Haggard Host

The Haggard Host is a large mercenary army, based out of Colcambria, but most frequently employed in Eregia. Composed of approximately five thousand soldiers of mixed race and creed, the Host has accrued a well-deserved reputation of effective, if unscrupulous, tactics. Their current leader is Txomin the Locust, a cunning gnome strategist and Zanna’s father. Their banner is blank, orange and stylistically tattered at its edges. Members of the host wear similar capes to distinguish themselves on the battlefield.

The Host’s greatest rival is Prygor’s Hand. Txomin and Prygor’s history is long and sordid; they’ve never served together with the same client and they engage in pitched battle whenever they meet.


Founded properly in 56 F.I. by then-Legate Mnira Xobanthe, the Haggard Host is the remnant of the Arkhosian Empire’s 25th Foreign Legion. Passed down from Field General to Field General, the leadership of the Host came to its most famous ruler, Honoth Xobanthe, in 276 F.I. Honoth was largely considered the Host’s greatest and most effective ruler, swelling its membership to ten thousand soldiers and deciding whole conflicts merely by signing contracts with certain powers.

His son, Prygor, hoped to inherit his father’s legacy, but on his deathbed in 312 F.I., Honoth spurned his son, appointing Txomin the Locust, his aide-de-camp, the new Field General. Treading on Honoth’s legacy, Txomin’s tactics and effectiveness waned the Host somewhat since his coming to power and they established a reputation of unscrupulousness all across Qairn. Prygor, meanwhile, fled to form his own mercenary army and oppose this new Host wherever he could.

Taking contracts all over Eregia and Colcambria, Txomin ruled the Host unchallenged for many years, eventually siring a daughter in 323 F.I. Fiercely protective of her, Txomin, more than once, was lured into an engagement or tactical misstep because of a danger he perceived to be presented to his daughter. This remained true even when the sheltered young girl ran away in 338 F.I.

After signing with The Empire of Tojezen to help put down the Raborox Rebellion, Txomin was similarly duped by Prygor himself, the latter putting a bounty on the head of the former’s errant daughter, drawing him and his host into a dreadful ambush on the plains before Raborox. In the terrible battle, two-thirds of Txomin’s Host were destroyed, as was the entirely of Prygor’s Hand and most of the Boozy Battalion.

Infuriated with his rash action, Tojezen banished Txomin and his host to the sleepy island of Nirme, where they currently waste away, the blue dragon irrevocably holding their contract unfulfilled.

Haggard Host

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