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  • Prologue One - Maz Immura

    *Campaign Date:* Zahal 45, 106 F.I. *Staring Point:* [[Belltower | Belltower]] *Player Characters Present:* [[:chuchan | Chuchann]], [[:lady-somara | Lady Somara]], [[:osley-riverrock | Osley Riverrock]] [[:kajetan-of-house-jasper | Kajetan of House …

  • Oslé's Treasury

    *Oslé's Treasury* is a massive vault in southern [[Obalta | Obalta]]. A channel into a vast underground lake, the ancient [[Halfling | halflings]] of Obalta used to make monetary sacrifices to their deity [[Oslé | Oslé]] here, dropping immense quantities …

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