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  • Episode 34 - Shipwrecked

    *Game Date:* Durek 42-45, 338 F.I. *Starting Point:* [[Malaphar | Malaphar]] "(See Map)":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/mooncrash/maps/25181 *Player Characters Present:* [[:althoren-zencar | Althoren Zencaré]], [[:chogaruk | Chogaruk]], [[:vaca …

  • Metarkh Ptolomos Phyrenos

    Born to dragonborn parents, Arkhon Ptolomos Phyrenos is the current ruling body in the city of [[Phyren | Phyren]] and is widely popular among his constituency. He's taken a hard, radical stance in favor of traditional [[Arkhosia | Arkhosian]] values, a …

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