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  • Episode 17 - The Edge of the Map

    *Game Date:* Zahal 40–51, 338 F.I. *Starting Point:* [[Typhoon's Rest | Typhoon's Rest]] *Player Characters Present:* [[:althoren-zencar | Althoren Zencaré]], [[:chogaruk | Chogaruk]], [[:cutter | Cutter]], [[:vaca-l-oy-dakursa | Vaca L'oy Dakursa]], …

  • Iomeraz

    *Iomeraz* or *the Endfrost*, known to the [[Ta'dez'al'é | Ta'dez'al'é]] goliaths as *Chogawazo* and the halflings of Obalta simply as *the White Country*, is a fabled sixth continent, supposedly some distance further south than [[Colcambria | Colcambria]] …

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