Episode 108 - Return to Palune
Boughs of Black and Leaves of Lavender

Game Date: Sangor 22 – 23, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: The Forest That Walks
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Leviathan, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

The white light dissipates and The Nameless Company discovers themselves in the thick of battle. The Forest That Walks, that nomadic tribe of dusk elves and their loyal huorn mounts, clash with the combined dwarven, warforged and cyclopean forces of House Topaz. The arrival of the adventurers, however, quickly turns the tide against House Topaz and the remaining dwarven troops are forced to flee back into their stronghold – an impenetrable brass dome.

The heroes meet with Haniel, the local leader of this branch of the Forest That Walks, and convince him of their need for quick action to prevent the moon from crashing. They learn that, in the chaos following the fall of the Mandate of Twilight, Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz and his cronies have established this secretive facility here, deep, deep underground.

Resolved to stop him and save the Purple Moon, The Nameless Company busts into the complex and discovers a massive shaft, dropping hundreds of miles into Palune’s core. At the bottom, they clear out Vencel’s seemingly abandoned compound, encountering little resistance. In the mind flayer’s workshop, they discover a strange mechanism, made from various Nameless Empire clockwork components, and a summoning circle. Summoning the vrock Dzerrothtius, they compel the demon to do their bidding and aid them in the slaying of Vencel.

They encounter the Loremaster deep in study, surrounded by his four cyclopean bodyguards. Throwing themselves into battle, the heroes make fairly short of the mindless one-eyed brutes, but before they can close to melee with him, Vencel ensorcels Zencaré, threads his tentacles through the eladrin’s head and vanishes.

Episode 107 - Storming the Portico
Old Enemies Battled Once More

Game Date: Sangor 9-22, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Abbey of All Monsters
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

After concluding some personal matters – recussitating Culas, visiting Txomin in Gullion, completing the final ritual to transform into a lich and celebrating Vaca’s 30th birthday – The Nameless Company departed the Abbey of All Monsters aboard Lyvythar, the Penitent Dragon and headed towards Maz Qyne and beyond that – Palune.

After eight days of travel beneath the waves, during which Chogaruk’s 26th birthday was celebrated, they arrived at Maz Qyne, circumventing the Three Seas blockade. After Sister Pencara cast seabed stride on the heroes, they were able to climb up the side of the newly-built parapet that House Topaz has erected across the arms of the First Giant statue.

The posted warforged sentries and dwarven ballistae crews were taken completely by surprise and battle was immediately joined. Pushed and shoved off the First Giant’s narrow arms, several enemies and even some members of The Nameless Company fell to the water below. Eventually, one ballista was smashed and the other was commandeered. When a tenuous victory was achieved, the heroes were surprised to discover a squad of brainless cyclops, made into thralls by Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, come marching towards a quick death at the hands of a commandeered ballista.


Rushing inside the island, they confronted the remaining dwarven technicians, with boarding crews from Three Seas on their heels. A brief and bloody negotiation resulted in their being teleported into House Topaz’s base camp on the moon and, as they stood upon the platform and were whisked away, they’ve no idea where, on the Purple Moon, they might appear.

Episode 106 - Underdark, Part VII: Dwarves of Yore
The Quest Completed

Game Date: ? – Sangor 9, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Sea Beneath
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan, Zanna

Once returned to the surface of the Ozepolhan, The Nameless Company – Levi specifically – was congratulated by Oslé, the Bounteous Typhoon and the warforged’s mysterious Mother, for the completion of his sacred oath. Given the choice to return to his original halfling body, Levi was also awarded the memories of his previous life – his relationship to his true mother and father, the accident that claimed the former’s life and his real name. Born Dondo Whitewave, their warforged paladin chose to retain his current moniker, Levi, as it had become comfortable in the party.

As they continued on their quest, The Nameless Company disembarked from their copper boat and returned, once more, to the twisting arcades of the Underdark. The madness, as they pressed on, became ever more relevant, causing the heroes to act in depraved fashion. None more so than Vaca, whose insatiable hunger caused him to start to pick even at his own flesh.

