Eladrin are the dominant race of Imald, the fallen moon. Distant relations to Qairn’s elves, they are fey creatures of magic, with strong ties to nature and an ancient civilization unlike anything found on the surface world.

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Physical Qualities

Eladrin are of human height. Thay are slim, and even the strongest simply look athletic rather than muscle-bound. They have the same range of complexions as human, thought they are more often fair than dark. Their straight, fine hair is often white, silver, or pale gold, and they wear it long and loose. Their ears are long and pointed, and their eyes are pearly and opalescent orbs of vibrant white, silver, pink or blue, lacking pupils. Eladrin can’t grow facial hair and have little body hair.

Eladrin children grow much as human children do,but they only achieve societal maturity around the age of 100. At this point, however, their aging process slows to a crawl. They enjoy youth and health for most of their lives and don’t begin to feel the effects of age until the middle of their third century. Most live for over 300 years, and even at the end they suffer few of the infirmities of old age.

Eladrin Culture

Modern eladrin society straddles the line between Imald and the world below. Eladrin built their elegant cities and towers in places of striking natural splendor – isolated mountain vales and the deepest recesses of the moon’s primordial forests. The entirety of eladrin society exists solely on Imald – unlike the gnomes, the proud and sometimes haughty eladrin want exactly nothing to do with the surface world.

Long-lived and strongly tied to their isolated home, eladrin have a detached view of the world. Eladrin often have difficulty believing that events in the world have much importance to them, and they consider courses of action that can last for centuries.

Their general detachment from the world can make eladrin seem distant and intimidating to other races. Their fey nature also makes them simultaneously alluring and a little frightening. However, eladrin take friendships and alliances to heart and can react with swift fury when their friends are endangered. Combined with their intellect, bravery and magical power, this loyalty makes them powerful and respected allies.

Eladrin live by an aesthetic philosophy common to Imald and personified by their goddess, the patron of truth, beauty and arcane magic. Eladrin seek to exemplify grace, skill and learning in every part of life, from dance and song to swordplay and magic. Their cities are places of stunning beauty that shape and guide the natural surroundings into elegant forms.

Eladrin are close cousins to the elves and are occasionally called high elves or moon elves. Eladrin disdain this comparison, consider the earthbound elves several steps beneath them. The inverse is true of the actual elves, however – as Imald was their goddess too, elves often look on eladrin as divine creatures, akin to angels or celestials, having actually lived on the surface of their revered moon.

Eladrin speak Imaldi, the native language of the moon. Those few who have made a permanent home of Qairn’s surface, however, have most likely mastered Common and possibly Elven.

Unlike their elven kin, the eladrin of Imald are primarily vegetarians, disdaining the taste of meat as animal resources are so limited on their moon. Those eladrin who’ve settled on Qairn, however, don’t tend to honor these traditions, however.

Eladrin Names

As a culture native to alien Imald, eladrin names tend to be stranger and less phonetically similar to those of Qairn’s free people. Traditionally, eladrin names surnames come first, but more recently, those eladrin raised on Qairn have adopted the human system of surnames last. Below are several sample names.

Male Names: Inaros, Merenhor, Nedjem, Qakare, Tao.
Female Names: Amenia, Djetfansen, Ladice, Phyia, Qalhata.
Surnames: Ahmose, Beketamun, Rahotep, Userhet, Yaqub.


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