Episode 36 – A Pillar to the Moon
An Otherwordly Journey Unanticipated

Game Date: Durek 49-52, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Emerald Sea
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh, Zanna

Through his profuse apologies, the heroes learn from Ferberk that, the previous night, the sunset ship arrived at the mysterious island and, by the morning, the ship had vanished. Hastening with all speed towards said island, they arrive within two days time, to discover it as merely an uninhabited rock, possessed solely of four deep sea caves and a lingering sense of magic, akin to that which Zencaré sensed during the time-travelling mists.

Investigating one of these sea caves aboard a dinghy, the heroes uncover a ceiling sparkling with strange pink crystals and a massive stone gatekeeper, etched with the features of a First Giant and barring further passage towards the island’s center. Utterly a riddle in an incomprehensible language, the gatekeeper proceeded to rain rocks down upon the decamping heroes until they managed to solve the riddle, a verse translated by Zencaré and Zanna and eventually solved by Typhoenos.

After persuading The Distressed Damsel to follow the cave deeper, the Nameless Company discovered an enormous and bizarre chamber, covered in unreadable ruins and nine of the mysterious gears they’d sought so long and hard for, as well as inhabited by a number of blind occupants. Conversing with the relieved survivors, who were convinced the dusk elves had left them behind to die, they learnt that, the previous day, the Oferet had departed this world, activating the Nameless Empire device, referred to as a “portico”, that lines the walls to open a portal to Palune, of all places, their supposed homeland.

After promising to provide food, supplies and eventual rescue to the blind captives, the heroes are visited by their old friend Palune, trickster god, former patron of Zencaré and current possessor of Lunoré. The Moonmask is none too happy about the Company’s having discovered the portico and makes them a less-than-scintillating offer. Since the secret’s doubtlessly out now, that travel to Palune is, indeed, possible, the Vindictive Fool wishes to “get his house in order”, as he puts it, to prepare the moon for inevitable flood of visitors its like to receive. He makes Zencaré the offer that, should the heroes slay someone he can only describe as “Min”, he will transport them back to Qairn and forever lift the curse afflicting Zencaré.

Agreeing, despite their ingrained distrust of the Knave of Ugly Truth, the adventurers prepare to leave their earthly world, convincing, with bribes of triple rates and salvage rites to all the precious stones on the island, the Dugong to accompany them, humoring Lunoré with their castoff adventuring equipment and adornments and making peace with their gods. The following morning, bright and early, the blind operators activate the portico and The Nameless Company, The Distressed Damsel and all her crew, are transported somewhere unearthly.

Episode 35 - The End Times
The Strange Mists Return

Game Date: Durek 45-49, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: The Spines
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh, Zanna

As they depart the Spines and venture onward, ever closer to the island that can “sprout a pillar to the moon” as Kajetan described it, the Nameless Company finds themselves mired, once again, in mysterious mists. By now recognizing these inexplicable mists as the harbinger of that strange time-travel effects which carried them to an elven wedding in 515 A.E. and a halfling mastmeet in 612 A.E., the heroes swiftly inform Typhoenos of these circumstances and proceed with caution.

While the ship remains more or less immobile with he absence of wind, Zencaré spots a faint red light off in the distance to the north. Opting to investigate said light, the heroes pile into their dinghy and row towards the light and, seemingly, the shore, as the wavering red light is revealed to be a primitive Arkhosian-style lighthouse. Upon reaching the shore, the heroes discover the Arkhosian colony town of Iokarth, a single point of civilization surrounded on all sides by Salarzan jungle. While disappointed that no new supplies have been delivered, the dragonborn colonists seem utterly oblivious to the dangers presented, living so close to Dread Salarza and seem to be ignorant of even the mere presence of orcs – at least until a band of them come storming into the town.


The heroes rush forward to meet the orcs, crazed berserkers who’ve painted their bodies entirely black and wear ornamental bones as armor, in battle. The contest is fierce, the adventurers and the orcs almost evenly matched until, with a great rumble, one of the village’s buildings bursts apart and a massive spirehorn behemoth, mounted by an orcish rider, crashes into the melee. As the heroes fight on, Zanna is dropped unconscious moments before the mists that once shrouded the whole island and surrounding sea, begin to fade away, carrying the orcs, the behemoth and the village behind them with it.