Thankfully, before long, the heroes came upon the Enlightened Highway, the sacred road that connects Jëbebror to the Scriptures in Stone. It became a simple matter, then, of following the Enlightened Highway all the way to its source – the holy crystalline cavern of Jëbebror. Overcome and somewhat suspicious by the holiness of the site, the adventurers discovered none other than Culas of House Topaz, frozen in suspension, within one of the crystals. Freeing her, they discovered the object of their search in a deep coma and utterly beyond waking.

Once House Amethyst was summoned and their affairs concluded, The Nameless Company joyously returned to the city of Myto and to sunlight. Noting the increased size of Palune in the winter sky, they resolved to conclude the matter of the falling moon before continuing anywhere else.

To begin this, they warped to the Abbey of All Monsters. It was their goal to convince High Abbess Gamalarna to both remove the polyps of Thoon from their skulls and also to seek her aid in possibly whisking them beneath the Three Seas Shipping/ House Topaz blockade that encircles the island of Maz Qyne. While reluctant to do favors for nothing, the Abbess eventually agreed, on condition they could perform one favor for them.

Agreeing to these terms, the heroes awaited the arrival of Lyvythar, polymorphed bronze dragon and servant of Oslé, their proposed vehicle to reach the portico that would take them to Palune.

Episode 105 - Underdark, Part VI: Which Can Eternal Lie
Those Eyes! Those Eyes!

Game Date: ?
Starting Point: Adok Dycûn
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan, Zanna

Boarding their rickety copper dinghy, The Nameless Company disembarked from Adok Dycûn and out across the Ozepolhan, on the trail of Culas of House Topaz and at the behest of Levi’s mysterious “Mother”. Out across the still dark water did they row, leaving the eerie green glow of the aberrant city behind them.

Along the way, they encounter ancient dwarven lighthouses, fell temples to fell entities and, more than anything else, darkness and silence. After one alarming scare where the entire company is dumped, unceremoniously, into the ocean, Levi’s Mother interposes herself and commands the heroes forward, into the lightless expanse of water.

All of sudden, when completely surrounded by black, Leviathan leaps over the side of the boat and plunges into the depths. Granted the ability to breathe water by his unseen guardian, Levi’s comrades followed suit and, together, they sank through the murky waters of the Sea Beneath. Through empty waters they sank, into a crevice far below the bottom of the ocean, and into a fell cavern, the very floor of which is a horrendous aberration, the worst monstrosity The Nameless Company has yet encountered. It opens its three unearthly eyes, settles its eldritch gaze upon the descending heroes and all five of them know they’ve awakened the slumber of Aboleth of the Three Eyes.


It was a great battle, fought at the bottom of a sunless sea. Every blow struck the aberration, more swarms of freakish tadpoles, immature kuo-toa, were given unnatural birth and would swarm the heroes. Every spawn slain would swiftly be consumed by Aboleth’s many lashing tentacles and the monster would heal. Throughout the battle, the tentacles implanted something both fell and familiar in the minds of several heroes – Zanna, Zencaré and Leviathan – and the horrible creature was only slain once three ancient columns were dropped atop the foul abomination.

With the fall of Aboleth, Leviathan’s earthly quest was finally completed.

Episode 104 - Underdark, Part V: Strange Aeons
Cyclopean Locales Beyond Comprehension

Game Date: ?
Starting Location: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Leviathan, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Scattered by the gullet of the purple worm, The Nameless Company are separated from each other by hundreds of tons of collapsed corridor. For several hours, they clamber about the tunnels, seeking their companions within the massive rockslide. After much labor, they’re all accounted for – save one. Ûma of House Cinnabar is missing, her trail leading away northwesterly.

By following her trail, the adventurers discover that a party of kuo-toa, horrid aberrations and ancestral enemies of the dwarven people, abducted her. Rushing through several maddening corridors and chambers, filled with waving cilium, inexplicable flesh and disturbing statues, they eventually stumble upon the city of Adok Dycûn, transformed from an ancient dwarven settlement into an eerie nightmarescape, all devoted to the bizarre alien powers that originate from the Kazam. To their dismay, the trail leads into one of the frightful temples, its cyclopean angles and geometries enough to fray their fragile consciousnesses.

The deeper into this unearthly temple they delved, the greater and greater horrors they uncovered. Eventually, Ûma herself was discovered but, before they could rescue her, she was mutated and transformed into a nightmarish creature of bulging flesh, endless teeth and blinking eyes. Kuo-toa and their ultimate master, a mind flayer, emerged from hiding and ambushed the adventurers in a sudden and desperate battle.


