Episode 71 - Imald, Part I: City of Corners
Ancient Secrets Uncovered

Game Date: Autumn 24-26, 339 F.I.
Starting Location: Thamaro
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

Arriving in Thamaro, City of Corners, The Nameless Company marvels at both the city’s sheer impossibility – clinging to the side of the Fallen Moon – and at their apparent celebrity amongst the gnomish community. An exuberant fan permits them the use of his Tenser’s Floating Disc for an hour and the adventurers whisk themselves away to the surface of Imald and the “Books-as-Wallpaper,” the greatest library on Imald.

Venturing down into its phosphorescent passageways, The Nameless Company fritters the evening away on research; learning all they can about the Kazalhan, various arcane rituals and even dwarven wedding customs. Finally, when Zencaré locates the text he seeks – The Empty Hourglass by Magus Isetnofret Wehemka – the book lashes out in defense, awakening nearby magical texts to attack the party.

While the rest of his companions fend off the flapping books (and are occasionally drawn magically into their narratives), Zencaré battles against the will of trapped tome, attempting to learn its secrets before it can ravage his mind with psychic energy. As the battle rages on, the melee eventually attracts one of the local bookguards – an angry badger – who leaps into the melee to protect the texts. While the book’s secrets are eventually uncovered and the badger eventually placated, it comes at a terrible cost – Zencaré’s voice!

Before departing the city in search of the book’s author and the presumed holder of Zencaré’s voice, the adventurers resolve to investigate the strange ailment that’s plagued them since their “conference” with the Warden in the Subaqueo Var. Enlisting the aid of a gnomish surgeon named Sheikah Odetta, they discover that a tiny parasite, a tentacled horror, has been living inside their skull for some weeks, attempting to force each hero’s brain through their nose and mouth.

By performing a risky ritual, The Nameless Company is rid of these aberrant parasites, though not without inflicting some serious mental damage on themselves and on their gnomish allies. With one affliction bested, the adventurers prepare to delve further into Imald to discover the mystery surrounding Zencaré’s voice.

Episode 70 - All Horns and Thorns
One Mystery Unveiled, Another Discovered

Game Date: Autumn 22 – Autumn 24, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Eudox
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandfather Raven, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

The Nightowl departs Eudox, sailing down the Khybol River towards Thamaro. As they sail, The Nameless Company bears witness to the Crusade of the Torch, to the strange and sinister spread of the Feywild and to the rising shadow of Imald, casting an artificial night so early upon this landscape. After a day on the river, The Nightowl arrives at Bluefinger, a small gnomish island community, and heads to the local tavern in search of a guide to take them deep beneath the enchanted eaves.

Making the acquaintance of Venan the Vagrant and his loyal badger Trufflehunter, the adventurers contract the gnomish guide to lead them to the nearest fane, a site of arcane power that Obad-Hai, Thistle’s patron, is drawing her inexorably toward. Though reluctant, Venan agrees and, the following morning, leads them into the Feywild. After an afternoon’s travel, the heroes arrive at the fane, where they’re immediately set upon by a trio of vile and bloodthirsty trees!


The battle is fierce – Vaca and Chogaruk are immediately grappled by a pair of vicious ironmaw trees, while an opportunistic orcwort tree drops its vile fruit against Thistle, Grandmother Crow and Zencaré. When Thistle relocates to a nearby fairy ring, he overhears the approach of a massive singing something – later revealed to be Sycamore, the treefolk – come striding from the south. Upon arriving in the glade, Sycamore exhorted the fell trees to sleep and trouble The Nameless Company no more.

As they spoke, the naive, impressionable old tree relayed his experiences – walking the Feywild during the day, putting the savage trees to sleep by singing the lullaby his mysterious awakener, the Green Man, taught him. With Sycamore’s help, the adventurers staked out the arcane fane and awaited the arrival of Thistle’s patron. Soon as he did arrive, he reached a massive hand down to the earth, scooped up Thistle and departed, leaving her companions clueless as to her fate.

Returning to Bluefinger, the sympathetic adventurers arranged a birthday celebration for their friend Sycamore, who was most appreciative. This done, they boarded The Nightowl and continued on their way toward Thamaro.

