breaching the rules of the agreement and turning the battle royale into a full-blown fight-to-the-death. The heroes make short work of Basiliskhos’ champions, however and, before long, they’ve cornered the privateer himself, battering him down amid a rain of blows.


With the Captain defeated, the heroes arrange the marooning of the Pseudodragon’s crew, the surrender of the ship over to the goliath slaves and, eventually, the mounting of an enchanted flamebreather high on the Damsel’s forecastle. With their ship repaired and one nemesis defeated, the heroes depart Typhoon’s Rest, heading southward toward the curtain of storm and their erstwhile quarry.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 40, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
Guess what! I convinced Vaca to write in here! We’ve got lots of cool news!”

“Zanna said I should write. So I’m writing. I am glad to know my friend did not cause the magical infection on my arm. I think I will call on him soon. I’ve missed him around. I am also glad we helped the Vrell. I was worried about Zen’s character, but he proved me wrong. I am saddened by his daughter’s condition. I am also upset that shady dealings still exist with the Vrell and ‘working.’ With all the terrible things I’ve seen, that is still the thing I think is most surprising and terrible about mankind. I love my new shield. I almost wish for combat so I can try it. Zanna has offered to braid my hair. I guess now I should stop writing. …it gets in my face if it’s not tied back. Braids hold it in place. Then I will conquer my dinner.”

Episode 15 - Into the Feywild
A Strange Country, A Father's Love

Campaign Date: Zahal 34-35, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: The Feywild
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Venturing into the savage and queer Feywild in search of Zencaré’s young daughter Lunoré, our heroes encounter flora and fauna they’ve never experienced before – glittering black moths of unusual size, underbrush tangled in byzantine ways and peering eyes from all directions. The trail of glowing purple footprints, radiating divine magic, leads the adventurers leagues and leagues into the wilderness until they arrive at the site of a ruined mill, surrounded by phosphorescent mushrooms and the epicenter of the divine magic trail. Moving towards the mill, the heroes stir a colony of myconids, fey-warped mushroom men and battle is joined.


Releasing clouds upon clouds of spores, the myconids, possessed by the power of Palune, do their best to prevent the heroes from rescuing Lunoré but, with might and magic, the adventurers prevail over the strange fungal creatures and prepare to enter the mill. Before they can enter, however, they hear an eerie music, the voice of a young girl singing a sailor’s shanty, and proceed with caution. To the horror of the heroes, they discover Lunoré at the center of a massive, poisonous dragonbloom, who destroys the mill and assails the party with snapping tendrils and clouds of deadly gas.


It’s Zencaré’s brilliant strategy, to teleport Lunoré from the dragonbloom’s clutches, that saves the day and, his daughter rescued, though still comatose, the heroes depart the Feywild and return to Eudox. All agreed to bring his daughter along aboard the ship, the adventurers are nearly ready to continue their trek to locate the sunset ship when a last minute request from Xolt saddles Zencaré with a dozen Ta’dez’al’é goliath “servants” to be delivered to the Arkhosian town of Phyren on the opposite shore. After convincing the Dugong of her “ignorance of the proceedings”, the heroes depart, back on the trail of the Oferet.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 35, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
Needless to say, we didn’t go sailing, even though the Steadmaster is lending us his assistant to run his fancy ScRiPtoScOpE. Zen told us some important stuff about his family and we had to go try to save his daughter; it meant going into the Feywild! Papa would flip. We found her and got her out, but she won’t wake up… Poor Zen is so worried. I hope we can fix it, but for now she’ll come with us.
– Zanna”


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