Though initially the fight turned drastically against the heroes, a series of smart strategies and lucky strikes turned the battle once again in the Company’s favor. Chogaruk, in particular, dealt two killing blows to the temple’s main antagonists – first, the gibbering mouther and second the mind flayer. Their guide mutated into a monster and killed and sorely wounded, The Nameless Company sought a frightening refuge within the temple, to rest fitfully with all the eldritch horror encircling them.

After resting, The Nameless Company departed again, though their mental states were significantly impacted by the journey. Crossing the eerie ruins of Adok Dycûn, they, to their shock, found Culas’ trail once again, leading towards the shore of the Ozepolhan. Locating a boat moored against the quayside, the heroes, very reluctantly, agreed to depart against the still surface of the sunless sea.

Episode 103 - Underdark, Part IV: Where Dark Things Sleep
Hope Teeters Upon A Blade's Edge

Game Date: ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan, Zanna

Derro drop onto the ceiling to assail The Nameless Company, babbling their incoherencies and grasping towards them with wickedly-sharped fingernails. Giving battle on the precarious edge of the ancient cistern’s still waters, the adventurers, though fearful of what dwell below, still push several of the deranged dwarves off the platform. Their eerie babbling chant is oddly infectious and, as the battle rages on, poor Vaca is horrified to discover himself joining in, chanting meaningless words that me nothing to his terrified ears.


When one of Zanna’s lightning attacks disturbs something fell and aberrant in the water, The Nameless Company are granted their first dreadful view of a true aberration, a floating horror composed only of brain, beak and tendril. After ravaging the heroes with its mental onslaught, the nameless thing joins the battle proper where Vaca, unwittingly singing its praises all the while, smites the creature with his Dragonshield of Radiance.

It’s Chogaruk that, surprising Vaca from behind, manages to frighten the mumbling from the shifter and onward the heroes march. They camp next on a seemingly endless set of stairs and Zencaré, on watch, makes the acquaintance of the grue, curious eyes in the unfriendly dark. The following day, they travel through strange passages, that seem to whisper praises to Thoon in their own voices, a massive chamber supported by gigantic statues of dwarven soldiers. Eventually they arrive at the borders of the Fumok Terminals, where last Culas of House Topaz was known to be. Thuk the Drab, their muttering comrade, is unwilling to enter and is subsequently teleported back to the House Amethyst encampment.

Inside the pleasure maze, they discover unnerving evidence of a battle, including the broken and partially devoured remains of a female dwarf. More hopefully, they also uncover the symbol of the Lunnepomme Home for Wayward Children, carven onto successive passages throughout the maze. Screwing their hopes to this fact, The Nameless Company presses onward, next encountering a former mining operation.

As they pass through, however, the unfortunate adventurers fall prey to the gaping jaw of a passing purple worm. Tossed about like ragdolls inside the gullet of the rampaging monster, one by one, the heroes each engineered means of escape through the opening and closing gills of the gargantuan, stone-eating monster. Now all freed from the beast’s belly but scattered across the surrounding area, many of The Nameless Company are trapped behind collapsed passages, with nowhere to go. The others, however, face a more terrifying threat – open passageways and none of their companions to hand.

Episode 102 - Underdark, Part III: Where No Man Delves
The Company Reunited – In the Knick of Time!

Game Date: Sangor 5, 339 – ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Leviathan, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Aboard The Nightowl, The Nameless Company lazes about, receives word from High Abbess Gamalarna about Vencel’s inevitable location – Palune – and eventually receives word from Ogul, Centrum of House Amethyst, with Vaca’s apparent whereabouts and linked portal coordinates to teleport there.

Meanwhile, in the Kazalhan, Vaca, Levi and their companions fight for their lives against the overwhelming odds of a phalanx of House Onyx dwarves. Only a few moments into the skirmish, however, re-enforcements arrive – in the form of The Nameless Company.


Battle is swiftly joined and, before long, the heroes have forced Ûvoda, Prospector of House Onyx, to surrender. Once terms are discussed, Ûvoda and her dwarves move out, promising to allow the heroes the cave – thinking the exchange not worth the lives of her soldiers.

