Extradimensional Mansion

The extradimensional mansion is a magical construct of Tepemkau Nebet’s, a pocket dimension that takes the form of an opulent Imaldi mansion. Typically used as a highly-comfortable prison, the Regent frequently invites his “guests” to his home, only to teleport them here and keep them imprisoned until they surrender to his demands.

The mansion consists of a library, a banquet hall, a bathhouse, sleeping quarters, two portrait galleries, an observatory and a spacious courtyard. At the time The Nameless Company visited in 339 F.I., the mansion was decorated not only with a “winter in Imald” theme, but also with many portraits of their absent companion, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati.


At the behest of Tepemkau Nebet, The Nameless Company was first invited to the extradimensional mansion in Autumn 339 F.I., after Althoren Zencaré was caught snooping into the business of lichdom and subsequently had his voice stolen. They enjoyed a leisurely stay here, taking advantage of the archlich’s many comforts and luxuries before making use of a scribbled linked portal ritual to escape (Episode 73).

When next they returned, in Sangor 339 F.I., Tepemkau Nebet agreed to join The Nameless Army and help defend Imald against the predations of the True Arkhosian Front. The extradimensional mansion served as a headquarters for the war council and Tepemkau their ghastly host. It was here that Craftmistress Ûbolya of House Topaz was held captive, interrogated and eventually tortured. ( Episodes 111119)

Extradimensional Mansion

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