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Arkos is the god of flame, battle, conquest and valor. Fighters, paladins and warlords are drawn to his worship and he is the patron deity of Arkhosia and all her dragonborn. It is said he enkindled the sun in the sky to lead his dragonborn armies to conquest. Summer is his season and the dragons, now corrupted by greed and avarice, were his first creations. His symbol is the letter A, the first of the Arkhosian alphabet, and his colors are red and yellow. His holy text, the Trazk, is an illuminated manuscript that details the allegorical exploits of Arkhosia, the Golden Dragon.

His astral domain is known as The Ceaseless Campaign and is thought to be a never-ending war of glorious conquest against a dreadful enemy, in which every battle is a heroic victory.


  • Sunsword
  • The Restless Conqueror
  • Father of Dragons


  • Battle is the greatest pursuit, bravery the highest virtue and victory the purest joy.
  • Power over the weak and cruelty against the innocent are wastes of one’s strength.
  • Might makes right. Conquest is often the only way to protect the defenseless against evil.


Arkos is unofficially thought of as the leader of the pantheon and his principles, supported by Gad, are typically enforced upon the rest of the gods, to greater or lesser cooperation. Following the betrayal of Xyar, Arkos made the executive decision to withdraw from the mortal realm and subsequently revoke all influence upon Qairn. He enforces this stricture to this day, though some gods – Palune and Oslé, primarily – find ways around this edict.


The Arkonian church is a powerful force in the life of the average Arkhosian. An institution nearly as old as the Empire itself, it wields a powerful influence over the politics and government of the kingdom. In the past, leaders of the church have ended the reigns of kings and emperors by declaring them weak or feckless or unworthy of Arkos’ favor. The Xato Marun, a secretive sect within the church, is charged with the sacred duty of hunting down the next golden dragon egg, wherever it might be hatched.


The Nameless Company endured stony relations with the church of Arkos over the course of the campaign. Early in their career, they ran afoul of the Xato Marun and made enemies of the secretive sect (Episode 46). This animosity furthered when they cast in with Tojezen and her gold dragon wyrmling, Qormoxen.

Zanna, The Nameless Company’s leader and warlord, is a devout follower of Arkos.


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