Cassino is a large city (pop. 15,000) at the heart of Obalta. Founded in 468 A.E., Cassino is known as the City of Carnivals and its primary industry is tourism. Since its founding, the wealthy from all over the world travel to Cassino to see its sights, its attractions and, more over, to gamble in its gaming houses. Much of the population of the city is comprised of the visiting elite or the workers needed to service the city’s many amusements and attractions.

The raising of Three Seas Shipping’s quarantine, therefore, presented a severe problem to Cassino, a city whose only industry is tourism. An active portal, therefore, was constructed in the center of the city’s plaza, allowing anyone with access to the Linked Portal ritual to journey to Cassino free of cost. Supposedly kept “secret” from Three Seas, it’s largely rumored both that the internation shipping conglomerate permits this de facto breaking of their quarantine, in exchange for heavy fees and the stipulation that no dragonborn be permitted to enter or, especially, exit the city.

For many years, the city paid a mercenary company, the High Heroes, to defend its walls, in exchange for free reign at the town’s many casinos, restaurants and amusements. When the Heroes and the orcs of the Mdikono warband destroyed each other in battle in 339 F.I., the city hired a much smaller group, the Blue Banners, to be the official company of the city.


Known for its incredible opulence and unique wonders, Cassino has many attractions to tempt the wealthy patron. The Dragon’s Hoard, the world’s largest casino, is located here and follows a strict draconic theme, with a wing patterned after each type of chromatic dragon and even an actual copper dragon on staff as security. Pallavica’s Palace of Wonderment is a popular circus that holds court in Spectacle Square, including clowns, magical acts, acrobatics and a massive menagerie, featuring strange and exotic beasts. Sweet Dreams is an arcane hotel, offering magical delights and pleasures to its guests while Crudo is a cutting edge restaurant that sells its seafood confections both raw and at outrageous prices.


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