Returned to their own time, the Nameless Company discovers themselves smack dab in the middle of some manner of orc ceremony, surrounded on all sides by the bone-wearing barbarians. In a nearly unanimous decision to run, the adventurers beat feet towards the beach, taking the time to clear a path through the orcish crowd with axe and fire. At full tilt, our heroes manage to clamber into their dinghy and flee the island with the orcs hooting and howling on their heels.

Once back aboard the Damsel, The Nameless Company is thankful to leave Dread Salarza behind as it nears the end of its quest for the sunset ship. Two more days of travel pass before, within a day’s sail from their destination, Ferberk approaches the company and informs them that, quite inexplicably, the sunset ship has disappeared from the Scriptoscope™.

Episode 34 - Shipwrecked
A New Company Member Rescued

Game Date: Durek 42-45, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Malaphar (See Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh, Zanna

Departing Malaphar, The Nameless Company continue their quest across the Emerald Sea, seeking the sunset ship as it flees before them. Three days into the voyage, the crew of The Distressed Damsel notices something odd, a navigational difficulty that seems to be pushing their ship further and further south. When the party investigated, Chogaruk noticed something odd, via his Blindfold of the Dragonfly – the presence of a primal spirit, surrounding the Damsel and forcing her southward. When he communed with said spirit, he discovered it to be a local storm entity, called Kallularuv of the Crushing Churn, with a burning desire to send their ship southward, toward the archipelago of the Spines.

Arriving at the Spines, our heroes discover an Arkhosian shipwreck spattered with the phrase “ALIVE INSIDE” across its deck and circled by a hungry wyvern. Rowing out further to investigate, they realize the ship, once crewed entirely by dragonborn, has been decimated by scale rot, the infected crew lying strewn about the deck. Zencaré realizes that the ship, The Squallsong, once belonged to a pirate in Thunderbolt Xolt’s employ. Sure enough, before long they uncover the scallywag himself – Captain Typhoenos Viomarkh, dragonborn privateer and, seemingly, True Arkhosian.

After quickly and comically dispatching of the circling wyvern, the Nameless Company interrogates Typhoenos, learns of his shady past working not only for Xolt but also, seemingly, Arkhon Ptolomos and debates allowing the buccaneer aboard their ship. While opinions differ somewhat on this point, he espouses knowledge of the sunset ship and claims that the Oferet, in fact, is responsible for wrecking his ship. While Zencaré recalls his past treacheries, Chogaruk and Vaca are perturbed by his propensity for verbal gaffs and Zanna’s perplexed by his seemingly magical immunity to the effects of scale rot, a flight of wyverns, seemingly summoned by the dying cries of their comrade, swoop in and engage the heroes in combat.


With the combined might of Zanna’s tactics, Vaca’s steadfastness, Chogaruk’s fury, Zencaré’s beguilements and Tiff’s unprecedented lightning, the wyvern flight is quickly dispatched and the heroes are once more faced with the question of what to do with this bizarre dragonborn they’ve uncovered. Agreeing to take Typhoenos off the wreck for the time being, he’s instructed to keep something of a low profile around the halflings, the Captain especially, as Three Seas halflings tend to take a dim view of pirates in general.

With their new ally aboard, the Nameless Company continues their journey eastward, in the hopes of catching up with the sunset ship sooner, rather than later.

Episode 33 - Kingdom of the Blind
Ruins of a Wicked Power Unearthed

Game Date: Durek 39-42, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Tigershead
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

After their teary farewell to Thistle, our heroes depart eastward across the Emerald Sea, back on the trail of the sunset ship and the mysterious island that can “sprout a pillar to the moon”, according to Professor Kajetan’s records. During the voyage, Zencaré consoles his Lunoré, his daughter distraught over Thistle’s departure and Zanna notices, while standing atop the deck, that her Chain of Command begins vibrating in a manner very similar to the other Band of Five artifacts.

Setting their course to pursue the item’s luring call, the Nameless Company arrives on the shores of Malaphar, a remote and mysterious island that, hundreds of years ago, was home to a vile and decadent power. With Zanna’s magical armor leading them directly into the ruined city, they pass evidence of the Infernal Marriage’s sorcerous might, from the enormous petrified kraken that forms the island’s harborage, to the buildings constructed upon the shoulders of petrified humans, giants and even a pair of willing dragons, to the enormous cracked mirror standing high atop the ziggurat at the city’s center. The vibrating chainmail, however, draws them inexorably forward, into the abandoned ziggurat.

