Dread Salarza

Dread Salarza is Qairn’s northernmost continent, almost entirely uncharted and is considered, by most of free-thinking society, to be a dangerous hinterland with little or no redeeming qualities to speak of. Home to orcs, scale rot, dzhate grass and one failed Arkhosian colony, Dread Salarza has more than earned its moniker as an enormous, savage continent of demons, disease and death.

Much of Dread Salarza remains unexplored. Its borders disappear in both easterly and westerly directions. Settlements in the area are few and far between. The frontier town of Overlook – an island off the coast – is the only true piece of civilization on the continent. Still, many goods come down from the savage continent – meat, pelts, timber, ivory, obsidian – and many on Qairn wish to plunder Dread Salarza for its riches, despite all the dangers.


The Nameless Company made one brush with the savage continent early in their career, time traveling back to the destruction of Iokarth. (Episode 35) Their full expedition into Dread Salarza, many months later, would send them deeper than any had gone before. They battled behemoths, were captured by orcs, met a wild woman, scaled the Ukuta, discovered the Third Moon, recovered the Standard of Eternal Battle and one of their number, Thistle, even fell to gnoll ravagers. ( Episode 84Episode 94)

Dread Salarza

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