Bulmer's Folly

Bulmer’s Folly is a trio of islands in the Emerald Sea that once hosted a puissant human kingdom but that, in recent times, has fallen from grace when their eponymous monarch, King Bulmer II, made an ill-fated pact with a tribe of hill giants in 308 F.I. For the past thirty years, Queen Uwu, an eccentric hill giant woman, has been the true ruler of what’s now known as “Bulmer’s Folly.”

In 339 F.I., a mercenary army named The Blue Banners, led by Zsuzanna, the Locust’s Daughter, expelled the hill giants from Bulmer’s Folly, defeating Queen Uwu with a ruse involving a massive wooden chair.


Strictly speaking, Bulmer’s Folly consists of three islands. Bulmer’s Folly typically refers to the largest of the three, where the hill giants and much of their human stock dwell, whereas Bulmer’s Sentinel, a smaller island to the west, once sported a watchtower. Bulmer’s Refugee, to the southeast, holds a small community of free humans, struggling against their erstwhile hill giant conquerors.

Bulmer's Folly

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