The first chamber they pass through, they discover to be an elaborate trap of enchanted mirrors, that presents whomever steps into the room proper with a reflected visage of a medusa, an abombination of Zehir said to be the final form of the Infernal Bride and Infernal Bridegroom. While Zanna is nearly petrified by this initial effect, Chogaruk’s magical blindfold renders him immune to the medusa’s gaze and allows him to smash his way through the chamber into the main well of ziggurat.

In the primary chamber, our heroes uncover a strange scene – a pair of thrones, one containing a long dead female medusa with a greataxe embedded in her shoulder, three great mirrors, each bearing the Infernal Bride’s expression, and the petrified form of a massive goliath warrior, frozen in the act of hurling the greataxe towards his seated foe. While Chogaruk, expert climber, makes the rounds smashing the mirrors, a trio of basilisks, hidden beneath the room’s gravel pits, surface and assail the party with their trio of divergent gaze attacks.


The basilisks defeated, the Nameless Company beheaded the Infernal Bride, identified the petrified goliath as Chuchann, a member of the Band of Five and a great goliath warrior, reclaimed his magnificent white cloak, the Pelt of the Owlbear King, and departed Malaphar, eager to put the eerie place behind them but also noting, with a certain degree of dread, that the Infernal Bridegroom’s throne remained suspiciously empty.

Episode 32 - Tigershead
A Companion Departs

Game Date: Durek 30-38, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Azure Sea (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Thistle, Zanna

After an eight day voyage across seas both Azure and Emerald, the Nameless Company arrives at Tigershead, the northernmost point of Irmina and the supposed rendezvous given to Thistle by her mentor, the late Cutter. Disembarking the Damsel, the adventurers make the brief trek across the despoiled landscape, past gristly orcish trophies, to the only settlement of note in Tigershead – the fortified keep known as Cloister.

Discovering Cloister to be a crumbly, ill-populated bastion of civilization for criminals and wanted men to hide, they sought the local watering hole, an aptly-named open-air tavern called The Tiger’s Head. While searching out any indication of what they’re looking for in Cloister or whom they ought to be meeting, Vaca is suddenly overcome with inexplicable fury towards Zencaré and strikes him in melee. A brawl ensues, the baffled party attempting to calm the furious shifter down and, before long, a hooded and cloaked tiefling, a woman Thistle eventually recognizes as Relentless, Cutter’s old comrade, joins the fray, attacking Zanna exclusively.

As the brawl rages on, several other members of the Nameless Company are afflicted with this strange fury towards Zencaré, making various attempts to harm him as well, before he, the experienced wizard, deduces that an unseen spellcaster is bewitching his companions to attack him. Meanwhile, through parley, Thistle and Zanna discover that Relentless is pursuing a new bounty posted on Zanna’s head, by her father’s hated rival, Prygor. Before long, however, they’ve incapacitated Relentless and identified and slain the spellcaster, a human assassin sent by Thunderbolt Xolt. Relentless, after some divulging of information, is released and Thistle finally makes the acquaintance of Collar, peer of Cutter and his elven contact.

After being chastised and hustled off to Collar’s room at The Tiger’s Tail, the situation is explained to Thistle in full – she’s the daughter of exiled Regent of Thistle, the heir to the Nakhiti Line and the first priority target of the Tempemkau Regency for the past hundred years. The Nakhiti Regency had many allies on Qairn, Cutter and Collar’s clan of elves among them, but all of their hopes were bent toward the young Thistle, whose name is revealed to be Nakhiti Sati. Should she wish to come into her inheritance, Collar warns, she must embark on a long and dangerous road, one she cannot bring her companions down.

After a tearful good-bye and many well-wishes and promises to see her again soon, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati departs from her companions, off to the mythical island of Walidah, in the company of Collar. With sadness in their hearts, the Nameless Company departs Cloister and returns to the Damsel, off to continue their quest for the sunset ship without their dearest friend.

Zanna’s Diary (Durek 39, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
Thistle left. I don’t know if she’s ever coming back. She found out her real name and she’s going to Walidah to start figuring out how to be a lost princess. She had better tell me when she goes to battle to take back her Regency because I will fight with her and hopefully bring the Host to help. I will miss you, Nakhiti Sati. I also wrote a letter to send home to Papa, and I’m gonna see if Chogaruk will draw a picture of me in my new armor to send with. Also, we got attacked by a bounty hunter. Today was not my favorite.
– Zanna"

Episode 31 - Maladies
Farewell to Obalta

Game Date: Durek 24-30, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Obalta (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Thistle, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna


After managing to calm Drek down for a handful of breaths, the Nameless Company learns that wolfsbane, a common plant found throughout Qairn, is the necessary ingredient to subside Drek’s ceaseless rages. While half of the company struggled to contain Drek’s fury, the other half swiftly collected any samples of the nearby herb and synthesized a temporary tincture, which can calm the effects of the lycanthropic transformations for a full day’s passage. After talking with Drek, they discover that Vaca’s hated rival, Vix, is responsible for his transformation, her scratch having seemingly transfered the lycanthropy to him.

