Gad symbol subtitle

Gad is the god of knowledge, law, industry and the earth. The patron deity of the dwarven people, scholars, craftsman, miners and astronomers also look to Gad for guidance. While he represents academic and technological advancement, Gad also embodies harmony with the earth, an aspect often forgotten by his modern congregation. His symbol is an astrolabe and his colors are gold and brown.

Gad is also responsible for the creation of the Dwarven, Arkhosian and, indirectly, the Common alphabet, derived from the former two.


  • Earththinker
  • The Wise Tyrant
  • Bearer of the Mantle


  • With patience comes contemplation and with contemplation comes epiphany.
  • Honor the earth and the ground one stands upon.
  • Modern innovation and ancient wisdom are both equally important for the progression of civilization.


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