In the intervening time, while they wait for House Amethyst to arrive, the companions catch up and make introductions. The tales of all the Company’s many adventures are recounted, to an overwhelmed Vaca and an inattentive Levi, and a brief primer on the Kazalhan is give the unfamiliar heroes – its dangers and its pitfalls. In short order, Ogul and the rest of House Amethyst arrive and transform the site into a fortified camp. After a brief negotiation, the heroes manage to earn 1500 gd each for the portal and the potential to involve House Amethyst in the war effort, providing much needed healers to their side.

With this accomplished, the full company now departs – Zencaré, Chogaruk, Levi, Vaca, Zanna, Thuk and Ûma. Lanakhiz decides, instead, to stay behind, having gone approximately as far as he’s willing to go. He thanks Vaca and Levi for the laughs, the tears and the memories before they depart.

Wandering through many developed passages, once an ancient library, warehouse and eventually cistern, the rest of The Nameless Company gets their first taste of the true Kazalhan, as well as Ûma’s occasionally faulty navigational skills. As they cross a number of freshwater cisterns, once used for the preservation of clean drinking water, a party of derro drop down from the ceiling and assault the heroes, babbling in their insensate way.

Interlude - Underdark, Part II: To Caverns Old
Into Tunnels Darker and Deeper

Game Date: ?
Starting Point: Underdark
Player Characters Present: Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan

As the umber hulk rampaged into their camp, the delvers leapt to their feet to defend themselves. Despite the beast’s size and ferocity, Vaca, Leviathan and Lanakhiz successfully drove the monster away without much difficulty. Poor Ûma of House Cinnabar was hardly even armored by the time the battle was concluded.

They ventured onward from here, crossing through a series of chambers now more natural and less worked by ancient dwarven hands. As they crossed a chamber of immeasurable size, filled with fungi and underground moss, an unknown creature of aberrant origin descended from the ceiling to envelop both Vaca and eventually Levi, granting them both horrifying visions of a realm of madness and pain. As terrifying as this creature proved, it too was quickly dispatched in open combat, but the scars it left upon their psyche weren’t so easily brushed aside.

After another rest, they encountered a creature far more puzzling then either umber hulk or aberration; a maddened half-orc wizard, babbling the word “Thoon” incoherently. Quickly revealed to be Thuk the Drab, the wizard accompanying Culas’ delver team, they learned precious little information for the crazed mage, save that his company was beset by a horrifying tentacular presence, one that clearly caused him immense mental strain even to think on.

Shortly after they discovered Thuk, they discovered something of even greater worth – a hastily scratched linked portal, made by a frantic wizard some months ago. Bartering with Ogul, Centrum of House Amethyst back in Myto, Vaca sold the coordinates to House Amethyst for a future price or favor. They were instructed to stand by and await the arrival of re-enforcements, which were being mustered as soon as could be.

Before re-enforcements arrived, however, a large and militant patrol from House Onyx, thirty dwarves in total, stumbled across them instead.

Episode 101 - Wyrm-Apparent of the Ruby Crown
Qormoxen Christened

Game Date: Sangor 1-5, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Phalma
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

With Althoren Lunoré in tow, The Nameless Company arrives in Phalma, City of Crags, capital of the Tojezeni Empire, in the middle of a great parade. The entire city has turned out to celebrate this momentous occasion, the christening and reveal of Qormoxen to the nation and world as a whole, and the festivities begin with a joyful parade through the streets. Accompanied by soldiers and musicians marching, each of Tojezen’s five wyrmlings are proudly displayed before an adoring public. While Her Draconity herself and even a captive Baron Gwanc, defeated and humiliated leader of the rebellious city of Raborox, are in attendance, Qormoxen is yet kept away from the public eye, to be unveiled at a vast public ceremony.

Once Twrnai, the dracoempress’ mistress of ceremonies, is informed of their presence, The Nameless Company themselves are asked to participate in the ceremony. After dressing more appropriately, they arrive at the Basilica of Storms and are presented with their task – to ferry the golden egg that temporarily contains Qormoxen up to the altar, in essence performing their heroic deed before a captive audience. Almost to their dismay, the entire city turns out to celebrate this ceremony and turns their eyes upon the heroes. Fortunately, the ceremony goes off without a hitch and Qormoxen, his red eyes now open, is presented before an enraptured public.

