Abbey of All Monsters

The Abbey of All Monsters is a temple dedicated to Oslé and constructed on the bottom of the Azure Sea. Manned and maintained by the Sunken Sisters, the abbey and its sistren are devoted to the study and worship of the ocean’s many great monsters and beasts – krakens, dragon turtles and even the dreaded Demonmaw.

Highly secretive and accessible only via an obscure ritual, the Abbey continues its work throughout the years, unnoticed and unobserved by all.


Seeking information on the Demonmaw, the Nameless Company ventured to the Abbey of All Monsters – originally in disguise – to consult the Sunken Sisters there ( Episode 98). Making a deal with High Abbess Gamalarna, the adventurers agreed to venture to Palune, kill Vencel and bring his body to the Sisters for further study. To accomplish this, the great whale Lyvythar was summoned to bear them beneath the blockade ( Episode 107). In 341 F.I., the Nameless Company exploited the Abbey of All Monsters and their ceremony to summon the Demonmaw to slip inside the creature and slay it from within. Shortly thereafter, they received a threatening sending from the Abbey, warning them against future association. ( Episode 121)

Abbey of All Monsters

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