Episode 69 - The Maiden Voyage
The Nightowl Sets Sail

Game Date: Autumn 18–22, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Sozinex
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

Surrounded by Aiqor and a squad of the Sworn Guard, The Nameless Company is aided in their escape by a squadron of the Urban Legion. Transforming into swift moving magpies, the adventurers scatter and reconvene in Shedscale. Making good time, they hastily row out to The Nightowl, their new ship, and depart for the open water.

From Sozinex, The Nameless Company heads for Eudox and, beyond that, Thamaro, on the borders of Imald. Along the way, a disguised Yolanda Dawndive gives them a tour of her new vessel and introduces them to Egnaro, the ship’s arcane spirit. Very knowledgeable about ship and the surrounding area, the owl spirit that inhabits the boat proves to be a useful ally only a few days outside the city.

Awaking the heroes in the dead of night, Egnaro informed them that a derelict ship was approaching The Nightowl at speed. Upon climbing to the deck, The Nameless Company discovered, to their horror, that the derelict was, in fact, crewed entirely by thousands upon thousands of rats! Once the two ships collided and a veritable ocean of rats poured onto The Nightowl’s deck, King Rat, their lord and master, made his presence known.


During the battle, more and more rats wormed their way onto the heroes’ ship but, tit for tat, the adventurers beat them back with panache. While Grandmother Crow and Zencaré rained bursts down upon them, Chogaruk and Vaca innovated some creative solutions. Vaca threw flaming torches into their midst while Chogaruk nearly sunk the entire boat by cleaving through the ship’s weakened mast.

Once the ship was sunk and the rats scattered, The Nightowl could continue on her voyage to Eudox. Once there, the heroes made a b-line for the dwarven steads, arranging a meeting with House Electrum and bumping into Ferberk, now promoted to Steadmaster, by happy accident. With clever negotiation, they managed to convince Trademaster Ryhaz, one of Hosue Electrum’s Ruling Masters, to help them fund their venture against Arkhosia.

After a pleasant luncheon with their old traveling companion Ferberk, The Nameless Company departed on their way up the Khybol River, not wishing to linger in Eudox lest they incur the wrath of Thunderbolt Xolt, Zencaré’s former boss.

Episode 68 - Arkos Save The King
Allies Found and Enemies Abound

Game Date: Autumn 18, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Sozinex
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

In short order, Princess Mexa introduced herself and her allies – Shokedo, the Sworn Wyrm, Vark, the king’s spymaster, Arkhon Zenedra Sozria and Satar, page of Legate Ekamuro. They are the Angaryo – the Anger – the only resistance standing between a unified Arkhosia and the conquest of Imald.

From the Angaryo, The Nameless Company learnt of the impending war to the south, of Ptolomos’ influence over the crown and, most intriguingly, of an artifact – the Standard of Endless Battle – lost many years ago by the Mad Legion in the jungles of Dread Salarza. The leaders of the Angaryo believe this, failing the capture of Qormoxen, will sway the people of Arkhosia to their cause.

Nervous at the prospect of ripping the golden dragon from its mother’s bosom, The Nameless Company instead agrees to venture north, into the jungles of Dread Salarza, to locate the Standard.

The next morning, The True Flame travels to the Palace Airborne, where they await their audience before King Mycrete VI. While biding their time in the atrium, a party of eladrin diplomats, bearing the sign of holly, burst from the throne, in the midst of a battle with the king’s guards. Leaping into action to maintain their cover, The Nameless Company trades blows with the powerful eladrin interlopers.


While Chogaruk, Vaca and Grandmother Crow do battle with a squad of swordmages, Zencaré engages one of the mages in a wizard’s duel and Thistle releases the spell binding Shokedo from the battle. Once the silver dragon arrives on the scene, the eladrin hastily teleport away.

Thanked and made honorary members of the Sworn Guard for their service, The Nameless Company are ushered to the head of the line and announced before King Mycrete VI, Metarkh Ptolomos and a golden simulacrum of Craftmistress Ûbolya of House Topaz.


After the initial pleasantries, Ptolomos immediately gets down to brass tacks, accusing The True Flame of collaborating with The Nameless Company. He informs them that Three Seas Shipping has, on the heels of the Subaqueo Var breakout, begun discreetly searching for The Nameless Company. This leads Ptolomos to suspect The True Flame of collusion, at the very least. When they fail to completely convince the Metarkh, however, he’s about to have them all imprisoned when Thistle mentions, in passing, that she might know a means to have the Feywild’s advance stopped.

