Eregia is Qairn’s easternmost continent. The homeland of the dwarven people, Eregia remains mostly a frontier, save the westernmost stretch of the continent, once an Arkhosian province and now dotted with independent city-states.


The largest of the Qairn’s four developed continents, Eregia is known for its wilds; its deep woods, its winding rivers and its rugged hills. The Godsbone Mountains, a single massive mountain range that stretches across the entire continent, is perhaps its most impressive geographical feature. The Underdark, the twisting series of tunnels that runs beneath the surface of the entire continent, is perhaps its most important, as the birthplace of the dwarven people.


Though people of every race and creed can be found there, dwarves especially call Eregia home. All four of the Great Dwarven Houses are headquartered here and many sections of the Underdark are still peopled by dwarves. Once an Arkhosian colony, dragonborn have a large presence in Eregia as well, especially in the west. Many goliath tribes and shifter covens have established footholds in Eregia’s wild reaches, not to mention a few orcish warbands, come down from Dread Salarza. Even eladrin and gnomes can find peace here, far from the oppression they might suffer in Colcambria.


The campaign began in Eregia, in the small city of Belltower. The Nameless Company made frequent appearances at many cities all across Eregia, from Cantilever in the south, to Myto in the west, to Lazadromûs in the north, to Prerros in the east.


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