Attendance Policy


  • I run four games a month. Which days precisely are determined by which days are most unilaterally convenient for the players.
  • Once per month, the players and the Dungeon Master will discuss and schedule all four sessions for the upcoming month. Once these times are locked, they should not be rescheduled, except in extreme circumstances.
  • There’s no set time we play each day; that can change depending on the individual schedules of players.
  • If a player can’t make the designated time that week, the game continues regardless. As long as there are at least three players and the DM present, the session continues.
  • After three absences, the player in question and I will meet and make sure that they actually have enough time for the game, whether or not we need to phase their character out for a spell until their schedule calms down, etc.


  • A player who isn’t physically present for the session, but can still play via Skype or similar methods of video chat, will take a 25 XP penalty per session Skyped.
  • A player who’s up to 15 minutes late for a session will receive a 25 XP penalty. A player who’s more than 15 minutes late for a session will receive a 50 XP penalty and the game will start without the player.


  • Trivia will no longer be a competition, but instead will be a chance for everyone to earn a little extra XP. Rather than having a race to see who answers first, any person who messages, texts or e-mails the DM that week’s correct trivia question will receive the experience points offered, usually about 10, sometimes 15 or 20, depending on the question’s difficulty.

Attendance Policy

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