Later that evening, the adventurers join Tojezen in her Imperial Palace for a great banquet, held in the gold wyrmling’s honor. Here, they meet other important members of her court and kingdom. Zencaré confers with Baroness Sykara Raboros, once the leader of the rebels, now promoted to leader of the city. Chogaruk is approached by Chief Kahula of the Wai’pa’mai’é tribe, offering an additional five hundred goliaths to his cause. Zanna is surprised to discover Txomin the Locust in attendance and he is relieved to discover her still alive, despite her scale rot scare.

While conversing with Tojezen, the dracoempress asks for an update on the war effort. After a brief harrowing moment with the Standard of Eternal Battle, The Nameless Company informs her about Thistle’s fall and Vaca’s absence. To pay back her unfulfilled favor, Tojezen offers her own services for one day on the field of battle, claiming that she will fly across the world and rain destruction down upon Arkhosia, House Topaz and any others that stand before her Lords of Bluffguard.

Finally, the evening wound to a close with some raucous entertainment. In addition to a production of The Golden Egg that Tojezen contrived to stage on account of the heroes, the entire audience watched, in horror, as both Baron Gwanc and a helpless member of the Xato Marun, allegedly responsible for a failed assassination attempt on Qormoxen, are publicly devoured by Tojezen’s brood. All the while, their drunken mother watches, laughing uproariously and firing lightning high into the air.

Once returned to The Nightowl, The Nameless Company awaits new from Vaca, celebrates Lunoré’s twelfth birthday and observes another instance of magical weather – chimewinds. The following day, Palune arrives to inform them that his moon is destined to fall by Sangor 88, in a mere 85 days from now.

Episode 100 - Await We The Fall
Farewell to a Friend

Game Date: Autumn 100 – Sangor 1, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Maz Immura
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

Deeper in the ruins of Maz Immura, The Nameless Company confronts a massive clockwork monster, meant to represent the continent-sized beast that once walked the face of Qairn and whose ribs, they theorize, formed the walls of the Ukuta. After several rounds of bitter battle against the monstrous automaton, the heroes discovered the secret which allowed them to defeat the beast – the gods dropped the third moon, Xyar’s moon, down atop the beast to finally slay the creature.

This monster defeated, they commenced to the next chamber. Here, after defeating a lethal poisonous gas trap, they learned that Xyar, furious at the wanton destruction of his moon, sent a virulent plague to ravage the First Giants. Thought to be the origin of scale rot, the surviving giants were forced to flee to their own astral domains and Xyar, they left chained to the bottom of the world, frozen forever in ice.

The next chamber gave them a choice – they must decide which of the god’s astral domains to travel through. After a short debate, they ultimately decided to visit Gad’s – the Library of Lore – hoping to locate Professor Kajetan of House Jasper. After teleporting to the astral domain and laying eyes upon all the splendor of Gad’s paradise, they met a young, idealistic dwarf they recognized as a much younger version of Kajetan. So enthralled and rapturous was he, given all the universe’s knowledge to peruse, the old dwarf had forgotten why he’d come to Maz Immura in the first place. Though tempted to stay – especially Alecta – the Nameless Company bid a final farewell to the Professor, content in the knowledge that he’d arrived somewhere where he could be happy.

In the complex’s final chamber, The Nameless Company had yet another shocking revelation. Not only did the humans of the Nameless Time know that, thousands of years later, Imald would fall to the earth but so too, they predicted, would Palune! Before they can understand the full ramifications of this dire portent, Lunoré’s eyes glowed purple and once again, the Nameless Company stood in the presence of the Moonmask himself – Palune.

According to the trickster god, his moon is due to crash sometime in the next hundred days or so, much to the shock and chagrin of the Nameless Company. Once again, he was forbidden from providing too many details but he made Zencaré a deal – if they can stop the moon from crashing, Palune will return the eladrin’s deceased wife to him. Reluctantly agreeing to the proposal, the adventurers are further shocked to learn that the adversary who holds the secret, the foe they must defeat to stop the moon’s crashing, is none other than Vencel.

Agreeing to touch base soon, as soon as Palune has determined exactly when the moon’s likely to crash, the bemused Nameless Company heads to Phalma. Off to celebrate the christening of Qormoxen, the gold wyrmling, the adventurers heads veritably swim with all the revelations and ultimatums.


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