Prologue One - Maz Immura
Descent into a Nameless Ruin

Campaign Date: Zahal 45, 106 F.I.
Staring Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Chuchann, Lady Somara, Osley Riverrock

Kajetan of House Jasper, Headmaster of the Belltower Collegium, had finally, after years and years of painstaking research and study, uncovered startling evidence to suggest that, hidden beneath the nearby Arkhosian ruin of Maz Immura, there may indeed dwell a deeper, older structure, that harkens back to a power far older that once covered all Qairn with its might.

Off the record, he conscripted the aid of three competent and willing mercenaries; a mighty goliath barbarian from the Godswrist Mountains, a valiant and resilient dragonborn paladin of Arkos and a local halfling “security expert” who specializes in mechanical devices and the disabling thereof, and set off north, in search of ancient history and the culmination of his life’s work.

The Occola Bayou was treacherous and unpleasant but, after some toil and travel, the party arrived at the foot of Maz Immura, barely recognizable as the glorious structure it once was. A ruin caked in vines, sludge and other signs of evident decay, it takes the adventurers many long minutes of searching to examine and uncover what they seek – an immense sigil, spread across the floor and depicting a pair of circles, one green and one purple, inlaid into the floor. Kajetan rumbles out a command word and, sure enough, each circle dislodges itself and serves as lift down into an ancient structure, hidden from the world beneath this Arkhosian ruin, clearly built to accommodate giants.

The chamber they arrive in features three round doors (one purple, one green and one black), pools of standing, fetid water and four zombified corpses, evidently the remains of an Arkhosian archaeologist team, who failed in their attempt to excavate the dungeon. Battle is quickly joined, each mercenary proving their mettle again and again, even Lady Somara, to whom the sight of these undead dragonborn deeply saddened and grieved her gentle heart. The zombies dispatched and looted, the three adventurers and their dwarven employer turned their minds to the seemingly immovable door. After uncovering the password beneath a morass of moss and swampscum, however, Chuchann approached the door, chanted “Await We The Fall” and the black door rolled effortlessly aside.

Descending a deep well some eighty feet further beneath the swamp, the party uncovered a long chamber, lined on either side by many statues of kneeling giant masons. Much to their chagrin, however, when they moved more properly into the chamber, a disembodied voice declared they had not the “mettle of the makers” and they were promptly assaulted by two of the headless smith statues and a devious lightning trap. Victory was soon achieved, with Lady Somara herself dealing the final blow and the party spending a significant time looting both animate giant statues of their intestine residuum, while Osley took his customary post-combat leak.

After descending a flight of stairs, they came upon a small shrine, complete with well of jaundiced yellow water, and, before continuing onto the treasure room beyond, where Kajetan believed a great artifact had been laid to rest, Chuchann was taken by the mad whimsy to leap into the disgusting well. Before anyone could stop him, he hurtled himself forward and plopped straight into what they would eventually discover to be some sort of semi-intelligent caustic and carnivorous goop. A great battle ensued, with the ooze fully swallowing Chuchann before the mighty goliath could tear himself free, Lady Somara dousing some nearby vegetation with her dragon flame and Osley feinting the slimy creature directly into the burning foliage.

Before long, they’d successfully vanquished the creature and discovered, much to Kajetan’s delight, an ancient artifact, what he assumed the vault had been constructed to protect – a burnished bronze gear, whose function or purpose remains entirely unknown. After looting many valuable coins from the treasure room beyond, the party retreated, their dungeon sacked, its monsters defeated and a mystery brewing in their minds.

Prologue Two - Over the Ironshod Hills
Trouble on the Westward Road

Campaign Date: Zahal 68, 101 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Captain Miraj, Chuchann, Lady Somara, Osley Riverrock

Some weeks after the successful completion of their previous adventure, Headmaster Kajetan called our three mighty heroes (Chuchann, Lady Somara and Osley Riverrock) to his side and tasked them with another great errand.