Hatching a plan to convince Maverick and his band of tieflings to adopt Drek in exchange for his protection and physical prowess, the heroes and their wereape companion cross the Obaltan wetland, making for the Cerulean River and the caravan encamped there. As they cross the marshes, they encounter, of all people, Ferberk, their dwarven page, dangling by his neck from a swamp vine. Rushing to Ferberk’s rescue, our heroes found themselves ensnared by the coiling tendrils of a deadly assassin vine. After mucking about in the quaggy water and nearly straggling to death, the adventurers located the assassin vine’s central bulb and destroyed it. Ferberk, it seemed, had rushed after the heroes to inform them that, in fact, the Oferet had left Obalta mere hours after they departed after it and that it was quickly making headway north into the Emerald Sea.

Reconvening with Maverick, the Nameless Company managed to convince the tiefling leader to surrender the Chain of Command artifact and to adopt Drek as a temporary member of the carvan by appealing to his sympathy for outcasts. Wishing the kindly wereape farewell, with Vaca promising to return one day, the heroes, with Ferberk in tow, return to the postern door, venture through the long darkness and emerge, once again, amid the crashing waves of the Azure Sea. From there, they bribe the Dugong in order to keep the secret entrance a secret from Three Seas and sail north, towards the sunset ship and Tigershead, Thistle’s ultimate destination.

Zanna’s Diary (Durek 30, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
I haven’t gotten a chance to send Papa nay letters yet because we went to Obalta! It was awful and scary, but we met Vaca’s old coven leader, Drek! He was turned into a were-ape and not just a shifter, but we calmed him down and made peace between him and a tiefling caravan and the tiefling leader gave us a set of chainmail that’s from the Band of Five! I get to wear it, and it makes me a better commander! When we get to Tigershead maybe I’ll get someone to do a portrait to send with my letter to Papa!"
– Zanna"

Episode 30 - The Quarantined Continent
A Land Cursed and Confined

Game Date: Durek 24, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Obalta (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Thistle, Zanna

Following the Blade of Infinite Shapes further south, our heroes happen upon a tiefling caravan, encircling a small ford over the Cerulean River. Making the acquaintance of the amiable enough tieflings, the heroes are invited to share their campfire and are introduced to the caravan’s leader, Maverick. During a private discussion with the tiefling leader, the heroes learn that, in fact, the next item of the Band of Five, the Chain of Command is currently in his possession. Maverick, they learn, was once a great thief and stole the artifact from the Belltower Collegium, where once it had been stored.

In an attempt to negotiate the surrender of said artifact, the Nameless Company learns that a savage wereape, a fearsome red-furred creature, has been plaguing the tiefling caravan for the past several days. Vaca almost immediately recognizes this as Drek, her erstwhile once-shifter mentor, and Maverick agrees that, should they “handle” the wereape problem, he could be persuaded to relinquish the Chain of Command in exchange for their help.


Following Drek’s enormous footprints through the swamp, our heroes eventually stumble across a small party of orcs, attempting to pull some reptilian beast of burden from the marshy mire. After a failed attempt at an ambush, the heroes fall upon the orcs, slaying them one by one, with blade, bolt, spell and spear. Their enemies vanquished, the Nameless Company trudges on, seeking the ruined Arkhosian amphitheater were Drek supposedly makes his lair. Before long, the encounter the place and Thistle, acting as scout, reports the presence of an enormous primate, six feet at the shoulder, flying into fits of unprovoked rage.

While Vaca attempts to calm her mentor, her companions do their best to subdue the rampaging Drek, who lays into them with fists, flung stones and sharp teeth. Finally, with the combined efforts of all six heroes, Drek manages to calm himself long enough to recognize Vaca and implicate Vix, her dreaded rival, for his accursed state.

