Dogs of Salarza

The Dogs of Salarza were an all-half-orc mercenary army, styling themselves as an orcish warband. Complete with authentic weapons, armor and even behemoth mounts, the Dogs are known all across Qairn for their viciousness and brutality.


In 333 F.I., the company was contracted by Baron Gwanc to defend the city of Raborox during the Rebellion. It fought successfully against what legions the Empire of Tojezen could throw at the city, including the disobedient Haggard Host in 338 F.I., but were eventually defeated when the city was sacked and broken later that year.

Their numbers somewhat dwindled, the Dogs of Salarza took few small contracts in Eregia until they were hired by The Nameless Company to supplement their ragtag army.


In Sangor 339 F.I., The Nameless Company came to the sacked town of Earthenhold to hire the Dogs of Salarza to join their battle against the True Arkhosian Front ( Episode 111). Under the leadership of Warchief Mbweha, the Dogs fought on the front lines of the Battle of the Ashway (Episode 115) and then, under the direction command of Vaca L’oy Dakursa, at the Duel of the Dragons some weeks later (Episodes 118, 119). By the time victory was assured, however, the Dogs were utterly scattered and defeated.

Dogs of Salarza

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