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  • Episode 97 - Sleepless Dream

    *Game Date:* Autumn 93-94, 339 F.I. *Starting Point:* [[Crimson Atoll | Crimson Atoll]] *Player Characters Present:* [[:althoren-zencar | Althoren Zencaré]], [[:chogaruk | Chogaruk]], [[:zanna | Zanna]] Within the world of primal spirits, The …

  • Aiqor Tharax

    Born in the small town of New Thara, Aiqor served much of his life in the [[Arkhosia | Arkhosian]] military, serving with the 78th Legion. During a [[Scale Rot | scale rot]] outbreak in [[Xoban | Xoban,]] Aiqor was infected with the virulent disease. …

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