After weeks of study of the mysterious gear they’d uncovered beneath the ruins of Maz Immura, Kajetan sought to confirm some of his findings with a colleague of his, Lady Magus Tormála – eladrin wizard and mayor of the nearby town of Kirish Dahn. Believing the gear to be too valuable to be left unguarded, he intended to smuggle the gear aboard a local merchant cart and hire the heroes to accompany it. To further safeguard the gear’s travels to Kirish Dahn, Kajetan managed to convince the head of the local campus security, a grim and gruff tiefling captain, to join the adventuring party.

Traveling unmolested over the Ironshod Hills proved too mean a feat, however. Not long into their two-day journey, the cart was beset by goblin raiders of the Weepingeye Tribe. Defeating the goblins and their trained blood ape out of hand, our heroes skillfully tracked an odd couple of bugbears back toward the goblin’s cave.

Inside the cave, the heroes discovered, among throngs of enemy goblins, a vile and hellish crack split open upon the cave floor, more and more goblins continually pouring out of it. After a harrowingly close call with Captain Miraj and a tumble down the goblin-infested crack, Kajetan’s Keepers managed to defeat the vile goblin hexer and plug the widening crack with the use of great stone boulders.

The goblins routed, the remainder of the trek to Kirish Dahn was uneventful. Upon arrival, Lady Magus Tormála greeted the party warmly, allowing them several days to recuperate within her tower before returning to Belltower.

Prologue Three - A Hired Knife
A Feud Forged

Campaign Date: Zahal 99, 101 F.L.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Captain Miraj, Chuchann, Osley Riverrock

After being summoned to the Belltower Collegium to meet with Headmaster Kajetan, our intrepid heroes unintentionally interrupt a botched assassination attempt in process and apprehend one Nim Goodthorpe, a gnomish cutthroat evidently hired to dispose of Kajetan and make off with the mysterious gear. After a hasty hiring by the understaffed Miraj, the heroes set about the task of ascertaining whom would wish the good Headmaster harm and why.

As Kajetan himself lies in a poison-induced coma, a thorough and three-forked interrogation of the cowed Nim reveals his employer to be an unknown dwarf benefactor. Promising nothing but pure violence should he object, the gnome agrees to cut a deal with the enterprising heroes, hoping to ensnare the shadowy villain behind the dastardly deed.

At this juncture, the heroes split their number, the cunning Osley and the mighty Chuchann investigate the possibility of an antidote for Kajetan in the city of Belltower itself. While first paying a visit to Silent Sazlo, headman of the Cup Tricks, they eventually acquire an antidote from an unscrupulous halfling pirate and conclude their walkabout by securing the safety of Goodthorpe’s cantankerous mother and her squealing spawn.

Meanwhile Captain Miraj, investigating at the Collegium, comes to the conclusion, based on Nim’s testimony, a suspiciously expensive hand crossbow and good old fashioned detective work, that one Professor Gabor, a visiting instructor from the prestigious Cantilever Municipal University, was likely the involved party, seeking to obtain the artifact for the glory of his masters in House Topaz.

Moving to confront Gabor, the heroes found the guilty dwarven professor attempting to escape on a peculiar spoked vehicle. With the combined efforts of Osley’s thrown daggers, Miraj’s corralling of bystanders and Chuchann’s blind leap from a third story building, Professor Gabor was successfully overwhelmed and brought to justice.

As Kajetan recovered from the perilous effects of his poison, he spends a brief moment to imagine what heroic future awaits these most peerless of adventurers.

Episode 1 - The Sunset Ship
Defending Belltower From An Unknown Assailant

Campaign Date: Zahal 6, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Fate finds four adventurers – a goliath savage, an elven wanderer, a shifter mercenary and a gnomish girl – enjoying a cool spring evening on the docks of Belltower in 338 F.I. Drawn to the city for their own personal reasons, each member of the would-be party quite unexpectedly finds themselves, at the exact moment of the sunset, under attack by a party of uncloaked, unusual elven assailants.

Of white hair, dark complexion and unknown motive, these sudden marauders ruthlessly cut down whomever and whatever stands in their way, be they lowly peasant or mighty adventurer. A hasty battle bond is formed, championed by Zanna, and the four companions, in due time, defeat the four elves, though with many questions on their minds.

