Ironshod Hills

The Ironshod Hills are a range of rocky hills in southeastern Eregia, spanning the distance between the city of Belltower and the town of Kirish Dahn. Considered the most southernly foothills of the Godswrist Mountains, the Ironshods derive their name from the incredibly high iron deposits within, making the stone seem especially silver in certain lights.

All attempts to mine these hills for their natural resources has met with disaster and failure, due to the high numbers of goblins dwelling among them. The most prominent group, the Weepingeye Tribe, makes frequent incursions towards both neighboring communities and guards their own territory fiercely.

The Silverback Coven also makes it lair among the rugged slopes of the Ironshods. Their lair, at Challenge Rock, is the highest point among all the thickly forested hills.


In their travels, The Nameless Company crossed the Ironshod Hills many times, venturing between Belltower and Gorzibadd. It’s here, at Challenge Rock, that Vaca L’oy Dakursa, threw down his enemy, Vix, and took leadership of the Silverback Coven. (Episodes 2, 47, 49)

Ironshod Hills

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