Episode 29 - Through the Postern Door
A Secret Entrance Discovered

Game Date: Durek 12-24, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Xanthara (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Thistle, Zanna

As they depart Xanthara, The Nameless Company sets course toward Obalta, to investigate the sunset ship’s dealings on the Quarantined Continent. After a voyage spent educating Lunoré, studying Vencel’s diaries and investigating the mystery of the Baron, our heroes managed to convince Captain Dawndive to look the other way as regards the breaking of the Three Seas blockade.

This precaution, however, proved somewhat unnecessary as, eight days into the journey, The Distressed Damsel abutted straight up against a strange undersea platform. After helping to patch the sprung leak, the adventurers investigate the bizarre obstruction and discover, much to their surprise, a strange shaft, leading to an imperiously long tunnel heading directly east. Reasoning this may be a possible secret entrance into Obalta, our heroes gamble on traversing the entire passage and journey onward into the enveloping dark.

After four frightening days stuck is a stale tube beneath the surface of the ocean, the heroes reach the end of the tunnel, climb the thousand feet to the surface and arrive, after some inspection, in a ruined village in mainland Obalta, a village Vaca finds strangely familiar. After investigating the area some, finding evidence of scale rot and utter urban decay, they encounter an unnerving farmer and his deadly livestock of cockatrice, which last out with petrifying beaks and flapping wings at the Company.


During the following battle with the vicious beasts, nearly every member of the Company had a brush with the cold danger of petrification, unyielding Vaca himself even succumbing fully to the various attacks and turning completely to stone. After defeating the remaining monsters and their disturbing keeper, the heroes loot the farmhouse to discover magical greaves, a clutch of cockatrice eggs and the appropriate antidote to cure their petrified companion.

After an awkward few moments of smearing the green antitoxin all over Vaca’s stone body, Thistle discovers her weapon, the Blade of Infinite Shapes, to vibrating slightly the further east she walks. Seeking another artifact of the Band of Five, the adventurers venture across the blighted landscape and eventually arrive upon the banks of a muddy river, where they discover, huddled on an island, a small colony of goliath refugees, all suffering from Chogaruk’s same affliction, the white blindness they termed the Bad Heirloom.

Convinced of a connection to scale rot, the goliaths inform the party that the disease began cropping up a decade or so previously and has since spread across all of Obalta. Chogaruk, in addition to sharing his supplies of food, shared the location of the “postern door” with the refugees, who were eternally grateful and resolved to find a way to pass through the tunnel as soon as possible.

Learning from the goliaths of a potential tiefling caravan encamped some distance to the south, the adventurers seek towards this caravan, following the increasing vibration of the Blade with each step.

Episode 28 - Daddy Issues
Of Locusts, Leaders and Golden Eggs

Game Date: Durek 6-12, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Glasgwair
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

After reuniting with Chogaruk, our heroes resolved to venture to the Irminan town of Xanthara, return the five stolen eggs of Tojezen and collect their payment from House Jasper for a month’s services rendered, as well as quite possibly contend with The Haggard Host, currently encamped around the city. Guided by a Snow-Horn minotaur, our heroes are escorted across the Glasgwair back to the awaiting Damsel and, from there, depart for the Blue Ribbon.

After five days journey up the Blue Ribbon, our heroes arrive in Xanthara and proceed to the House Jasper Stead. After making the acquaintance of the flatulent Steadmaster Ezumal, they contacted Kajetan and, after convincing him they were still heading for the island in question, to authorize their payment of twelve hundred golden dragons a head. With this money, Zencaré acquires a Disguise Self ritual, which he uses to aid in the Company’s attempt to smuggle the eggs past any unwanted observers.


Once acquiring an audience with Her Draconity, our heroes make the acquaintance of The Eponymous Tojezen, Dracoempress of Her Selfsame Empire, along with her entire court, including one Txomin the Locust, Field General of the Haggard Host and Zanna’s father. While relieved to have her eggs returned, she’s immediately suspicious of the heroes, believing that they may have kept a sixth and unmentioned egg for themselves. While they manage to dissuade her of this notion, they learn the shocking news that, in fact, Tojezen indeed hatched a sixth egg, a golden egg that will, when hatched, produce a golden dragon, the first since the original Arkhosia. While swearing the heroes to supreme secrecy, she grants them their titles all the same, naming them each Lords and Ladies of Bluffguard, a fortress some distance to the south of Xanthara.

