Usago is a large city (pop. 17,000) in southeastern Obalta. Founded in 31 A.E., it’s the oldest contiguous city on the continent and, arguably, the oldest contiguous city in Qairn. It was from Usago that halfling shipwrights first devised their shaky longships, by which they crossed the Azure Sea to Eregia, landing on its shores in 44 A.E. To this day, Usago remains the shipwrighting capital of the world.


Size: Large City
Population: 17,912
Demographics: Integrated
Authority Figure: Usago City Congress (a board of oligarchs who control business and political interests in the city)
Important Sites: Cathedral Buoyant, The Flapping Fish
Districts: The Bilge, The Helm, Oldbank


Situated at the mouth of the Cerulean River, Usago is ideally placed to monopolize trade from both the mainland of Obalta and the Azure Sea. In ancient times, the expansive Aquarone Wood once surrounded the city but the massive lumber needs of Usago’s shipwrights has since dwindled that forest to nothing. A league northeast from the harbor, the seafloor drops suddenly into the deepest sinkhole in all of Qairn – the Usago Deep, its exact depth unknown. The Abbey of All Monsters is located along its sides.

Notable districts of Usago include:

  • The Bilge: A ratty, unpleasant dockside district, the Bilge is where Usago’s most disreputable ships come to dock. A smuggling haven for river pirates and even some Pariahs. The Flapping Fish, headquarters of the Savory Street Sturgeons, is located here.
  • The Helm: A massive seagate, the Helm is where all of Usago’s ships are constructed. The outer circle contains drydocks, while the inner circle is where all the components are crafted. The Cathedral Buoyant is located here.
  • Oldbank: The oldest neighborhood in all of Obalta, much of Oldbank has remained unchanged, preserved by the city council to display antiquated life on Qairn.


Founded in 31 A.E., Usago is widely regarded as the oldest city on Obalta. It began as a humble fishing town, on the banks of the Cerulean River. Growing and growing, the city attracted many shipwrights, considering its sea access. Over the centuries, the world-famous shipyard continued to innovate every major breakthrough in halfling nautical technology, the trireme and the caravel among them. The Helm was first constructed, with Arkhosian assistance, in 459 A.E. Like the Arkhosians before them, Three Seas Shipping has exempted Usago from their blockade, on the condition that they continue to provide the company with caravels and that they enforce a zero tolerance policy of dragonborn within the city limits.


In Autumn 339 F.I., The Nameless Company, on the trail of the Abbey of All Monsters, visited Usago. Disguised as the Oslite adventuring party, the Seawalkers, they sought a means to access the Abbey from the High Abbot of the Cathedral Buoyant. (Episode 98) Attempting to slay the Demonmaw, The Nameless Company arrived at Usago to join the Sunken Sisters in their ceremony to summon the beast. ( Episode 121)


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