They haven’t much time to contemplate their victory, however, before another party of the dusk elves, piloting a small boat, harries them with ranged weapons. Chogaruk, mighty barbarian, is plunged into the river when the stone bridge beneath him is sundered by the mage’s purple fireball, but the indefatigable juggernaut swims after his attackers all the same. The remaining three heroes manage to commandeer a small craft of their own and, with Vaca expertly rowing their boat out to match dingy for dingy, the wizard and his entourage of archers are roundly defeated.

‘Twas only then that, floating in Belltower’s amble harbor, that the impromptu party catches sight of its true enemy – a massive pirate ship, anchored some distance offshore. Of equally bewildering design, complete with triangular sails, pink hardwood and curious lettering playing across the sails, the dhow fires shot after shot from a pair of enormous enchanted ballistae, purple fire streaking from their bolts and destroying hapless buildings, with seemingly no provocation.

A bounty hunter of some repute, Cutter recognizes the ship as his mark – an elusive pirate ship plaguing southeastern Eregia, whose corsair captain is worth a sizable reward to the right people. A bargain struck, the heroes agree to split the bounty four ways should they apprehend said captain and pilot their tiny boat towards the waiting pirate ship.

With Cutter firing brutal bolt after brutal bolt to clean off the ballista firing crews, the four adventurers board the mysterious ship, do furious battle against the ship’s crew . After several rounds of combat, however, an equally mysterious dusk elven woman emerges from the captain’s cabin, utters an unknown command in their foreign, unrecognizable tongue and, quite without warning, the ship and its crew literally vanish out from beneath the party’s feet.

Plunging into the churning surf where once floated a pirate ship, the baffled companions are left to wonder what precisely happened as they watch the sun sink its last inch beneath the horizon.

Interlude - Enter Zencaré
A Commotion at the Collegium

Campaign Date: Zahal 6, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré

Interrupted from his research by the sounds of commotion down the river, Althoren Zencaré, visiting eladrin wizard, rushes to his balcony view overlooking the Belltower Collegium and spies an attempted kidnapping in the adjacent building. With a dagger pressed to her throat, a sinister cloaked figure ushers his hostage, the blind Professor Tegori, from her office and down the hallway.

Ie1 map

Acting quickly, Zencaré, through a combination of swift climbing and eladrin teleportation magic, catches up with the abductor and, with a display of his magical prowess, convinces the kidnapper, a dark-skinned elf, to release his captive, before fleeing in the opposite direction.

After securing Tegori’s safety, Zencaré pursues and, upon reaching the campus ground, is subsequently ambushed by another pair of dusk elven assailants. Dispatching them and a rowboat full of re-enforcements with blasts of lightning and arcane wind, the eladrin offers the strange abductor one final unheeded chance to surrender before slitting his throat with his khopesh.

Come the morn, Zencaré is summoned, after much thanks and praise from the undermanned campus security, to an audience with Professor Kajetan of House Jasper, whereupon he encounters four more companions of unusual talents, awaiting to hear some dearly desired answers about the previous night’s seemingly random attacks.

Episode 2 - By Land or Sea
The Gear Goes West

Campaign Date: Zahal 7-8, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

All summoned by a series of inexplicable posters scattered across town, Belltower’s four defenders, plus one new addition, meet with a cantankerous Professor Kajetan, former Headmaster of the Belltower Collegium, concerning the true motivation for the previous evening’s unprecedented assault. It seems that, during all the commotion with the sunset ship’s attack, someone broke into Kajetan’s office and absconded with his life’s work – a burnished bronze gear, recovered from an archaeological dig some two hundred years previously. In addition, several kidnapping attempts, including the one Zencaré prevented, of blind people all across the city were attempted with various degrees of success. Whatever their motives, the sunset ship has since vanished, with several blind Belltowerians and Kajetan’s precious gear in tow.

To this end, the ancient dwarven academic seeks to hire the heroes to pursue the mysterious pirates and recover his stolen property. For a sizable monthly fee (a fee made more sizable by the eladrin’s bargaining), these five “field researchers” agree to embark on a quest to apprehend the dusk elven brigands, reclaim Kajetan’s artifact and collect their reward. Their first choice – whether to begin their pursuit by land or sea – they decide quickly; by land they shall go.