When Zanna raises a concern about her father’s reaction before Tojezen, she discovers that, in fact, she’s too young to claim her ladyship and, until she comes of age, her legal guardian, in this case her father, must serve as Steward-Lord in her stead. Before the heroes can argue this point, Tojezen smells the scent of Chogaruk’s inexplicable blindness and sends the Company hastily from her tent. Passing him on the way out, Txomin politely requests that Zanna pay him a visit before she leaves town.

Finishing their last errands and gathering their courage, the heroes march into the heart of the Haggard Host’s camp, where they make the acquaintance (or re-acquaintance) of Captain Serqolaine, one of Zanna’s unofficial Uncles and an old fighting companion of Vaca’s. Ushered into the command tent, they shortly made the further acquaintance of Txomin the Locust himself, who, despite seemingly outwardly friendly, was clearly fuming internally. While utterly ignoring his daughter’s presence in the room, the Locust, a Steward-Lord of Bluffguard, expressed an earnest interest to make friends with the adventurers and offered to send a small force to occupy the empty fortress and await their return.

This done, he shared a private word with Zanna and, after the remaining members of the Company chatted with Serqolaine, their fearless gnomish leader emerged safely, with helm in hand, though unwilling to further discuss what passed within the tent of her father. Without much further ado, the heroes departed Xanthara, heading back towards their ship and the adventures beyond.

Zanna’s Diary (Durek 13, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary
So… Papa was still mad. Like, really mad. Uncle Serq was there, though! I guess Uncle Van was out looking for the eggs, and I didn’t get to see Uncle Luca. I also didn’t get to be a Lady… and it went to Papa? Apparently I’m too young. Whatever. Anyway, if Papa’s going to be pigheaded so can I. I’ll send him a letter every time we go anywhere or do anything and he can just be jealous and live in awe of who I’ll be and how great our company is until he knows teh Hoist is got be mind! SO THERE.
– Zanna"

Episode 27 - I See Your Star
You Left It Burning For Me

Game Date: Zahal 100 – Durek 6
Starting Point: Glasgwair
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

While they wait for their companion Chogaruk to return, our heroes elect to investigate the distant hill, visible on the horizon – the only point of topography they’ve seen their entire trek across the Glasgwair. Along the way, they make the acquaintance of a simple elven traveller, a wandering minstrel named Belo, who asks for directions to Mound Amaran, a large and centralized meeting point for the elven clans of Irmina. The heroes help as best they can and part amicably with the whistling bard.

Upon arriving at Mound Annog, however, our heroes discover a scene of extensive carnage. A massive spread of slain elven corpses, all bearing the blue markings of the Belliwyr clan, all having demonstrably killed themselves. Spelt in their spilled blood across the ground could be read the unsettling phrase “I See Your Star” in Elven, a phrase uttered by the seemingly innocent Belo not an hour previously.


As they debate their next action, the heroes begin to spot an approaching warband of elves, seemingly making their way right towards the Mound. While their initial attempts at diplomacy fail them, the Nameless Company are eventually able to convince the Belliwyr that they weren’t responsible for the actions upon the Mound, learning that this Belo character has become something of a spook story amongst the elven people of the area.

Whilst half the warband gallops off after her, the remaining five stays to guard the heroes and, in so doing, were eventually goaded into combat with the Company. After one of the elven riders was defeated, it was discovered that, in fact, these five elven bandits were carrying the five missing eggs of Tojezen, blue dragon empress of the selfsame empire. After resolving to rescue the captive dragon’s eggs, the heroes defeated the elven bandits in short order, securing for themselves both the safety of the five eggs, as well as potential lordships in the Empire of Tojezen.

As they return to the rendezvous point to meet Chogaruk, they discover that Belo has escaped, leaving another circle of suicidal elves in her wake. While waiting for Chogaruk, our heroes hatch a plan to travel to Xanthara, Tojezen’s forward command post and return the eggs to their mother, though they realize they will likely have to contend with Zanna’s father, Txomin the Locust, and the Haggard Host in so doing.

Zanna’s Diary (Durek 6, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
Chogaruk is back! And he’s got a cool thing that lets him see now, but he’s still got that scary scale-rot or whatever. While he was gone, we meant to got to a Mound we saw to celebrate the Windmoot. But we met this scary lady named Belo who got these people to kill themselves, then the rest of the tribe attacked us! When we were fighting them we realized they had the Dragon-Empress of Tojezen’s eggs! So we defeated them and we’re gonna go back to Xanthara to get the bounty! Except that I think Papa’s there… I hope he got my letter!
– Zanna"


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