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  • History

    The following is a general timeline of [[Qairn | Qairn's]] recorded history, based on [[Gouzim-Hrrlor Calendar | the Gouzim-Hrrlor calendar]]: [[Campaign Timeline | Campaign Timeline]]

    The Nameless Time

    The stretch of eons before the rise …

  • Campaign Timeline

    h3. Prologue *Zahal 45, 101 F.I.:* [[:kajetan-of-house-jasper | Headmaster Kajetan]] hires four adventurers to accompany him to [[Maz Immura | Maz Immura]]. From within the ruin, they uncover "the mysterious gear":http://www.obsidianportal.com/ …

  • Nameless Time

    The *Nameless Time* refers to the prehistory of [[Qairn | Qairn]], before the rise of [[Arkhosia | Arkhosia]], the advent of the [[Gouzim-Hrrlor Calendar | dwarven calender]] and, in truth, modern civilization. During this time, [[Nameless Empire | The …

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