Kajetan’s most recent information suggests that their quarry heads now westward, towards the dwarven metropolis of Cantilever, City of Constructs. To reach the clockwork city, the adventurers must first cross the jagged Ironshod Hills and pass through Kirish Dahn, now the goblin-occupied town of Gorzibadd. Thusly, with little further ado, the five heroes, armed with sword, spell and semi-reliable map, depart Belltower and undertake their first great adventure as a company.

Along the way, they pass eerie groves of goblin-painted warning signs, befriend and patronize a peculiar kobold merchant and finally do furious battle with a band of warg-riding goblin sentries, Gorzibadd’s first line of defense. Despite Cutter’s instinctual fear of the slobbering beasts, the powerful adventurers, now five strong, make short work of the goblins, Chogaruk in particular felling several adversaries beneath his mighty greataxe.

E4 map

After interrogating both the kobold merchant and a goblin captive, the company learns of two intriguing leads with the village of Gorzibadd itself – one, a reputedly powerful eladrin artifact with the power to slay anyone its wielder desires and the other, a hapless shifter cub captured by the goblin’s cruel leader in need of rescue. With Chogaruk, Cutter and Zencaré interested in the slaying stone and Vaca and Zanna, fast becoming friends, interested in the shifter, the heroes resolve to hatch a plan to take Gorzibadd by storm.

Episode 3 - Welcome to Gorzibadd!
Love Amongst the Goblins

Campaign Date: Zahal 9, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Ironshod Hills (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Come the snowy morn, the five adventurers descend into the valley of Kirish Dahn and look upon the blighted village of Gorzibadd for the first time. Dilapidated, vandalized and a pale shadow of what might once have been idyllic and beautiful, it was neither a soothing nor comforting sight to any assembled.

Sending Gnish Humanfriend on his way to distract the goblins at the main gate, the five heroes stole away around the southern side of the palisaded village, stumbling upon a perfect opportunity to creep, unnoticed, into the village. Someone, or several someones, as they were to discover, had hacked and cleaved their way through the palisade and brutally butchered a goblin patrol. Somewhat disquieted, the heroes took advantage of this surprise windfall all the same and promptly entered Gorzibadd proper.

Knocking on the library’s door wasn’t precisely how Mort, goblin librarian, expected to receive a solicitation from a group of powerful adventurers and, after a tense conversation, they learnt some valuable information about the slaying stone – namely, that either Lady Magus Tormála or a supposed brass dragon named Tyristys living under the hot springs currently possess the artifact. While Cutter met privately with the librarian privately, the other heroes encountered Gnish’s petulant sister, Speelock, poking through Mort’s trash, in search for her own clues about the stone’s whereabouts.

On the way toward Tormála’s tower, our heroes had a chance encounter with the brutal interlopers whose handiwork they’d previously encountered – a party of orcs, bearing the marks of the Mfuriko “Red Flood” warband, viciously interrogating a hapless goblin via the use of a naked human slave. Not allowing such injustice to stand, the intrepid heroes fell upon the cruel orcs and, after a prolonged and bloody battle, the four orcish marauders and their fell shaman were vanquished. After freeing Mirabell, the chained captive, they learnt that the orcs, presumably on orders from The Widow Mjade, were also searching the village for the slaying stone and, with none of the five orcs having a working tongue between them, required the use of a translator.

With Mirabell freed and Qairn a better place for the slaying of those five monsters, the heroes set off towards Tormála’s spire, hoping to curry favor with the cloistered wizard to aid them against either Hujat or the brass dragon.


What they discover waiting for them at the tower’s base, however, chills them to the very bone.