Intrigued, Ptolomos commands “The True Flame” to investigate – accompanied by his bodyguard Aiqor and one hundred loyal soldiers. Meeting with Aiqor in the lobby, the adventurers hatch a hasty plan to ditch their escort in the streets, run for the ship and flee away east, toward Eudox and Thamaro.

Episode 67 - The True Flame
A New Adventuring Party Formed

Game Date: Autumn 10 – Autumn 18, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Isle of Kelp
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

Arriving at the Isle of Kelp aboard The Bad Omen, The Nameless Company rendezvouses with Pufferfish and examines The Dalarab Das. Searching the ship high and low, they discover, smuggled beneath the floorboards of the bilge, a gear of the Nameless Empire.

A debate ensues among the company members, about whether to take or leave the item. One side, championed by Chogaruk, argues to leave the item to preserve their cover as The True Flame, the True Arkhosian adventuring party that broke Vytoza from the Subaqueo Var. The other side, championed Thistle, wishes to take the gear, fearing their cover as The True Flame will eventually be broken anyway. After much discussion and debate, a vote is eventually taken and the company removes the gear.

Once Grandmother Crow has located a dragonborn guinea pig for her scale rot experiments, The Nameless Company bids farewell to The Bad Omen, who sail off to the Bay of Surprise to search for whales. Departing the Isle of Kelp aboard the Das, the adventurers make for the current Arkhosian capital of Sozinex to return Vytoza and claim the reward.

The trip is relatively eventful – it rains flower pedals, they observe Shokedo the Sworn Wyrm out hunting and two of the company members – Grandmother Crow and Zencaré – begin to feel a strange and persistent pressure headache.

Upon arriving in Sozinex, they become familiar with the city’s many complexities. Zencaré observes many fey citizens, displaced to Shedscale, Sozinex’s outskirts. Chogaruk observes many slave markets, where goliaths are sold as chattel. Vaca witnesses the execution by fire of Princess Mexa, King Mycrete VI’s only child and the Truarkh’s strongest detractor, high above the city gates.

In disguise, they travel to the House Topaz Stead and eventually receive payment for the return of Vytoza. Upon meeting back up with a disguised Yolanda and her newly purchased mistico, they learn that a small bird approached and delivered a message, warning The Nameless Company to meet someone on the rooftop of the Palace Abandoned come midnight, or they would suffer the consequences.

That night, The Nameless Company quickly departs for the Palace Abandoned. In the knighting chamber, they do brief battle with a small flight of liondrakes. By reciting the sacred Oath of the Dragoon, however, these liondrakes are swiftly pacified to the adventurer’s presence. As they climb higher and higher into the empty castle, they eventually face and best a puzzle centered around a game of tyxa – Arkhosian chess.


Atop the roof of the Palace Abandoned, they are greeted by a number of shadowy, Arkhosian figures and, eventually, a great silver dragon. Descending from a saddle on the dragon’s back comes none other than Princess Mexa, executed prisoner, who greets the heroes warmly.

Episode 66 - Subaqueo
The World's Most Secure Prison Infiltrated

Game Date: Autumn 10, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Crosswinds
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Disguised as dragonborn, The Nameless Company enters the Guild Hall District Precinct Spire, the chokepoint that controls access to the Subaqueo Var, the greatest prison on the planet. No sooner are they within the Precinct Spire’s waiting room than they launch into action, fighting their way through the press of customs officers, moving swiftly to commandeer the elevator for their own purposes.


Once all inside, the heroes twist the key and descend into the basement where, to their surprise, they’re met by another elevator, full of Subsaqueo guards, heading to the surface. A cramped and uncomfortable melee ensues, during which Chogaruk climbs onto the roof of the elevator and cuts the chains, to prevent the customs officers above from calling back the elevator.


Once the other elevator is pacified, The Nameless Company descends into the Subaqueo Var proper. With a little teleporting magic, Thistle manages to jam the elevator halfway up the shaft. Zencaré quickly disables the anti-magic aura with a blast of arcane energy while the rest of the company does battle with the emerging guards and their captive water elementals.


As wave after wave of guards assail them, however, The Nameless Company quickly duck into the records room, where they enjoy a much needed rest. Another pair of guards interrupts them, however, before they can learn which cells contain Vytoza and Yolanda and some time is spent fending off these attackers. Armed with the necessary information, the adventurers use the ruby in each water elemental’s collar to open the magically sealed doors to the main cellblock.

