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  • Scarlet Sea

    The *Scarlet Sea* is [[Qairn | Qairn's]] southernmost ocean, named so for the pirates that frequent it and the bloodshed they cause.

  • Azure Sea

    The *Azure Sea* is [[Qairn | Qairn's]] central ocean, named so for its immense depths, granting it a significantly bluer color.

  • Emerald Sea

    The *Emerald Sea* is [[Qairn | Qairn's]] northernmost ocean, so named for the copious amounts of marine algae that clog its waters. Of Qairn's three oceans, the Emerald Sea is the least charted and most dangerous, so far from [[Arkhosia | Arkhosia's]] …

  • Stale Seas

    The *Stale Seas* are the colloquial name for the two stretches of unpopular ocean, one to the west of [[Irmina | Irmina]] and the other to the east of [[Eregia | Eregia]]. Known for their unnaturally calm waters and extremely high salt levels, the Stale …

  • Demonmaw

    The *Demonmaw* (_Kicheska'to_ in Vrellish) is a fearsome legend of an unknown sea monster, a creature beyond mortal understanding that's been preying on ships sailing the three seas for close on six hundred years. The stories claim that a ship targeted …

  • Sea Beneath

    The *Sea Beneath* _(Ozepolhan in Dwarven)_ is a massive body of still water, located in the southern [[Underdark | Underdark]]. A naturally forming body of water, the Sea Beneath was, prior to the opening of the Kazam, a vital resource and ecosystem to …

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