Episode 4 - The Spire of Kirish Dahn
The Tragic Fate of the Lady Magus

Campaign Date: Zahal 9, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Kirish Dahn (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

In the abandoned lowest level of the Lady Magus’ spire, our heroes discover a sealed entrance, a dangerous necrotic circle and a foreboding pile of goblin bones. When the mighty Chogaruk and the sage Zencaré investigate the entrance, they find not only a terrible necrotic energy taxing away at their souls, but also reanimated goblin skeletons, clambering to the tower’s defense. The heroes dispatch these weaklings swiftly, however, and it is Chogaruk, in a moment of clarity, who solves the riddle barring their progress – merely by speaking the wizard’s name could they gain entry to her tower.

With the aid of illuminating magic and a handy everburning torch, the five heroes ascend the spire, in search of the wizard cloistered within.

The tower’s second floor is warded by a devious trap – an enchanted crossbow turret that fires partially invisible bolts at the slightest sound within its magical hearing. Each party member responds to this threat differently; Vaca attempts to block the bolts with shield, Cutter pads silently around behind and Chogaruk charges in, accepting three arrows in the chest to introduce the turret to his greataxe.


In the end, it is Zanna’s resourcefulness that wins the day; a judicious use of her gnome-given illusion powers draws the trap’s attention, just in time for crafty Cutter to disable it, retrieving a roll of ten enchanted crossbow bolts in reward.

The third floor contains no traps or wardings, but a grim warning of what might lie ahead. Several pools of cooled and hardened acid had destroyed most of the room’s furniture and the phrase “My hands, my face” eerily scorches the chamber’s nearest wall in caustic handprints. Thoroughly unnerved, fearing the worst for the Lady Magus and one enchanted robe richer, the five heroes advance the final staircase, hoping against hope to find anything but a monster awaiting them.

After a final attempt to parlay with her, the adventurers discover, quite to their horror, that the eladrin once known as the Lady Magus Tormála has been replaced with a horrifying monsters of melting features and bubbling acid. As they do furious battle with the insane remnant of a spellcaster, sage Zencaré, highly learned in arcane lore, correctly identifies the Lady Magus as a green arcanian, the end result of a wizard dabbling in powers far beyond their control. In an attempt to cast some powerful enchantment, certainly to protect her tower, it seems that the Lady Magus transformed herself into this monster and has spent the past thirty years vainly attempting to reverse the transformation. Seeing no hope for the insane creature, Zencaré and his four companions set about relieving Tormála of her misery.

During the chaos of battle, a terribly wounded Cutter performs an inexplicable feat of magic, disappearing from his location and appearing across the room, far from harm. While, during the fierce melee, few others make note, Chogaruk’s unusual perception catches the disturbance and logs how strange it was.

The combined might of all five adventurers is enough to overwhelm the arcanian and defeat her. With Lady Magus spared any further agony, the weary adventurers resolve to rest a few precious hours and assail Hujat’s warehouse come nightfall, hoping they’re still in time to save the shifter cub.

Episode 5 - Election Day
A Mayor Deposed, A Child Rescued, An Artifact Acquired

Campaign Date: Zahal 9, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Kirish Dahn (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

The assault against Hujat’s fortified warehouse begins inauspiciously, as Cutter plunges headfirst into a pit trap. The sentries alerted, the five heroes engage in pitched battle on the ruined parade ground before the warehouse; Chogaruk dueling a mighty bugbear door-warden, Vaca and Zanna holding wave after wave of goblin grunts at bay, Cutter and Zen trading projectiles with a pair of entrenched sharpshooters. With the aid of sword, spell and goblin ineptitude, the intrepid adventurers make quick work of the goblin’s first line of defense.

With a powerful mage hand, Zencaré blasts the warehouse’s door open. Inside, the heroes discover Hujat, the two-headed warg Umakk, a handful of bugbear and goblin retainers, as well as Mof, the defenseless shifter cub, dangling in an iron cage over an enormous firepit. Without hesitation, the heroes barrel forward into fierce battle with the Mayor of Gorzibadd.

All five adventurers distinguish themselves valiantly during the battle. Charging headlong into the fray, Vaca meets with fierce resistance from the two bugbears and their mounted mayor at the front gate, but holds resiliently. Chogaruk foils the goblin’s attempt to barricade the other entrance with a single swing of his powerful axe and the battle is joined. Cutter, once again using his seemingly mystical teleporting powers, gains access to the building’s catwalk and skillfully dispatches the mayor’s mutated mount. Zanna herself claims the killing blow on Hujat, besting him javelin-for-javelin. Zencaré twists the arcane fabric to free the captive shifter cub from her cage.