Only to immediately bump into a group of four guards. Battle is quick and deadly and, at various points during the fray, various members of the Company overhear a strange thought in their minds, their own mental process reminding them they haven’t any scales. They’d officially made contact with the Warden.

Upon reaching the Dugong’s cell, the Warden reached out its tentacles to The Nameless Company from beneath the cellblock, impeding their progress forward. The kraken’s power of telepathy able to penetrate their disguises. When they attempted to bribe the creature with keys, it appeared confused, uncertain what to do with keys without doors. The Warden expressed a desire to introduce them to “Thoon” and, hoping this would open the way for them, the heroes agreed.

One by one, the kraken carried them down into the dark waters below the Var and subjected them to a cosmic scrutiny hardly any of them could handle. The gaze of its eye blistered their mind and a tentacle rushed into their open mouth and seemed to manipulate the inside of their body.

When they submerged, they discovered the Warden more willing to aid them, unlocking doors at will and causing an effective prison break. Grandmother Crow also discovered, to her horror, that Grandfather Raven was suddenly repelled by her presence and attempted to escape. Also with the help of the Warden, the bird was retrieved and the breakout was continued.

With the Captain, her crew, Vytoza and her goliath fool Bruto in tow, The Nameless Company made their escape from the Subaqueo Var. Transforming into fish, they awaited the precise moment when the grates were opened and swam out into the freedom of the nearest marina. With all speed, they returned to The Bad Omen and cut canvas for the Isle of Kelp.

Along the way, The Nameless Company debated their next move, reconnected with Captain Dawndive, helped turn Bruto against Vytoza, his mistress, and eventually decided to sail for Sozinex, the Arkhosian capital, to return Ûbolya’s daughter and in search of more allies against the Truarkhs.

Episode 65 - City of Coin
A Plan Hatched, A Spy In Their Midst

Game Date: Autumn 2 – Autumn 10, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Crosswinds
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

After playing five hands of King’s Council with the mysterious Clearcoast, The Nameless Company joined the nine-fingered halfling in one of the Jackpot’s private Mingling Pots, where they learned the lowdown on the Subaqueo Var and its defenses. Purchasing a map of the Awaiting Trial section of the prison, they set about hatching their plan.

For the next five days, the adventurers split into many factions, seeking whatever weaknesses or arrangements they could to strengthen their bid. Disguised as suspicious looking dragonborn, they spoke with Salvaro, an off-duty guard at the Var amenable to bribery. They discovered that Vytoza of House Topaz, Ûbolya’s only child, is currently held as a prisoner beneath Crosswinds. They arranged for the disappearance of Vytoza’s ship, the Dalarab Das, on the same day as the potential jailbreak. They purchased a chest full of keys, as a potential bribing tool for the key-obsessed kraken that dwells far below the prison. They purchased a ritual that would allow them to breath underwater.

As they commenced these preparations, they discovered that the informant, the unknown party who ratted on their initial break of the quarantine, continued to works its devious ways. Upon arriving back at the New Talisman, their inn of choice, the adventurers discover wanted posters – with all five of their faces – plastered all over the streets in their home district, offering a five thousand gold piece reward for their capture.

Whether or not their plan is compromised, remains to be seen.

Episode 64 - At Cross Purposes
Arrival at Crosswinds

Game Date: Durek 99 – Autumn 4, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Crimson Atoll
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

After celebrating a halfhearted Flamefest, The Bad Omen spots their first whale – a pod of blackfish – sporting strangely about in the Scarlet Sea. Running out the boats, the majority of The Nameless Company joins the harpooners in their attempts to catch these whales for their supper. Vaca, meanwhile, is struck by his conscience and stays behind.

As soon as they’ve encircled their whales, they discover that, in fact, the poor pod has been possessed by the ghost of Mad Wilbur, the killer whale which bit off Captain Bixby’s leg. Working together, the adventurers and their goliath allies make short work of the whales, lobbing harpoons and pinning the zombified creatures in place. Vaca eventually joins them, arriving just in time to rescue a drowning Grandmother Crow.


After several nights of more lovely celebration, The Bad Omen arrives in Crosswinds, the trade capital of the world. Their aim here is to liberate Captain Dawndive, her ship and her crew from the custody of Three Seas Shipping. By chance, they purchase stay at a tavern in Sleepwell, The New Talisman, where they encounter several members of The Distressed Damsel’s now-unemployed crew.

