Belltower Collegium

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Belltower Collegium is a small, but prestigious dwarven-founded university in the Eregian coastal city of Belltower, to which it lends its name. It offers a wide range of studies to prospective students, including, but not limited to; history, astronomy, geology, mechanical engineering, wizardy and a particularly well-established Department of Arkhosian Studies.

Its current Headmaster, Gyma of House Brass, has been championing repairs and improvements to the Collegium, following the attack of the red dragon Calexzar in Autumn 338 F.I.


  • A. Academic Courtyard
  • B. Academic Buildings
  • C. Student Dormitories
  • D. Old Main & Faculty Dormitories
  • E. Temple of Gad
  • F. Storage
  • G. Belltower
  • H. Bridge
  • I. Gatehouse
  • J. Guard Barracks
  • K. Watchtower


The Band of Five, that mighty adventuring party of the past, was the first to have close relations with the Collegium. A young Headmaster Kajetan of House Jasper hired them to accompany him to the ruins of Maz Immura, to accompany an artifact to Lady Magus Tormala in Kirish Dahn and even to investigate the failed attempt on his life, all in 106 F.I. ( Prologue 1, 2, 3)

Centuries later, The Nameless Company too would become involved in the affairs of the college, when an aging Kajetan hired the newfound company to track down his missing gear, stolen by the dusk elf pirates of the Oferet ( Episode 2). This quest would take them all around the world, even to Palune, but would eventually bring them home to Belltower. Shortly thereafter, the red dragon Calexzar, falsely believing the heroes to have stolen his egg, came swooping down and nearly laid the town and the college to ruin. ( Episode 50)

Althoren Zencaré’s only daughter, Althoren Lunoré, is currently a student at the Belltower Collegium, studying arcane magic to one day become a wizard, like her father. Once, later in their career, the Nameless Company even assisted Lunoré in uncovering a nest of vampires at the school. (Episode 78). For their many heroic actions in defending the Collegium, each member of the original Nameless Company, has been named an Honorary Professor.

Belltower Collegium

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