With the government of Gorzibadd in ruin, as evidenced by Hujat’s head impaled upon a pike outside his “impregnable fortress”, Vaca and Zanna question Mof and the burly shifter fighter counsels her against returning to the care of a shifter she names Vix. With Gnish’s permission, the kobold is delighted to accept Mof as a temporary apprentice and the wereape cub, freed from both goblins and shifters, follows the master merchant toward Belltower to begin her life anew.

With only one obstacle lying before them, the five adventurers, after a brief conversation about Cutter’s presumed teleportation powers, approach the forbidding hot springs, to engage in a parlay with Tyristys, brass dragon, holder of the slaying stone and now de facto mayor of Gorzibadd. After a tense discussion, Zanna, with aid from Chogaruk and Vaca, convinces the mighty wyrm to relinquish the stone into the company’s capable hands and Tyristys, weary of defending the artifact against interested parties, complies.

As they prepare to take their leave, Zanna removes a particular helm from her pack and dons it, provoking mixed responses from the rest of her companions. So it was that, armed with a powerful artifact with the power to slay anyone the wielder wills, the five adventurers finally departed Gorzibadd, heading off into the wilderness towards Cantilever.

Episode 6 - A Timely Feast
The Marriage of Wynfor and Hefina, Children of Taemin, on Mound Amserdi

Campaign Date: Zahal 10 – 12, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Roahke Flats (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Travelling across the trackless Roahke Flats doesn’t prove too difficult for our heroes, despite meager rations, inclement weather and pathless terrain. Their third day abroad from Kirish Dahn, however, our heroes encounter both a strangely persistant mist and a pair of elven newlyweds, chasing each other with bow and horse across the fields.

Upon their chance meeting, the elves, a pair of engaged siblings named Wynfor and Hefina, react strangely to the sight of the party, commenting in a queer and archaic fashion concerning the goliath, the shifter and the elf. They’re unanimous, however, in their fascination with the eladrin and the gnome and promptly invite the heroes to their wedding feast, some distance to the north. With little else to occupy their evening, the adventurers agree and journey with their elven escorts to Mound Amserdi.

Upon arriving at the Mound, the Roahdri elves excitedly invite the heroes to participate in their wedding games, which they take to with gusto. Chogaruk dominates wrestling and stone put, while Cutter masters archery, foot racing and even tries his hand at liar’s dice. After besting their opponents at both arm wrestling and elven bocce respectively, Zanna and Vaca then engage the elven children in hide-and-seek and impromptu pony races around the Mound. Zencaré, meanwhile, imbibes a significant amount of alcohol and spends the majority of his time playing strip liar’s dice, eventually defeating and seducing the sister of the bride into a tryst in the grass.

During the festivities, however, several of the heroes begin to notice strange abnormalities amongst both the elves and the evening itself. Zencaré detects a strange magical energy, unlike anything he’d ever studied, pervading the atmosphere. Zanna catches a handful too many references to the Arkhosian Empire, specifically in the present tense and Cutter, a talented woodsman, recognizes several telltale signs of winter, in the middle of what ought to have spring. Something, it seemed, is indeed afoot about this wedding.

After returning successful from the ritual of the bridal hunt, the company nevertheless enjoys the feast, devouring with relish any food presented before them, especially after days of trail rations. When the wedding ceremony, a trio of intricate dances, officially begins, each PC notices that, as a newfound wind moves across the Mound, the thick mist fades away and with it, the entire wedding festival, foods, music, revelers and all. They’re granted the briefest of views of a full Imald, hanging paradoxically in the sky, before everything seemingly blows away before their eyes.

What remains is a ghastly sight. With no sign of the elves, only dried blood stains the stone table, the phrase “Mother, I’m Here” is written in red elven letters across the center of the table. Quickly hastening from the scene, our heroes wonder by what fortune, precisely, they’d come to travel backwards in time some five hundred years, if only for one night.


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