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  • Azure Sea

    The *Azure Sea* is [[Qairn | Qairn's]] central ocean, named so for its immense depths, granting it a significantly bluer color.

  • Crosswinds

    *Crosswinds* is a metropolis (pop. 197,000), the corporate headquarters of [[Three Seas Shipping | Three Seas Shipping]] and the largest city in the known world. Located on a large island equidistant from [[Colcambria | Colcambria]], [[Irmina | Irmina]] …

  • Isle of Kelp

    The *Isle of Kelp* is a tiny island in the southern [[Azure Sea | Azure Sea]]. A day's sail east from [[Crosswinds | Crosswinds]], the island is uninhabited, plagued with seaweed and often used as a meeting point between smugglers wishing to move …

  • Abbey of All Monsters

    The *Abbey of All Monsters* is a temple dedicated to [[Oslé | Oslé]] and constructed on the bottom of the [[Azure Sea | Azure Sea]]. Manned and maintained by the [[Sunken Sisters | Sunken Sisters]], the abbey and its sistren are devoted to the study and …

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