Arguing with Kardasha the Cruel, The Nameless Company attempts to convince the irate halfling woman of their good intentions. She informs them of the traitor in their midst, that the Damsel’s officers are locked in the Subaqueo Var and who they need to meet with in order to potentially arrange their freedom. Making a note to hunt down this Pufferfish at some point in the future, The Nameless Company heads to the Jackpot, where they hope to meet with Clearcoast, the Subaqueo’s supposed architect, over a game of King’s Council.

Episode 63 - Seas So Scarlet
Tribes Allied, Tribes Rescued

Game Date: Durek 89 – 98, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Harpoon Bay
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

Departing Harpoon Bay, The Nameless Company sails for Sootsands, island of the Ruj’ha’ka’zé goliath tribe. With the help of Mqueque, The Bad Omen’s chief harpooner, the adventurers make the acquaintance of Chief Naabishe who, after some convincing, agrees to supply the Mizkwinashange with 500 braves. The heroes stay the night, celebrating with the warlike goliaths, before departing for the Crimson Atoll in the south.

After enduring five days of Captain Bixby’s whaling legends, The Bad Omen and her crew arrive in the homeland of the Ra’kee’zo’é, only to discover a large Arkhosian ship, The Guard Drake, currently docked there. Seeing many of the Colored-Coral goliaths once again in chains, The Nameless Company sprang into action, confronting the Drake’s captain, the dreaded Aiqor, in the goliath’s main dwelling.

Beneath the shell of a massive mizeekay’mukwa, the heroes parlayed briefly with the Truarkh champion, learning that he’d been dispatched here by his master, Metarkh Ptolomos, on orders to recover the cure to scale rot. On board his ship, Aiqor also held all the goliath children of the tribe in chains and, at his signal, would see them executed. Battle was swiftly joined and, while the heroes made short work of his trueforged guards, Aiqor remained within the healing circle, awaiting the opportunity to cross swords with his enemies.


When they met Aiqor on an even field, however, the dragonborn champion nearly put the Company on their knees. Only when his armor was cracked, the scale rot oozing out, did he offer terms. Begrudgingly, both sides agreed to go their separate ways, Aiqor releasing the children and returning to his ship. Hailed as heroes by the Ra’kee’zo’é, Chogaruk promised to send a company of Sootsand soldiers to the Crimson Atoll and protect the Colored-Coral tribe from any future reprisals.

Next, The Nameless Company sets sail for Crosswinds and the liberation of the Damsel’s crew.

Episode 62 - Suddenly, Birds!
The Strangest Adventure Yet

Game Date: Durek 89, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Rookwood
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati

Transformed into crows, The Nameless Company hears the plight of Grandfather Raven. A valuable treasure, the Tinkly-Tinkly Necklace, has been stolen from the Conspiracy of Ravens, the Rookwood’s ruling body. The culprit, Boss King Magpie, has flown the coop and cannot be located anywhere. The heroes are charged, with promise of great reward, with locating the errant magpie and retrieving the Tinkly-Tinkly Necklace.

Questioning his mate, Boss Queen Magpie, they learn that Boss King Magpie is hiding out somewhere in Jackdaw Dell. Visiting with Shellsmasher, the artifact’s original thief, they learn that the Tinkly-Tinkly Necklace has the ability to drive away large animals and from Yellowfeather, the oriole informant, they learn that Boss King Magpie was lately seen within the Cobweb Copse, home of Skittershanks, the souvenir spider.

Flying into Cobweb Copse, The Nameless Company confronts Boss King Magpie and his cronies. During the conflict, the massive spider makes its presence known and Zencaré convinces the birds to join forces against Skittershanks. Working together, all the blackbirds manage to defeat and slay the massive eight-legged fiend that’s plagued the Rookwood for so long.


After negotiating a deal with Boss King Magpie, wherein he’ll return the Tinkly-Tinkly Necklace and he claims credit for slaying Skittershanks, the adventurers return the artifact to the grateful Conspiracy of Ravens. In return, they offer the company a wealth of treasure and magical equipment, which they regard as trash, and offer them one hundred crows to serve as spies, whenever they require spies.

This done, The Nameless Company is transformed back to their original forms and depart the Rookwood. Upon returning to The Bad Omen, they endure the strange looks of the crew, who inform them that their entire sojourn lasted scarcely ten minutes.


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