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  • Isetnofret Regency

    The *Regency of Isetnofret* is, along with [[Tepemkau Regency | Tepemkau]] and Hamessu, one of the three extant [[Imald (moon) | Imaldi]] Regencies. Their sigil is the ivy plant, their seat the citadel of Iron Ivy in the city of Iar Qrodai and has most of …

  • Iar Tyonai

    *Iar Tyonai* is a small city (pop. 9,808) located in northern [[Imald (moon) | Imald]]. Leal to the [[Isetnofret Regency | Isetnofret Regency,]] Iar Tyonai is notable for its proximity to the Fissure, a massive crack in the moon that runs thousands and …

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