Imald (moon)

Imald is a former moon of Qairn and now a province of Colcambria. Three hundred years ago, for reasons unknown, Imald fell from the sky to crash into the earth, thereby destroying the Arkhosian Empire and introducing eladrin and gnomes to the world below. Its presence on Qairn has caused strife and upheaval ever since.


The term “Imald” refers not only to the physical moon, but also the moon goddess worshipped by both elves and eladrin. For this reason, the physical moon is often referred to as “The Fallen Moon” or “The Green Moon” to avoid confusion.


The surface of the Fallen Moon is a pristine, primordial and untouched wilderness, suffused entirely by vast amounts of arcane magic. Enchanted forests, breathtaking mountain vistas and indescribable eladrin cities dot what remains of the moon’s surface and those few surfaceworlders how’ve been lucky enough to glimpse it have described a wonderland, dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

Imald (moon)

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