The Demonmaw (Kicheska’to in Vrellish) is a fearsome legend of an unknown sea monster, a creature beyond mortal understanding that’s been preying on ships sailing the three seas for close on six hundred years.

The stories claim that a ship targeted by the Demonmaw stops moving, becomes immobilized by a churning water. As the churning intensifies, a row of fearsome teeth appear at the very edge of the whirlpool and, shortly afterward, the ship is pulled – sometimes destroyed, sometimes whole – into the beast’s gullet. Whether the sailors survive down there is unknown.

The reality is much less believable. Through rigorous religious study, it has been revealed that the Demonmaw is a creature ensorcelled by Oslé, goddess of the ocean. Unable to punish her own sinners, she sends the beast to swallow their ships and damns them to a pitiful existence inside the creature’s belly. Worshipped by the Sunken Sisters, the Demonmaw is viewed as an avenging angel to the Oslite faith, who punishes the wicked and helps the Bounteous Typhoon to her revenges.


Meeting Captain Bixby in Yaor Bay in Autumn 339 F.I., they learned that his ship, The Bad Omen and its whaling crew, were swallowed by the beast, as payment for the destruction of Mad Wilbur ( Episode 96). Swearing to retrieve his crew, The Nameless Company sought the aid of the Abbey of All Monsters, attempting to learn what they could of the massive and mysterious beast. ( Episode 98)

In 341 F.I., the Wise Minds informed Chogaruk that, in order to rise to the throne of the Saltspray tribe, he must find and slay the Demonmaw. Assembling his companions – including Dondo Whitewave, the favored soul of Oslé – he sought the creature during the Sunken Sister’s ceremony to summon it. Fighting their way through the belly of the Demonmaw, they freed the Bad Omen and its crew by destroying the creature’s heart. Dondo, however, did not survive the endeavor. ( Episode 121)


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